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Race Results Archives for 2022 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2022 Race Results

• Race Results  July 31, 2022

Super Pro

Super Pro

Steve Doss scored his first Super Pro win of the season Sunday when he won both ends of the track over Ken Miller driving his '72 Ford Maverick. Dialing in at a 6.75, Ken got the head start with his .047 reaction, but Steve gained a .027 edge with his .020 reaction. Steve dialed his dragster in at a 4.93 and chased Ken down to stop the clocks with a 4.973 at 127.10 mph for a comfortable .056 margin of victory. Ken drove his pony to a .072-over, 6.822 at 99.80 mph for his runner-up effort.

In the semifinals, Steve topped a red lighting, Brian Mahler with a .004-over, 4.934 to advance to the final. Ken lined up against Scott Forbes driving his '69 Nova and got the win light when Scott bulbed with a heart-breaking, -.004 foul start. 



Jeremy Popple parked his '71 Monte Carlo in the Pro Winner Circle on Sunday when Dave Tingley pushed the tree too hard and fouled out with a -.017 red light. Dave dialed his '68 Chevy Chevelle in at a 6.54 and ran it out to a -.011-under, 6.529 at 104.49 mph pass. Jeremy dialed up a 6.40 on the boards and got his run started with a .049 light and drove to a breakout, 6.386 at 105.59 mph pass to secure the win. Jacob Bombard made a good run on the day before bowing out to Jeremy in their semifinal match, while South Rome Racing's Al Meier also had a good day before being stopped by Dave in the semi's. Al posted a perfect .000 reaction against Joe Erardi in their round three duel to highlight his day.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Sibling rivalry reigned in the Pro MX final on Sunday as Derek and Corey Eastman squared off in the finals with Derek scoring the win light. The brothers both rode to .014-over passes, but Corey's -.055 foul negated any photo finish opportunity. Derek dialed in at an 11.35 and got his run started with a .049 light and drove to an 11.364 at 109.11 mph, while Corey drove to a 10.214 at 122.60 mph on his 10.20 dial-in for the runner-up finish.

Derek put Tim Diglio and his Gixxer on the trailer in the semis, while Corey drew the bye-run into the finals. In round 3, Corey used a .124 to .153 reaction time advantage to push Pop, Sudsy into a .007-under breakout and avoided Sudsy's "toolshed!"

Street Money

Street Money

Rick Vose held a 3 point lead in the Street Money division heading into Sunday's program and added to that lead with his win over first-time racer Chris Gentile. Chris dialed his '10 Mercedes in at 13.15 and got his run started with a .089 light, but Rick was a little quicker on the tree with a .027 reaction. Both drivers broke out, but Chris went .090-under his dial with a 13.06 at 102.06 mph trying to hold off Rick's charging Duster. Rick dialed in at 11.25 and drove to a .013-under, 11.237 at 117.67 mph to secure the win.

The the semifinals, Rick had to overcome a Clarence Spady .072 to .129 holeshot and got the win with a .005-over 11.255 pass, while Chris had the solo run into the finals.



Danny Meile gave up a slight reaction time advantage to Brian Mahler in the Modified final, .033 to .027, but scrubbed nearly 10 mph off his run at the finish as Brian's 8.667 at 155.25 mph on his 8.53 dial wasn't enough to reel Danny in. Danny dialed in at a 10.73 and took the finishline with a 10.826 at 113.80 mph to score the win light.

In the semis, Danny matched up against Dave Miller and his S-10 and overcame Dave's .085 to .101 reaction time advantage to take the win and advance to the finals against Brian who drew the bye-run.

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Tracy Stanley one-upped his July 3rd runner-up finish to Clarence Spady and scored the Street Trophy win over Chris Gentile. Tracy dialed his 2011 Camaro SS in at 14.20 and launched with a .146 reaction, but the race was quickly over as Chris fouled out with a -.500 red light. Tracy ran it out to the quarter-mile with a .062-under, 14.138 at 103.99 mph to seal the win. As stated earlier, the was Chris' first time racing, and with 38 entries in the Street Money class, this was Chris' first final round. He would eventually fall to Rick Vose in the Money final, but overall a great weekend for a newbie!

In the semis, Tracy won a double-breakout race against Pat Minogue, while Chris drew the solo run.

Bike/Sled Trophy

Bike/Sled Trophy

John Kuhfta scored his first Bike/Sled Trophy win of the season when he held off Ron Underwood's potent Suzuki Hyabusa. Ron ran closer to his dial with a .079-over, 9.179 at 149.14 mph pass, but his too quick, -.201 red light ended any chance for the win. John launched his '94 Polaris Indy with a .088 light and rode to the win with a 11.379 at 108.03 mph pass on his 11.24 dial-in.

John gave up a R.T. lead to Kevin Wuest in their semifinal match, but his .008-over, 11.258 was just enough to push Kevin into a .001-under, breakout pass. Ron defeated Corey Eastman in their semifinal match to advance to the final.


Junior Dragster

The Halsey siblings Brody and Bailee were both dialing in their new rides and it was "B-Money" Brody scoring the Junior Dragster win when Bailee was too eager on the line and fouled out, handing Brody the win, Brody dialed in at 11.22 and drove to an 11.196 at 56.59 mph, while Bailee blasted her 9.55 dial-in with a 9.219 at 69.18 mph in the runner-up effort.

Jr. Dragster

Limited Street 6.50 Index

Rowdy Racing added a Limited Street 6.50 Index race to their Street Outlaw program on Sunday and it was Chuck White getting the holeshot win over Matt Himes in a battle of the Malibu Wagons. Chuck held a .023 to .043 reaction time lead and it was enough to hold off Matt's .009-over, 6.509 at 105.15 mph run and secure the win light by a .039 margin. Chuck drove to a 6.528 at 98.21 mph to secure the win and score the win in the first 6.50 Index point race of the season.

Chuck trailered Steve Marshall in the semis, while Matt advanced to the finals with the aid of a Steve Doss red light start in their semifinal match.

6.50 Index
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