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Race Results Archives for 2022 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2022 Race Results

• Race Results May 30, 2022

Box Car Shootout

Dave Markle was in a prime position to take home the $1,500 first place prize in the Memorial Day Box Car Shootout over Gary Rolfe Jr., but a heartbreaking .006-under, breakout pass handed the coin over to Gary. No stranger to big pay day winner circles, Gary dialed his S-10 Blazer in at a 6.55 and got his run started with a .033 light and stopped the top end timers at a 6.575 at 102.99 mph run and scored another big check payout.

Dave dialed his 2007 dragster in at 4.94 and had Gary comfortably covered on the line with a .010 reaction, but took too much finish line and broke out with a 4.934 at 139.57 mph pass and had to settle for the runner-up cash.

In the semis, Iggy Falcone fouled out to Dave, while Matt Himes fell to Gary in a tight semifinal battle.

No-Box Shootout

In what was shaping up to be a battle of the foot-brake Titans, the Memorial Day No-Box Shootout final turned out to be a squib load as Mike LaRose got off to a great .028 reaction start, but ran into some kind of mechanical issue and got out of the throttle and coasted to a 8.368 on his 6.44 dial. The "Stinger" Steve Doss dialed his Monte Carlo in at a 6.35 and cut a .047 light, but quickly caught Mike and cruised to an off-throttle, 7.104 at 70.29 mph to score the win.

In the semis, Mike and Joey Haynes had a great battle with Mike getting a holeshot win when both drivers nailed their dial-ins. Christianna Hubbard had a great day of racing, but fell to Steve with a red light start.

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