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Race Results Archives for 2023 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2023 Race Results

• Race Results  September 17, 2023

Super Pro

Super Pro

Matt Himes came out on top by a razor-thin margin over Mike Thomas in a super close Super Pro final. Both drivers launched with identical .025 reactions, but Matt was .002 closer to his 6.45 dial with a 6.466 at 105.57 mph, to Mike's 6.347 at 106.88 mph on his 6.33 dial-in, to score his second Super win of the season.

Gene Stankivitz had to thrash on his '81 Malibu wagon early Saturday morning to get it ready for Sunday's show and was rewarded with a semifinal final finish eventually falling to Matt in a battle of the grocery-getters.



In another extremely close final, Scott Beasaw Sr. scored his 4th Pro win of the season over Mike LaRose. Both drivers absolutely killed the tree with Scott grabbing a razor-thin, .007 to .009 advantage over Mike. At the finish, it was Scott driving his '74 Camaro to a 7.425 at 91.51 mph on his 7.41 dial to score a .015 m.o.v. win. Mike dialed in at a 5.40 and just dipped under with a 5.398 at 122.39 mph pass and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

L. Kapfer bowed out to Mike in the semis, while Scott had the solo pass into the finals.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Kevin Sutliffe worked with other class competitors to secure some sponsorship for a $1,000-to-win Pro MX shootout purse. When the smoke cleared, it was Ed Wilson on his '12 Kawi Ninja grabbing the 1K cash over John Kuhfta when John's -.016 foul ended any chance for the first place prize. John dialed his '94 Polaris Indy in at a 6.99 and drove to a 7.081 at 95.22 mph for the second-place finish. Ed dialed up a 5.72 at the start and rode to a -.010-under,5.710 ay 122.23 mph pass, good for the win.

In the semis, Ed won both ends of the track, stopping Kevin Sutliffe and advanced to the final to meet up with John who had the solo run.

Street Money

Street Money

Rick Vose scored the Street Money when Rick Beasock fouled out on the line in his '69 Nova. Rick V. would have been tough to beat as he piloted his '75 Duster to a .007-over, 7.357 at 92.34 mph on his 7.35 dial-in. His .073 light may have opened the door slightly, but it Rick's -.012 red light start ended any speculation. Rick dialed his Nova in at a 8.19 and drove to an 8.239 at 78.04 mph for the runner-up finish.

In semifinal action, Mike Halsey bowed out to Rick B., while Mr. Vose ran a stellar, .002-over 7.352 in his semifinal solo pass.



Dave Miller scored his third Modified win of the season by overcoming Anthony Correia's .049 to .080 reaction time advantage. Dave drove his '84 S-10 pick'em up to a .045-over, 6.315 at 103.48 mph on his 6.27 dial to notch the win. Anthony's Mustang fell off his 6.36 dial running a 6.460 at 106.04 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

B. Cole (sorry, no name on results sheet) broke out to Dave in their semifinal match when Dave nailed his 6.29 dial with a dead-on 6.290 at 106.59 mph. Anthony had the solo pass into the finals.

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Well Street Trophy returned to the Pat Minogue, Tim Patterson final showdown again with Pat scoring his 7th win by a tight .009 margin of victory. Tim did his job on the line treeing Pat with a .112 to .172 advantage, but Pat drilled his 9.20 dial-in with an .008-over, 9.208 at 71.26 mph to secure the win. Tim dialed his '18 Mustang in at an 8.37 and drove to an 8.447 at 85.89 mph for the runner-up finish.

Kim Rossiter fell to Pat in the semis, while Tim drew the bye-run into the finals.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Sutliffe moved within 1 point of point leader Kevin Wuest in the Bike/Sled point chase by a holeshot win. K-Sut's .048 to .086 reaction time bought him just enough real estate to catch Kevin's Polaris XCR at the finish for a comfortable .092 M.O.V. running a 5.694 at 120.12 mph on his 5.65 dial. Kevin dialed his sled in at a 5.97, but could only punch out a 6.005 at 112.36 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In the semis, Micah Wood fell to K-Sut, while Pro MX winner, Ed Wilson got parked by K.W.


Junior Dragster

Brody Halsey defeated sister Bailee in a true-red final when Bailee's -.155 foul start was worse than Brody's -.050 foul. Good thing for Brody as he totally bombed his 11.19 dial-in by nearly .300! Brody drove to a -.297-under, 10.893 at 59.57 mph to win the bragging rights on the ride home. Bailee broke out as well, but her 9.557 at 67.12 mph on her 9.60 dial-in would have been enough for the win if not for the red light start.

Jr. Dragster

King of the Track

Scott Forbes posted a .018 package over Kevin Wuest in the 2023 K.O.T. final to score the King of the Track Wally trophy and hat. Scott dialed his Camaro in at a 6.72 and grabbed an early .015 to .048 reaction time advantage, then drove to a solid, 6.723 at 101.25 mph to snare the win. Kevin dialed his Polaris in at a 6.25 and drove to a decent 6.276 at 114.29 mph, but it wasn't enough to overtake Scott at the finish. Pat Minogue was the semifinalist falling to Kevin in the semis.

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