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Race Results Archives for 2023 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2023 Race Results

• Race Results  July 16, 2023

Super Pro

Super Pro

Mike Thomas picked up a dragster to campaign over the winter (it's for sale!), but he went back to his tried and true '67 Camaro and scored the Super Pro win over heavy-hitter Mark Talmadge. It was over at the start as Mark was .005 too quick on the tree and fouled away his chance for the win. Mike dialed in at a 6.42 and and slapped an awesome .009 light to get his run started and drove it out to a -.011-under,6.409 at 105.82 mph to score the win. Mike's win put him into first place in Super points, just 1 ahead of Scott Beasaw. Mark dialed in at a 6.06, but got out of the throttle and coasted to the runner-up finish. Mike stopped Jeremy Popple in a very close race in the semifinals.



Jake Lipke redeemed his first round loss, buying back in and scored the Pro purse when he stopped Rick Vittorio winning both ends of the track. Jake dialed his '82 Cutlass in at a 6.24 and launched with a .013 to .077 reaction time lead with enough cushion to chase down Rick's 6.42 dialed Mustang. Rick's .150-over, 6.570 at 108.66 mph wasn't enough to hold off Jake's .132-over, 6.372 at 95.98 mph pass.

In the semis, Jake drilled the tree with a perfect .000 light over Terry Lee's .048 and held on to the win for an extremely close win, while Rick drew the bye run into the finals.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Kevin Sutliffe fell to Ed Wilson in the Bike/Sled Trophy final, but got some payback over Ed in the Pro MX final to score his 2nd-straight class win. It was over at the line as Kevin held a decisive, .086 to .268 reaction time advantage and lifted to a 5.802 at 112.66 mph pass on his 5.69 dial-in. Ed dialed in his Kawi ZX14 Ninja at a 5.78 and drove to a 5.902 at 118.40 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In semifinal action, Kevin overcame a slight .082 to .079 reaction time deficit to Brandon MacCombie and slipped by for the win while Ed nailed his 5.78 dial-in with a 5.780 in his solo pass to set up the final pairing.

Street Money

Street Money

Bill Coon scored the All Car Care of Cicero Street E.T.Championship money when Mike Wilson took too much finishline at the top end with a too-quick, -.013-under, 7.807 ay 85.74 mph pass on his 7.82 dial-in. Bill held a slight .038 to .042 reaction time advantage and drove to a 9.722 at 71.13 mph on his 9.60 dial-in to score the win.

In the semis Bill stopped A.J. Meier, while Mike knocked out Mike Halsey in their semifinal clash.



Brenda Richard broke into the win column on Sunday when she drove her '72 Nova into the winner circle stopping Dave Miller and his potent S-10 pick-up. Brenda dialed in at a 9.10 and held a commanding .043 to .200 reaction time lead over Dave, and drove to a solid 9.123 at 76.53 mph pass to score the white timeslip. Dave dialed in at a quick, 6.33 and was only able to muster a 6.365 at 107.32 mph in his runner-up effort.

Semifinal action saw Brenda receive a red light win over Tim Patterson, while Dave stopped Jim Pipines and his '22 Tesla

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Pat Minogue and Tim Patterson went at it for the third-straight Street Trophy final with Pat again scoring the win. It was over at the line as Tim's -.027 foul start negated any chance for redemption. Pat dialed a 9.28 on his window and drove to a 9.464 at 76.80 mph for the win. Tim ran it out and drove to a 8.454 at 84.65 mph on his 8.43 dial-in for the runner-up finish. 


Bike/Sled Trophy

Ed Wilson got some pay back over Kevin Wuest in the semifinals with a double-breakout win to set up his final round showdown against Kevin Sutliffe and his Hayabusa rocket. Ed got the the head start dialing in his Ninja at a 5.78 and grabbed an early lead with his .037 to .074 reaction time advantage. Ed's 5.846 at 114.38 mph was enough to hold off Kevin's charge for a .030 margin of victory. Kevin posted a 5.729 at 124.04 mph on his 5.67 dial-in for the runner-up finish.

As mentioned earlier, Ed stopped Kevin Wuest in the semis, while K-Sut drew the bye-run into the final.


Junior Dragster

Bailee Halsey scored the Jr. Dragster win when "B-Money" Brody Halsey was too hot on the line and fouled with a -.086 red. Bailee would have been tough to hold off as she posted a .065-initiated, .017-over, 9.617 at 65.94 mph on her 9.60 dial-in.

Brody dialed up an 11.24 and posted a 11.209 at 57.26 mph for his runner-up effort.

Jr. Dragster
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