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Race Results Archives for 2023 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2023 Race Results

• Race Results  August 13, 2023

Super Pro

Super Pro

Mark Talmadge scored the Super Pro eliminator when Steve Doss bulbed with a too-quick -.012 red light start. Steve dialed his '18 Mustang in at a 6.34 and ran a solid 6.355 at 108.17 mph pass, but had to settle for the runner-up finish. Mark dialed up a 6.02 for his '79 Malibu and smacked the tree with a .010 light and drove to a winning 6.055 at 108.13 mph to bag the win.

In the semifinals, Mark scored a double-breakout win over Matt Himes to set up the final pairing as Steve had the solo run. 



Scott Beasaw Sr. and Jake Lipke squared off in the Pro final with both drivers looking for their third win of the season. When the smoke cleared, it was Scott scoring win number 3 as Jake's -0.012 foul ended any chance for the win, and it would have been close as each driver both dipped under their dial-ins. Scott dialed in at a 7.47 and ran a .012-initiated, 7.458 at 91.37 mph pass to seal the win. Jake was .001 closer to his 6.24 dial with a -.011-under, 6.229 at 109.99 mph for the runner-up finish.

In semifinal action Jake stopped Steve Doss and his Purple Haze Monte Carlo, While Scott drew the bye run.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Brandon MacCombie got some payback over Kevin Wuest from his August 6 Pro MX loss and scored the Pro MX win moving him into sole possession of the 2nd place in points, one point behind Kevin and Bob Salerno. True Red gave the win to Brandon as Kevin's -.013 foul was worse than Brandon's -.005 start. B-Mac dialed his Gixxer in at a 5.70 and laid down a solid, 5.706 at 121.49 mph to score his first PMX win of the season. Kevin also posted a stout run as his .010-over, 6.080 at 110.00 mph pass would have made for an interesting finish line.

In the semis, Brandon trailered Ed Wilson who has going rounds in both PMX and BST, while Kevin had the solo run into the final.

Street Money

Street Money

Todd Lipke scored the double breakout Street money win over Todd Minerd who was looking to make it 2-straight Money wins and pad his class point lead. Both drivers missed the tree a bit with Mr. Lipke holding a .129 to .174 reaction time advantage, and got the win with a 7.337 at 90.65 mph pass on his 7.37 dial-in. Todd dialed his S-10 in at an 8.25 and took too much at the top end with a -.057-under, 8.193 at 83.06 mph runner-up pass.

In the semis, Mike Halsey ran into Todd Lipke's SS Chevelle and finished as the lone semifinalist.



Brian Mahler and Dave Miller each brought their "A-Game" at the start of the Modified final as Brian edged Dave with a .002 to .007 reaction time lead. At the top end, it was equally close as Brian's .032-over, 5.502 at 120.50 mph, to Dave's .038-over, 6.338 at 107.93 mph pass gave the win to Brian with a tight .011 margin of victory.

The the semis Anthony Correia red lit to Brian, but Brian's .000 light would have been tough to overcome. In the other match Dave won a close battle over Chris Corlyon to move on to the final.

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Pat Minogue had a new opponent in the Trophy final as Kim Rossiter stopped Tim Patterson in the semis, but the results remained the same as Pat scored his 5th win of the season. Kim's -.017 foul start ended any chance for the win and drover her '69 Chevelle out to a 9.755 at 74.10 mph on her 9.84 dial. Pat got his run started with a .148 light and ran his Caprice out to a 9.288 at 77.42 mph on his 9.30 dial-in for the win.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Wuest swapped August 6 finishes with Ed Wilson to score his 4th win of the season. Ed held the reaction time lead with a .037 to .054 advantage, but couldn't reel in Kevin's .005-over, 6.075 at 109.95 mph pass and had to settle for the runner-up finish with his 5.782 at 114.21 mph on his 5.72 dial.

Ed advanced to the final when Vern Schmidt squeezed the tree too hard and fouled out. Kevin had the solo run into the final.


Junior Dragster

Bailee Halsey returned the favor on little bro' Brody from August 6. No final times were available at time of publication.

Jr. Dragster

Stock/Super Stock

Howie Smith was the number 1 qualifier based his his classes' index and defeated Lance Pinto in the Stock/Super Stock Challenge final. Howie dialed in at a 7.48 and got his run started with a .081 reaction time and drove to a winning 7.566 at 78.15 mph when Lance's tree went red. Lance dialed in at a 6.26, but went red with a -.049 foul start. Lance finished his run with a 6.363 at 94.31 mph for the runner-up finish.

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