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2022 Race Results

• Race Results May 29, 2022


Nostalgia Gasser

Mike VanAalst of Honeoye Falls piloted his '52 Anglia into the Nostalgia Gasser winner circle when Dave Grant of West Bloomfield, NY was too hot on the tree and fouled away a great .019-over pass with a -.026 foul start. Mike dialed in a 6.60 and cut a decent .085 light, but the door would have been open to Dave as Mike's 6.789 at 101.40 mph pass would have been vulnerable. But that's racing and Mike earned the win and the spoils.

Dave dialed his classic Chevy, zoomie-headered Shoebox in at a 5.58 and ran a great 5.599 at 121.46 mph in his runner-up effort.


Dave also collected the low E.T. and Top MPH marks of the day in his semifinal win over Bill Lingle of Leicester running a 5.583 at 121.66 mph. Bill, piloting his 1954 BelAir dialed in at an 8.11, but pushed the tree too hard with a -.063 red light. Mike drew the bye-run into finals and ran a 6.749 on his 6.57 dial-in to prep for the finals.

Bob Klim of Wells, NY was our Long Distance racer of the class. We thank Bob, Bill, Dave and all our competitors who made the journey and put on a great show. Congratulations again to to Mike for his win and we hope you all can make it back to the ESTA asphalt soon, and often!


Super Pro

Anthony Zegarelli scored a holeshot victory over Mike LaRose in the Super Pro final on Sunday. Mike, who drove his trusty Dart to his 3rd straight Super final, drove to a .010-over, 6.410 at 105.29 mph, but his .035 to .012 reaction time deficit bought Anthony just enough real estate to sneak by for a .003 second margin of victory. Anthony dialed his immaculate '63 Corvette in at 5.55 and drove to a 5.580 at 122.86 mph pass to score the hard-fought win.

In the Semis, Mike won quite a battle over Matt Himes and Malibu Wagon. Matt went -.006 red and drove to a .005-over 6.455,while Mike cut a .009 light and posted a .001-under 6.399! Anthony drew the bye-run into the final.



Jake Lipke also took advantage of a holeshot win in the Pro final over Steve Doss. Steve drove his Monte Carlo to an awesome .004-over, 6.174 at 104.29 mph on his 6.17 dial, but he gave up too much on the line with his .096 light, to Jake's .009 R.T. Jake dialed his '95 Camaro in at a 6.82 and drove to a fine 6.859 at 95.79 mph to score the win with a .052 m.o.v. to carry his momentum from a successful 2021 campaign.

Jake was on the tree in the semis as well when he posted a .012 reaction to dispatch Tim LaRose in his fine 4-speed '68 Nova. Steve drew the bye-run, but still nailed the tree with a .007 reaction in his solo pass.


Pro MX

Kevin Wuest avenged his May 15 Pro MX loss to Tim Diglio winning both ends of the track to post his first win of the season. Tim dialed in his '06 'Zuke at a 7.48 and got his run started with a .036 light, just .009 behind Kevin's .027, but he couldn't hit his mark running a 7.586 at 95.28 mph and that was plenty of room for Kevin to drive around him and score the win. Kevin dialed up a 6.19 and posted a .031-over, 6.221 at 100.32 mph winning pass in his effort to chase down an 18th Tack Championship title.

In semifinal action, Ed Wilson fell to Tim when he fouled in their match, while Kevin had a solo pas into the final round.


Street Money

Todd Minerd scored the Street Money win over defending class champion, Rick Vose with a holeshot victory. Both drivers ran great packages, but it was Todd's .065 to .191 reaction time advantage that sealed the win. Todd posted a 7.73 dial and ran a solid, .020-over, 7.750 at 84.38 mph to score the win light. Rick lined his beautiful '75 Plymouth Duster up with a 7.11 on his window and ran a great .011-over, 7.121 at 95.72 mph pass, but the deficit on the line was too much to reel in Todd's S-10.

Andy DeCarolis fell to Todd in the semis, while Rick drew the bye-run solo into the finals.



Steve Marshall defeated May 15 Modified winner Ron Calhoun when he drove his '79 Vega Wagon to a .016-initiated, 6.450 at 105.26 mph pass on his 6.44 dial-in to score the win light. Ron dialed his dragster in at a 4.83 and posted a 4.865 at 142.61 mph for the runner-up effort.

In Semifinal action Jake Bombard fell to Ron with his fouls start advancing Ron into the finals. Due to an apparent illegible tech card, a driver only known as "Que," hmmm, driving a 1995 "something" vehicle was trailered by Steve in their semifinal match.


Street Trophy

Carter Helch defeated Kurt Hagen for his second win of the season. Carter really has his American Classic dialed in and posted an 8.057 at 80.16 mph run on his 8.02 dial-in to score the win. Carter also held a .046 to .114 reaction time lead to pad his .084 m.o.v. win. Kurt lined his potent Street Warrior 2011 Camaro up on the line with a 7.97 dial, but could only muster an 8.023 at 85.55 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Steve Seelman Sr. fell to Kurt in their semifinal match with a .006-under breakout pass, while Brandon MacCombie took his VW Jetta to the semis and fell to Carter.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Tim Diglio is really creating his "racing luck" that's often needed for round wins and his "luck" put him in the winner circle for the 2nd time in '22. Tim used a better reaction time against Kevin Sutliffe in the B/S final and forced Kevin into a breakout pass. Tim's .081 to .110 advantage was needed as he fell off his 7.48 dial with a 7.566 at 94.87 mph, but it was enough to push Kevin into a .002-under, 5.798 at 120.26 mph runner-up run. In the Semis, Tim ran a stellar, .001-over 7.481 E.T. which pushed Kevin Wuest into a .006-under, 6.194 breakout pass despite holding a .041 to .108 reaction time advantage. Kevin Sutliffe trailered John Kuhfta in the other semifinal match to set up the Bike/Sled final.


Jr. Dragster

The Junior Dragster final pitted Carter Koskowski who dialed in at 9.12 against Cali Hubbard who dialed her digger in at 11.66. Neither driver was exactly stellar on the tree, but Carter held a .306 to .389 advantage and chased Cali down to post a winning 9.199, at 69.77 mph run to score the win. Cali got some good hook, or a big gulp of "good air" and broke out with a .142-under, 11.518 at 46.68 mph run and had to settle for the runner-up finish.