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2022 Race Results

• Race Results  July 3, 2022


Super Pro

Past Super Pro champion Bob Belvick scored his first Super win of the season in a double breakout final over Howie Smith who was driving Natalie Musolino's Racetech dragster. It was nearly a dead heat at the start as Bob held a slim .018 to .019 reaction time advantage. Bob dialed up a 4.99 and crossed the stripe with a .091-under, 4.989 at 135.50 mph pass. Howie dipped a little further under with a 4.900 at 138.47 mph pass on his 4.91 dial and settled for the runner-up finish.

Joey LaRose had a heart-breaking -.001 red light start against Howie in the semis, while Bob drew the bye-run into the finals for a solo pass.



It was another win for a Malibu wagon in the Pro final as we saw Charles White score the win over A.J. Meier who was driving his beautiful '69 Nova SS. Dialing just .001 quicker than A.J., Chuck won the starting line battle with a .032 to .058 advantage and sealed the win with a tight, .016-over, 6.436 at 103.36 mph winning pass. A.J. dialed a 6.43 on his window and drove to a 6.451 at 104.65 mph for the runner-up finish. Ken Hawkins held a .013 to .076 reaction time lead over Chuck in their semifinal match, but he broke out of his 7.34 dial-in to end his day. A.J. had the solo run into the finals.


Pro MX

John Kuhfta dodged a bullet in the Pro MX final against Kevin Sutliffe when he opened the door with an uncharacteristic .247 reaction time. Luckily for John, Kevin launched his potent Hayabusa too quick with a -.059 foul start. John dialed his Polaris Indy at an 11.10 and drove to a .029-under, 11.071 at 111.68 mph for his first Pro MX win of the season. Kevin dialed up a 9.09 and ran a 9.123 at 146.87 mph for the runner-up honors.

John advanced to the finals when Hayley Feher fouled out in their semifinal match, while Kevin got the semifinal solo run into the finals.


Street Money

Rick Vose was gunning for his second-straight Street Money win, but ran up against Andy DeCarolis' stout, .019 package and he had to settle for the runner-up finish. Andy dialed his '85 Chevy Blazer in at 11.77 and jumped out to a .018 to .066 reaction time lead and drove to a near-perfect, 11.771 at 112.63 mph to score the win light. Rick dialed his '75 Duster in at 11.25, but broke out with a 12.204 at 117.67 mph in his effort to catch Andy's Blazer.

In semifinal action, Andy drove to a .015-over, 11.785 against Al Meier to advance to the finals against Rick who drew the bye-run.



Well, I guess we'll just assume Gary Wilson Jr. and Dave Miller were staring straight into the sun in their Modified final showdown as their less-than-stellar reaction times would indicate it so. Nonetheless, it was a fairly close race as Gary took the win light at the top end with a .063 margin of victory. Gary launched his '98 Mustang to a .358-initiated, 14.727 at 91.03 mph on his 14.60 dial to score the win. David, looking for win number 2 in '22, got his run started with a .439 light and drove his S-10 to a .109-over, 11.809, 102.07 and had to settle for second place.

Dave was scheduled to run Anthony Correia in the semis, but Anthony couldn't answer the call, so both semifinal runs were solo passes.


Street Trophy

Clarence Spady earned his second Winner Circle visit of the season when he scored the Street Trophy, double-breakout win over Tracy Stanley. Clarence held a massive .025 to .216 reaction time lead over Tracy and drove to a winning -.004-under,16.796 at 76.61 mph pass to bag the win. Tracy, driving his 2011 Camaro SS, dialed in at 14.80 and broke out with a 14.790 at 95.20 mph in his effort to reel Clarence in and settled for the runner-up finish. 

In the semis, Tim Patterson fell to Tracy in a "Real Red" double foul start, while Clarence got the win light over David Gwin in their match to set up the final round pairing.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Hayley Feher is really building on the confidence of her early season Pro MX win and is going rounds in '22 and scored the Bike/Sled Trophy win over Kevin Wuest in a double-breakout final. Hayley dialed her Arctic Cat Crossfire in at a 10.28 and got a great start with a .028 light and sped to a 10.262 at 117.79 mph to score the win. Kevin dialed his '18 Polaris XCR in at a blistering 9.90, but his .110 light forced him into a .058-under, 9.842 at 127.27 mph pass in order to catch Hayley at the big end.

In the semis, Hayley trailered Pro MX winner John Kuhfta, while Kevin ended Eric Conkling's day in a very close semifinal race.


Junior Dragster

In the Junior Dragster final Bailee Halsey scored her second win of the season with a red light win over Carter Koskowski. Dialing in at 12.18, Bailee got her run started with an excellent .015 reaction and powered to a 12.245 at 54.30 mph pass to clinch the win. Carter was .003 away from a spectacular .003 package win, but his -.003 foul start spoiled an awesome, 9.003 at 70.15 mph pass on his 9.00 dial-in and had to settle for the runner-up finish.


Quick 8

Vince Musolino capped off a very profitable Independence Day weekend scoring the Quick 8 win over Fast Freddie Jacobs in his Pro Mod '65 Corvette. Coming off scoring a cool 20 Grand win at Numidia Dragway, Vince drove his Pro-Charger dragster to the number 2 qualifier position and worked his way past Howie Smith and Tom Samsel to set up his showdown against number 1 qualifier, Freddie Jacobs. Freddie posted the low E.T. in round one of qualifying with a 4.10, 1/8th mile blast. Fred had to battle a progressively slippery track but still dispatched Bob Belvick in round 1, then Pete Winfrey in the semis to set up the final against Vince.

Having lane choice, Vince put Freddie in the left lane making a clear visual of the tree difficult. Fred was close, but a -.006 foul start ended his chance for the win. Vince cut a .085 light and sped to a 4.169 at 167.19 mph to score the $2K first place cash. Freddie powered to a 4.391 at 143.51 mph in his runner-up effort.