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2022 Race Results

• Race Results May 8, 2022


Super Pro

Well he's back at it after a long winter's nap, Mike LaRose shook out the cob webs with his May 1st Modified runner-up finish and went 2-for-2 in the finals on Sunday's first point race of the season. Mike grabbed a .013 to .023 reaction time advantage over Cody Reome on the line and left no room for Cody to sneak by when he drove his trusty Mopar to a dead-on 6.310 at 106.49 mph on his 6.31 dial to score the Super Pro win. Cody ran a fine race as well posting a .010-over, 4.890 at 138.74 mph pass, but simply had to settle for a runner-up finish on the day. Cody did put together an outstanding .011 package in the semis when he trailered Tom Samsel to earn his spot in the final, while Mike idled his way to the finals in his bye-run.



Win number 2 for Mike LaRose came at the expense of Mike Halsey who did run a tighter E.T., but it was a holeshot win for Mr. LaRose, .028 to .064 that sealed the deal for his 2nd win of the day. The Carpet Man dialed his '77 Camaro in at 7.61 and drove to a .007-over, 7.617 at 88.62 mph, but couldn't hold off Mike's charge of 6.324 at 103.53 mph on his 6.31 dial-in. Mike margin of victory was a mere .029 of a second! Mike earned his entry into the Pro final with a stout .004 reaction time against Steve "Stinger" Doss, while M.H. drew the bye-run.


Pro MX

Ryan Orizino paid homage to the late Ron Smith who sadly passed away this past year, by piloting Ron's Arctic Cat to the Pro MX win over drag bike Ace, Josh Costa. Josh held a healthy, .063 to .119 reaction time advantage over Ryan on the line, but his 5.504 at 125.97 mph pass on his 5.41 dial was off just enough for Ryan to sneak by with a .009 MOV win. Ryan dialed Ron's Cat in at a 5.57 and ran a 5.599 at 118.07 mph to score the emotional win.

Beau Ivy bowed out to Ryan in the semis, while Tim DiGlio fell to Josh in their semifinal match.

Ron Smith held numerous wins and championships in the drag bike and sled divisions over the years at ESTA. He was always a lively personality in the pits and held an extreme passion for the sport. ESTA extends our condolences to Lena, Heath, Nicole and the entire Smith family for their loss.


Street Money

Clarence Spady could probably put a motorized, shopping cart into the winner circle given the chance. Known for racing his Toyota Camry, Clarence guided his 2007 Chevy Suburban to the winner circle with his win over heavy-hitter Rich Golley. Rich held a decisive R.T. lead, .043 to .147, but fell off his 7.93 dial, driving his Nova to an 8.096 at 80.14 mph pass. Clarence dialed well, pushing his 'Burban to a 10.830 at 65.50 mph on his 10.80 dial and held on for a .032 mov win.

Clarence parked Steve Seelman Sr. in the semis when Steve took too much finishline, while Carter Helch fell to Rich by the same fate. Carter is another one of Jr. Dragster graduates who finding success on the track in post-Junior racing.



A new name to the ESTA winner circle list was added, that belonging to Justin Hodgson. Justin drove his '81 Monte Carlo to the Modified win over Mike Halsey and his '77 Camaro. Mike cut an uncharacteristically late .312 reaction to start the final race which sealed the deal for Justin to cruise to the win. Justin dialed in at a 7.27 and drove to a winning 7.314 at 90.57 mph pass. Mike had to settle for the runner-up finish running a 7.666 at 88.22 mph pass on his 7.58 dial-in.

In the semis, Joe Erardi fell to Justin by a red light start, while drew the bye-run into the final.


Street Trophy

Carter Helch improved on his Street Money semifinal finish on the day winning the Street Trophy final over reigning champion, Steve Seelman Sr. in a battle of the Corvettes. Steve got the head start dialing in at 8.72, but gave up a .057 to .179 reaction lead to Carter and broke out trying to hold off Carter's charge running a too-quick, 8.680 at 78.17 mph pass. Carter dialed in at 7.75 and ran a solid 7.788 at 85.86 mph to secure the win.

David Gwin made it to the semis for the second-straight week, falling to Steve in their semifinal duel. Carter drew the bye-run into the final.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Reigning Bike/Sled Champion Josh Costa got the '22 season started off right in defense of his title with his holeshot win over Ron Underwood. Dialing in at a 5.75, Ron gave up a .058 to .163 reaction time advantage and that was enough room for Josh to score the win by a .067 margin. Ron ran closer to his dial posting a 5.793 at 122.77 mph, but it wasn't enough to hold off Josh's .081-over, 5.491 at 112.51 mph winning pass.

Ron ended Beau Ivy's day in their semifinal match winning both ends of the track to set up the Bike/Sled final.


Jr. Dragster

P.J. Marston made the trek out East from Grand Island, NY to get his NHRA Jr. Dragster license for 7.90 E.T.s and made the trip a good one has he dispatched Cali Hubbard in their final round by running a .196-initiated, 7.977 at 75.84 mph run on his 7.90 dial-in.

Cali blasted her 12.60 dial-in with a .324-under, 12.276 at 45.10 mph in effort to hold off P.J.s charge.