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Race Results Archives for 2022 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2022 Race Results

• Race Results  August 7, 2022

Super Pro

Super Pro

Steve Doss carried his July 31 Super Pro win momentum into the August E.T. Series opener with his final round win over Howard Roberts. It was a holeshot win for Steve as Howard ran closer to his dial with a .060-over, 6.540 at 104.11 mph, but Steve's .011 to .057 reaction time advantage was enough to catch Howard at the stripe and run a 4.996 at 131.56 mph run on his 4.93 dial to score the win light.

In the semis, Steve scored the win over Mike LaRose in a tight race. Both drivers hit the tree with .017 lights, but Mike slipped under his 6.47 dial by .003, while Steve took the win with a .011-over, 4.961. Howard drew the bye-run to set up the finals pairing.



Mike LaRose held a 2 point lead over Howard Roberts in the Pro division points chase heading into the day and scored the win over Howard in their final round showdown when Howard pushed his '80 Camaro into a -.018-under, 6.482 at 105.25 mph breakout pass. Mike held a .032 to .056 reaction time advantage and drove his Dart to a 6.487 at 103.99 mph on his 6.47 dial-in to secure his third Pro win of the season.

Dave Hubbard fell to Mike in a close semifinal match, while Howard had a solo run into the finals. Mike and Howard racked up the rounds on Sunday with each driver lining up for 11 elimination rounds each in the Pro and Super Pro classes.

Pro MX

Pro MX

John Kuhfta bagged his 2nd Pro MX win of the season, to keep pace with Kevin Wuest and Tim Diglio, when Ed Wilson fouled out aboard his 2012 Kawasaki ZX. Dialing in at a 7.02, John got his run started with a .037 reaction, and ran his Polaris out to a 7.040 at 94.07 mph to seal the deal. Ed was running consistent all during the elimination rounds, but pushed the tree a tad too quick with a -.029 foul start. Ed dialed in at a 5.74, but got out of the throttle and coasted to a 8.649 to end the day.

In semifinal action, Ed topped Robert Williams winning both ends of the track while John advanced to the finals with a Tim Diglio red light start.

Street Money

Street Money

Steve English also benefitted from a red light to score the Street Money win, his first of the season. Rich Golley pushed his '74 Nova too hard on the line with a -.018 red light start and also got out of the throttle to cruise to a 9.422 on his 8.13 dial-in. Steve posted a 7.80 dial-in on his window and powered down track to a .005-under, 7.795 at 89.88 mph to lock in the win.

Steve parked Clarence Spady in their semifinal match, while Rich posted a .003-over, 8.173 to trailer Michael Holified in their semifinal match.



Brian Mahler improved on his July 31 runner-up finish in Modified and scored the win over a red-lighting Mike Halsey. Brian dialed his dragster in at a 8.75 and cut a nice .029 light and ran it out to a 8.723 at 153.83 mph for the win. Sadly for Mike, his -.028 foul negated an excellent, 11.978 at 111.54 mph pass on his 11.97 dial-in and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Mike did stop Dave Miller in the semis on the strength of a .043 to .218 reaction time advantage. Brian drew the solo run in the semis to set up his final round appearance.

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Jim Helch scored his first win of the season with his holeshot win over Tim Patterson and his '18 Mustang. Jim launched his '68 Camaro with an excellent .011 light and drove to a 16.766 at 80.23 mph on his 16.74 dial-in to earn the win light. Tim ran a great race as well, running closer to his 13.28 dial, driving to a 13.297 at 97.41 mph, but his .054 light wasn't enough to reel Jim in. Chris Gentile "got the sickness" and returned with his Mercedes and fell to Tim in their semifinal match with a foul light to end his day. Chris is really shaping up to be a threat to the Street division racers.

Bike/Sled Trophy

Bike/Sled Trophy

John Kuhfta scored his second-straight Bike/Sled Trophy win when he rode his '94 Polaris to a .014-over, 11.394 at 105.24 mph pass to end Robert Williams' crack at the winner circle. Rob dialed in at 10.50, but gave up a .094 to .027 reaction time lead to John, and could only muster a 10.535 at 142.15 mph and settled for the runner-up finish.

In the semis, Robert trailered Tim Diglio, while John had the solo run run into the finals.


Doorslammer Quick 8

Tom Simone was the number 1 qualifier in the Auto Care at Split Rock, Doorslammer Quick 8, and defeated the number 2 qualifier, Jeremy Popple. Jeremy did his job on the line grabbing a .016 to .061 reaction time lead, but Tom's '92 Lumina just had too much under the hood for Jeremy to hold back and Tom scored the win with a 4.903 at 143.55 mph pass. Jeremy drove his '95 Firebird to a 5.234 at 133.69 mph for the runner-up finish.

In the semifinals, Jeremy stopped number 3 qualifier, Tim Lobdell 5.184 to 5.525, while Tom soloed in the semis as number 4 qualifier, Dan Minez's Mustang broke after his round 1 win over Dave Kelly.

Thirteen racers had two qualifying runs to get into the 8 car field with Tom Simone scoring the top spot with a 4.859 at 144.08 mph.

#2 - Jeremy Popple - 5.200 at 134.44 mph.
#3 - Tim Lobdell - 5.409 at 138.26
#4 - Dan Minez - 5.435 at 135.20
#5 - Dave Kelly - 5.441 at 131.54
#6 - Bill Stevens - 5.460 at 125.37
#7 - R.C. Gratton - 5.593 at 127.54
#8 Anthony Zegarelli - 5.607 at 123.62

Quck 8
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