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2022 Race Results

• Race Results  June 5, 2022


Super Pro

Gene Stankivitz III padded his 2022 1099-Form with a $2,000 bump in pay with his second Super Pro win of the season. Gene dialed his '81 Malibu Wagon in at a 6.50 and cut a great .012 reaction and to drove the win carding a 6.545 at 97.27 mph pass. Still looking for her first Super Pro win, Natalie Musolino trailered Ken Miller in the semis to set up her second crack at a Super win. A -.038 red light ended Natalie's chance for her first W as she dialed her 2007 Racetech dragster in at a 4.83 and ran it out to a .044-over, 4.874 at 142.80 mph runner-up effort.

Gene nailed the tree again in the semis against Chuck White and it was enough to push Chuck into a breakout pass.



Scott Beasaw Sr. scored the Pro win in his '74 Camaro when Joey Haynes just tripped the red light in his '71 Nova. Scott dialed a 7.37 on the window and cut a decent .055 light. Seeing his win light lit, Scott legged it out to a .025-under, 7.345 at 92.63 mph pass for the Winner Circle photo-Op.

Joey's foul really stung as he posted an awesome .004-over, 6.620 at 100.73 mph pass in his runner-up effort.

In the semifinals, Scott scored a holshot win over Chuck White who posted a .001-over 6.401 pass, but Scott's .008 reaction time bought him the ticket to the final round. Joey won a tight, .023 m.o.v. battle over Ryan Koskowski in the semifinal duel.


Pro MX

Tim Diglio continued going deep in the elimination rounds and scored his second Pro MX win of the season by winning both ends of the track over Kevin Sutliffe and his potent '09 Hyabusa. Tim dialed in at 11.70 and got his run started with a .028 to .046 reaction time lead, and stopped the timers at 11.738 at 115.61 mph to bag the win. Kevin dialed up a 9.07,but couldn't reel Tim in and posted a 9.171 at 146.27 mph runner-up pass.

Kevin posted a .014 reaction time and snatched the win away from Kevin Wuest and his '18 Polaris XCR drag sled.


Street Money

Defending Street Trophy champion Steve Seelman Sr. scored his first of two wins of the day when Cindy Simon took too much finish line and broke out, handing the win over to Steve. It was a gift from Cindy as she had a .013 advantage on the line and Steve fell way off his 13.80 dial-in, running a 14.159 at 93.96 mph pass. Cindy inked a 17.09 dial on her window and ran a too-quick, 17.045 at 77.25 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Cindy parked A.J. Meier in the semis in a close battle, while Steve drew the bye-run into the finals.



Steve Searles piloted his unknown vintage Ford Thunderbird to the Modified win when the racer known as "Q" kept his foot on the pedal in his '95 Camaro and broke out with a .039-under, 10.131 at 128.45 pass. Steve was ripe for the runner-up finish giving up a .229 to .030 reaction time lead to Q, and running a 16.250 at 84.48 mph run on his 16.14 dial, but gladly accepted Q's breakout gift and scored the win.

Steve won the double-breakout semifinal over Rich Freitag, while Q drew the bye-run into the finals.


Street Trophy

It was a double-breakout Street Trophy final between Steve Seelman Sr. and Carter Helch, who was looking for his third win of the early season, but Carter's -.056 foul start ended any chance for the third "W." Steve dialed his '90 Corvette in at a 13.88 and drove to a 13.802 at 97.01 mph to score his first win of the day. Carter dialed his potent 2016 Corvette in at 12.08 and shot to a 12.008 at 117.58 mph runner-up pass.

Pat Minogue fell to Steve in their semifinal match, Jody Dates' day ended at he hands of Carter.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Ron Underwood got into the Win column when Haley Feher lit the red eye in their final round match. Ron won the battle on both ends of the track posted a .078 reaction and piloted his 2013 Hyabusa to a 9.080 at 145.72 mph on his 9.05 dial to score the win. Hayley dialed a 10.24 on her sled, but missed the mark running a 10.496 at 118.66 mph run in her runner-up effort.

Tim Diglio fouled out against Hayley in the semis, while Kevin Wuest also bulbed out in his semifinal match against Ron.


Jr. Dragster

P.J. Marston returned from Grand Island, NY for his second visit to ESTA from earlier this season and bagged his second win at the expense of Carter Koskowski. Carter won the starting line .046 to .076, but took too much finishline and broke out of his 9.08 dial with a 9.040 at 69.98 mph pass. P.J. gave up a little on the line, but ran a great .016-over, 7.976 at 80.37 mph pass on his 7.96 dial-in to score the win.

Bailee Halsey fell to Carter in the semis.