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Race Results Archives for 2023 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2023 Race Results

• Race Results  September 3, 2023

Super Pro

Super Pro

Tim Roberts was .001 away from a Super Pro win light and Wally trophy, but that .001-second was in the negative when his 4.839 at 137.82 mph pass was a tad too quick and he relinquished the win to Jack Vault Jr. and his turbo-charged Mustang. Jack held a slight, .020 to .029 reaction time advantage over Tim, but stayed in the "green ledger" with his 4.867 at 146.05 mph pass on his 4.81 and scored the win.

In the semis, Tim trailered Anthony Zegarelli and his beautiful '63 Corvette, while Jack stopped driver #Y168 (no name available) to advance to the final against Tim.



Jake Lipke has been on a hot streak going rounds, but it was Frank Ware Jr. putting the speed bump into Jake's path and scored the Pro win. Frank gave up a slight, .037 to .024 reaction time advantage to Jake, but drove to an awesome, .004-over, 7.264 at 90.62 mph pass to park his Mustang into the ESTA Winner's Circle photo shoot! Jake dialed in at a 6.31, but could only muster a 6.336 at 109.07 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In the semis, Frank trailered the hot shoe, Steve English while Jake ended Chris Corlyon's day in their semifinal match

Pro MX

Pro MX

Ryan Orizino scored another Wally trophy in Pro MX courtesy of an Ed Wilson red light start. Ryan dialed his Arctic Cat in at a quick 5.90 and got his run started with a .029 reaction. His pass ended with a .025-over, 5.925 at 114.83 mph for the win. Ed has been going rounds this season but had to settle for the runner-up finish when his too-quick, -.010 foul start ended his bid for the win. Ed dialed up a 5.80 and posted a 5.874 at 115.57 mph for his pass. Ed stopped division leader Kevin Wuest in the semis, while John Kuhfta fell to Ryan in their semifinal match.

Street Money

Street Money

Steve English has been on a tear in Street Money and scored another win defeating a red-lighting Zakk Golley for win. Zakk dialed his '73 Nova in at an 8.14, but cut a heart-breaking -.005 red light to end any chance for the win. Steve dialed his Cutlass in at a 7.95 and drove to a .067-initiated, 7.919 at 88.50 mph to keep his streak alive.

In semifinal action, Zakk stopped Dave Tingley, while Steve had the solo pass into the finals.



Brian Mahler scored his second-straight Modified win when stopped Rich Golley in their final round showdown. Rich held a slight .018 to .026 reaction time advantage, but fell off his 7.56 dial with a 7.662 at 90.34 mph allowing Brian to drive around him and take the win. Brian dialed his '98 dragster in at a 5.40 and got the win light with a 5.445 at 121.69 mph for a .049 margin of victory. In the semis, Rich laid a massive reaction time advantage over Dave Miller, forcing Dave into a breakout run to set up the final. Brian drew the bye run.

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Unfortunately, no names were submitted with the round sheets for the trophy class with the exception of John Goldman who lost in the semis.

Both finalists drove to .001-over E.T.s on their dials with the win going to mystery driver #1.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Past Champion Josh Costa returned to the track on the 3rd and added another Wally to his collection when he defeated John Kuhfta in the Bike/Sled Trophy final. Josh held a .040 to .057 reaction time advantage and piloted his Suzuki to a .027-over, 5.527 at 121.08 mph run to defeat John with a .042 m.o.v. John dialed his Polaris Indy at a 7.13 and drove to a 7.182 at 91.72 mph for the runner-up honors. In semifinal action, Vern Schmidt fell to Josh, while Kevin Sutliffe bowed out to John in their semifinal match. Kevin nailed his 5.70 dial-in exactly, but lost to a reaction time holeshot by John.


Junior Dragster

Samantha Burkart scored her first ESTA Jr. Dragster win over Austin Abel in a double breakout final. Sammi dialed in at a 8.01 and cut a .031 light and drove to a winning 8.004, at 86 mph, just .006 under her dial. Austin held a razor-slim reaction advantage with his .029 light, but went too far under his 8.06 dial-in with a 8.022 at 78.91 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

No semifinalist info was available.

Jr. Dragster
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