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2022 Race Results

• Race Results  October 9, 2022


Super Pro

John Cooper drove to his second Super Pro win of the season when he stopped Brian Mahler with a potent .012 package. Brian got the head start with his 5.94 dial-in, but ended any chance for the win with a -.015 red light start. John, dialed in at a 4.79, launched with a strong .011 reaction and posted a solid 4.791 at 143.23 mph pass to lock in win number two. Brian drove to a 5.968 at 120.97 mph for the runner-up effort.

In semifinal action, Brian stopped Steve Marshall and Coop drew the bye run into the finals.



Dave Tingley scored the double-breakout Pro final win over Brian Ottaviano for his second Pro win of the season. Dave held a .026 to .069 reaction time advantage over Brian at the start and lit the win light with a -.002-under, 6.448 at 101.31 mph pass on his 6.45 dial-in. Brian was in the hunt, but drove a little deeper under his 7.48 dial with a 7.474 at 88.97 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In the semis, Brian stopped heavy-hitter Tim LaRose with an outstanding .002 package to advance to the finals. Dave had the free into the finals.


Pro MX

Kevin Wuest scored his 5th Pro MX win of the season and has all but locked up his 18th championship title when he ended Ed Wilson's day with a solid, .005-over, 6.015 at 106.92 mph pass for the win. Kevin held a .058 to .096 reaction time advantage over Ed who rode his 2012 Kawasaki ZX to a 5.741 at 121.56 mph on his 5.67 dial-in.

In the semifinals, Kevin Sutliffe fell to Ed with a foul start, and John Blume couldn't capitalize on a R.T. advantage over Kevin in their semifinal match.


Street Money

Tim Kirley drove to two runner-up finishes on the 2nd, but broke through into the win column when he defeated Jim Helch in the Street Money final. Tim held a comfortable .059 to .100 reaction time advantage over Jim at the start and drove to the win with a .048-over, 7.008 at 99.17 mph pass on his 6.96 dial-in. In his effort to close the reaction time deficit, Jim pushed his '68 Camaro into a too-quick, -.004-under, 10.036 at 69.16 mph run on his 10.04 dial for the runner-up finish.

In the semis, Ashley Hall fell to Jim, while Tim pushed Steve English into a breakout pass to set up his final round showdown with Jim.



D.J. Hubbard defended his October 2 Modified win with a 5 round win over Brian Mahler. D.J. dialed up a 6.10 on his window and drove to a .016-initiated, 6.110 at 107.50 mph pass to secure win number two. Brian, in his second final of the day, dialed up a 5.94 and drove to a .016-over, 5.956 at 124.01 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Shaquan Bradwell had D.J. on the ropes in their semifinal match with a .007 to .048 reaction time lead, but broke out of his 6.45 dial-in with a too-quick 6.44 pass. Brian drew the bye run into the finals.


Street Trophy

Tim Kirley was .070 away from locking up win number 2 of the day, but his -.070 foul start against Tim Patterson ended that chance. TK drove to a solid .008-over, 6.968 at 99.19 mph pass, but Mr. Red Eye didn't care. Mr. Patterson dialed his 2018 Mustang in at a 8.30 and got his run started with a decent .050 light and locked in the win with an off-throttle, 8.442 at 73.40 mph pass. Tim trailered Pat Minogue in the semis, while TK pushed Tracy Stanley into a breakout run in their semifinal match.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Sutliffe scored his third Bike/Sled Trophy win of the season when Kevin Wuest went -.008 red at the start of their final round match. Kevin's winning run began with a .028 reaction time and ended with a 5.764 at 122.55 mph pass on his 5.70 dial-in to lock in the win. Kevin dialed his '18 Polaris XCR in at 6-flat and drove to a -.002-under, 5.998 at 113.06 mph for the runner-up finish.

In the semifinals, K.Sut pushed Ed Wilson into a breakout pass, while Joel Rivera drove to a solid 6.004 on his 6.00 dial, but KW's reaction time advantage was the difference.


Junior Dragster

Carter Koskowski was the lone entry in the Jr. Dragster and solo'ed to the win.