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2022 Race Results

• Race Results May 15, 2022


Super Pro

Mike LaRose was .055 seconds away from a potential Super Pro repeat, but a negative .055 light ended any chance on the line. Gene Stankivitz III was the beneficiary of Mike's foul, but still put together a solid run for the win. Both drivers broke out from their dial-ins with Gene logging a .028-under 6.492 at 105.30 and Mike with a .002-under 6.408 at 104.84 mph. Gene did post a solid .022 reaction time in his Malibu wagon and scored the winning, white timeslip.

Gene cut a .001 R.T., while Tim Roberts went -.007 red in their semifinal match, while Mike trailered Justin Hardman to advance to the finals against Gene. 



Terry Lee won both ends of the track against Jason Wahl in the Pro with a fine, .016 package. Terry dialed in his '89 Mustang in at a 6.10 and clicked off a .013-initiated, 6.103 at 108.75 mph to seal his first win of the early season. Jason put together a decent package as well, cutting a .023 light and running his '86 Camaro to a 5.898 at 119.24 mph on his 5.86 dial-in, but it just wasn't enough to reel Terry in at the top of the track.

Terry ended A.J. Meier's day in the semis, while Justin Hardman bowed out to Jason in their semifinal duel.


Pro MX

Reigning class champion, Kevin Wuest was .001 seconds away from a potential Pro MX win, but the glowing red bulb on the line ended any chance for the win. Tim Diglio piloted his 2006 Suzuki GixxR to a .040-initiated, 7.643 at 95.11 mph pass on his 7.59 dial to score the well-earned win.

Kevin dialed his 2018 Polaris in at a 6.28 and drove it out to a .035-over, 6.315 at 105.31 mph in his runner-up effort.

Tim gave up a slight .004 reaction time advantage to John Kuhfta in their semifinal match, but John dipped too deep at the finish with a -.003 breakout pass. Kevin drew the bye-run into the finals with Tim.


Street Money

Rich Golley improved on his May 8th runner-up finish in the Street Money finals by knocking out John Goldman with his .002-over, 8.042 at 89.19 mph pass to score the win. John held a decent .025 to .088 reaction time advantage over Rich on the line, but throttled a bit too much with his 9.368 at 70.74 mph pass on his 9.41 dial-in and had to settle for the yellow timeslip.

Reigning Street Money champion Rick Vose fell to Rich in the semis when he broke out in his '75 Duster, while John solo'd in his semifinal round to set up the final round.



Doral Short held a massive .032 to .131 reaction time advantage over Ron Calhoun in the Modified final round, but couldn't run the number and opened the door for Ron to nip him at the line for a .020 second margin of victory. Doral dialed his Mustang in at a 7.15, but could only muster a 7.320 at 98.32 mph run and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Ron dialed his dragster in at a 4.83 and ran a 4.881 at 130.83 mph to score the win.

Brian Mahler bowed out to Doral in their semifinal match, while Mike Halsey fouled out Ron in their semifinal match.


Street Trophy

David Gwin improved on his semifinal finish on the 8th and scored the Street Trophy win over Pat Minogue in his '74 Camaro. Pat got the head start with his 9.40 dial-in and got his run started with a .178 reaction time. This left the door wide open for David as his .048 reaction bought him a bunch of real estate to close the gap on Pat and take the line with a 8.014 at 82.81 mph run on his 7.97 dial. Pat drove his 2011 Chevy Caprice to a 9.462 at 76.87 mph on his 9.40 dial-in and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Steve Seelman Sr. fell to David in their semifinal match, while Pat drew the bye-run.


Bike/Sled Trophy

John Kuhfta was looking for win #3 on the season, but went -.050 red in the final against Ed Wilson and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Dialing his 2012 Kawasaki in at a 5.70, Ed's .104 light could have spelled trouble, but he streaked to a nice 5.711 at 121.68 mph pass which may have made for an interesting finish had John stayed green. John dialed his '95 Polaris Indy in at a 6.96 and rode to a 7.042 at 91.26 mph pass for the runner-up finish.

In semifinal action, Kevin Wuest fell to Ed, while John parked Pro MX Winner Tim Diglio in their match up.


Jr. Dragster

A little sibling rivalry in the finals of Jr. Dragster as 10 year old Bailee "Miss B." Halsey beat little brother "B-Money" Brody Halsey. These kids are doing great at such an early age, and they'll start learning to "drive the line" as they get more experience. Miss B missed the mark on the line giving up a .757 to .312 advantage to "B-Money," but the little guy stayed in the throttle too long running a 13.415 on his 13.52 dial-in and handed the win over to big sis who ran a 13.778 at 47.43 mph on her 13.30 dial-in. There will be more appearances for these two racers in the future.