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• Race Results  June 26, 2022


Super Pro

According to Tom Samsel, it's been five years since his last visit to the Super Pro winner circle. Well the drought was broken Sunday as he defeated fellow Roman, Iggy Falcone when Iggy lit the red eye with his -.020 reaction in his '65 Goat. Dialed in at 6.45, Iggy ran a solid, .024-over, 6.474 at 105.70 mph, but had to settle for the runner-up finish. Tom, piloting Ron Calhoun's dragster, dialed up a 4.86 and drove to a .015-initiated, 4.892 at 141.70 mph pass to score the winning, white timeslip. Matt Himes drove to his second-straight semifinal run in his '83 Malibu wagon, falling to Tom when Tom's .002 reaction coupled with a .028-over 4.878 pushed Matt into a breakout pass. Iggy soloed into the finals.



Hot off the momentum of his June 19 Pro E.T. win, Don Austin was looking to pad his 1099 with another first place payout, but ran into Mike LaRose's .018-initiated, 6.447 at 104.04 mph pass on his 6.44 dial-in. Don's .059 to .018 reaction deficit pushed him into a too-quick, 6.314 on his 6.32 dial and he had to settle for the runner-up finish. Don bought his final round ticket with a holeshot win over Scott Beasaw Sr. in the semis when his .019 to .053 reaction lead was enough to catch Scott's .006-over, 7.446 pass. Mike didn't slack off in his semifinal bye run as he nailed the tree with a .003 reaction and drove to a .011-over, 6.441 set up for his final round showdown.

July 26 Pro MX Winner

Pro MX

Hayley Feher was looking for 2-in-a-row Pro MX wins, but ran into 17 time track champion Kevin Wuest and had to settle for the second place finish. Hayley dialed her Arctic Cat Crossfire in at a 10.21, but just missed the tree with a distracted .300 reaction, and with Kevin cutting a .071 light, left little chance to hold off Kevin's charging Polaris XCR. Kevin dialed in at 9.94 and shaved off approximately 15 mph once he caught Hayley and cruised to his 2nd Pro MX win of the season.

In semifinal action, Tim Diglio had Hayley on the line, but took too much finishline and broke out, while Kevin drew the bye-run into the final.


Street Money

Carter Helch scored his first Street Money win with a holeshot victory over Steve English. Carter's .049 to .091 reaction time advantage bought him enough track to nip Steve at the top end with a slim, .011 margin of victory. Steve dialed his '82 Cutlass in at 12.21 and drove to a solid 12.226 at 111.94 mph pass, but wasn't enough to hold off Carter's 12.217 at 111.51 mph pass on his 12.17 dial-in.

Steve ended Rick Vose's bid for a second-straight Street Money win in the semis, while Carter drew the bye-run solo into the finals. The win was Carter's third visit to victory lane in the 2022 season.



Mike Halsey grabbed a Gob load of reaction time advantage over Doug Brown, .067 to .233, and drove his '77 Nova to a winning 11.971 at 106.93 mph on his 11.92 dial to score the Modified win. Doug drove his '79 Skyhawk to a too-quick, 11.954 at 112.50 mph run on his 11.98 dial-in his effort to hold off Mike's charge.

In the semis, Brian Mahler fouled out to Mike in their match, while Doug drew the bye-run into the finals.


Street Trophy

Consistent late-round racer Pat Minogue scored a well-earned win over Bill Coon to bag his first win of the season. Bill had Pat on the ropes at the starting line with a .045 to .142 reaction time advantage, but broke out of his 14.87 dial with a 14.808 at 91.52 mph pass. Pat earned his way to the win consistently running 14-0s dispatching Kurt Hagen and Carter Helch on his way to the finals. Pat dialed his 2011 Caprice in at 14-flat and posted a 14.029 at 100.51 mph to score the win. In the semis, 2-time winner Carter Helch ran an awesome .05-over 11.905 against Pat, but gave up too much to Pat on the line, while Bill laid a perfect .000 reaction time on Steve Seelman and won their double breakout semifinal duel.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Sutliffe got the starting line advantage over Kevin Wuest with a .053 to .125 lead and parlayed that into the Bike/Sled Trophy win. Mr. Wuest dialed his '18 Polaris XCR in at a 9.95 and, in an effort to hold off Kevin's Hayabusa charge, broke out with a 9.913 at 124.37 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish. K-Sut dialed up a 9.06 on the boards and ran the quarter in 9.153 at 145.92 mph for a .058 margin of victory. He trailered class points leader Tim Diglio in the semifinals, while K.W. had a solo run in the semis to advance into the finals.