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2022 Race Results

• Race Results  June 19, 2022


Super Pro

Big "Lil Gene" Gene Stankivitz III scored his second-straight, and third Super Pro win of the season by winning both ends of the track over Tim Roberts. Gene dialed his '81 Malibu Wagon in at a 6.44 and drove to a .019-initiated, 6.474 at 101.29 mph for the win and padded his 2022 division points lead. Tim dialed his dragster in at a 5.06 and got his run started with a .039 light, but could not reel Gene in and posted a 5.09 at 133.96 mph for his runner-up finish. Tim did post a .001-over, 5.071 in his semifinal win over Matt Himes to advance to the finals, while Gene eased out of the throttle in his semifinal solo pass.



It took 7 rounds of Pro E.T. racing to determine the winner of the Affordable Floors & Blinds Pro E.T. Shootout and when the dust cleared, it was Don Austin sitting on top with a cool Grand in his pocket. Heavy hitter Chuck White in his '83 Malibu wagon got the head start based on his 6.44 dial-in, but a .020 red light start ended his chance for the AF&B payout. Don dialed his '93 S-10 in at a 6.29 and got his run started with a .091 light and legged it out to a .023-over, 6.313 at 107.73 mph pass to make it official. Chuck stayed in it as well and drove to a 6.427 at 107.58 mph on his 6.44 dial-in for the runner-up cash. Don also scored a red light win in the semis when Jake Lipke pushed the tree too hard negating a nice 6.779 on his 6.77 dial-in.


Pro MX

Hayley Feher scored the double-breakout, Pro MX final win over Ryan Orizino, bettering her June 5th semifinal finish. Hayley held a slim .082 to .089 reaction time advantage and drove to a .047-under, 10.303 at 117.90 pass to score the win. The air "got real good" in the finals and Ryan simply took too much finishline breaking out of his 9.22 dial, with a 9.120 at 127.62 mph and had to sttle for the runner-up payout. Ryan trailered Kevin Wuest in the semis when Kevin posted a too-quick, .016-under breakout run. Hayley drew the bye-run into the finals to set up the 5 round win.


Street Money

It was good to see "20th Century" racer Rob Stacy come out of retirement and go some rounds again at the ESTA asphalt, but Rob's comeback ended at the hands of defending champion Rick Vose by a razor-thin .004 margin of victory. Rob dialed his Dodge Challenger in at a 12.44, but gave up a .069 to .019 reaction time lead to Rick and drove to a .079-under, 12.361 at 111.74 mph runner-up effort. The Champ posted a 11.23 on the dial board and drove to a winning, .025-under, 11.205 at 117.25 mph to score the win.

In semifinal action, Rich Golley's .004 foul start against Rob ended his day, while Rick had the free pass to set up his final round dial-in.



Dave Miller dialed his '84 S-10 in at a 10.38 and got off to a .091-initiated start, but got out of the throttle as his opponent Brian Mahler lit the red light allowing Dave to coast to a 10.783 at 97.24 mph pass and the win. Brian dialed his dragster in at an 8.25, but his .048 foul ended his bid for the win and he cruised to a 8.336 at 144.18 mph runner-up pass. Brian defeated Mike Halsey in their semifinal match with a .036 winning package, Dave drew the bye run into the finals.


Street Trophy

Consistent late-round racer Pat Minogue scored a well-earned win over Bill Coon to bag his first win of the season. Bill had Pat on the ropes at the starting line with a .045 to .142 reaction time advantage, but broke out of his 14.87 dial with a 14.808 at 91.52 mph pass. Pat earned his way to the win consistently running 14-0s dispatching Kurt Hagen and Carter Helch on his way to the finals. Pat dialed his 2011 Caprice in at 14-flat and posted a 14.029 at 100.51 mph to score the win. In the semis, 2-time winner Carter Helch ran an awesome .05-over 11.905 against Pat, but gave up too much to Pat on the line, while Bill laid a perfect .000 reaction time on Steve Seelman and won their double breakout semifinal duel.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Sutliffe got the starting line advantage over Kevin Wuest with a .053 to .125 lead and parlayed that into the Bike/Sled Trophy win. Mr. Wuest dialed his '18 Polaris XCR in at a 9.95 and, in an effort to hold off Kevin's Hayabusa charge, broke out with a 9.913 at 124.37 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish. K-Sut dialed up a 9.06 on the boards and ran the quarter in 9.153 at 145.92 mph for a .058 margin of victory. He trailered class points leader Tim Diglio in the semifinals, while K.W. had a solo run in the semis to advance into the finals.


Jr. Dragster

"B-Money" Brody Halsey scored the Junior Dragster win when Carter Koskowski pushed the tree a tad too hard and bulbed with a -.163 red light start. It was a gift well received as B-Money posted a .220 reaction on his 13.25 dial-in and drove to a breakout, 13.152 at 48.88 mph to score the win. Waiting for over 4 seconds for your lights to come down as your opponent speeds away is a difficult task and it got the best of Carter as his -.163 foul start negated his .062-over, 9.062 at 69.32 mph run and he had to settle for the runner-up finish.