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2022 Race Results

• Race Results  July 10, 2022


Sunday, July 10 -  Sadly, electrical gremlins struck at the track halfway through the third round of Pro and a remedy was not found so we were forced to end the balance of the racing schedule for the day. Remaining drivers in each of the "Money" classes split the payouts and normal point structures were applied. There is no rescheduling of the balance of the race. 

Super Pro

Nine racers remained in Super Pro before the "lights went out" on Sunday. All remaining racers split the payouts and received points for two rounds. Tim Roberts, Tom Belvick, Rick Dauenhauer, Eric Larsen, Gene Stankivitz, Mike LaRose, Scott Beasaw Sr., Chuck White and Steve Doss won their second round races.


Sixteen racers remained in Pro after two rounds before the "lights went out" in the middle of round 3. Jim Giordano, Matt Consiglio, Mike LaRose, Chuck White, Steve Doss, A.J. Meier, Chris Corlyon, Jake Lipke, Rick Vittorio, Jeremy Popple, Howard Roberts, Ryan Koskowski, Kristina Curtis, Jason Wahl, Justin Hardman and Christianna Hubbard won their second round races. All remaining racers split the payouts and received points for two rounds.

Pro MX

Five racers remained in Pro MX after 2 rounds. Sudsy Eastman, Kevin Wuest, Rob Williams, Ryan Orizino and Corey Eastman.

Street Money

Six racers remained after 2 completed rounds. Carter Helch, Michael Holifield, Rich Golley, John Goldman, Andy DeCarolis and Bill Coon split the payout and received 2 rounds of points.


A short field for the Modifieds registered on Sunday and we were down to the finalists that would have matched up Mike Halsey versus Fred Powers. Fred defeated last week's Modified winner Gary Wilson Jr. in the semifinals, while had the solo run.

Street Trophy

Five racers remained in the Trophy class which included, Steve English, Clarence Spady, Tim Patterson, Rick Manzi and Pat Minogue.

Bike/Sled Trophy

Five racers remained after the first round and they were Kevin Wuest, Wendy Eastman, John Kuhfta, Rob Williams and Kevin Sutliffe.


Junior Dragster

Carter Koskowski was on the green side of the tree this Sunday and translated that into a win over Brody Halsey in the Junior Dragster final. Carter won the starting line .116 to .193, and ran a .019-over, 9.019 ay 70.55 mph to secure the win light. Brody dialed in at a 13.23 and just couldn't run the number and crossed the finish line at a 13.605 at 49.73 mph. Brody defeated sister, Bailee Halsey in the semifinals to set up his run at Carter who soloed in the semis.