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Race Results Archives for 2022 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2022 Race Results

• Race Results  August 28, 2022

Super Pro

Super Pro

Timing out was not an issue on Sunday for John Cooper as he stopped a red-hot Matt Himes to score the Colleen & Tiffany Meeks Memorial Super Pro Shootout. Matt dialed his '79 Malibu wagon in at 6.50 and launched first with nice .028 reaction. John was a few ticks better with his .019 light and was able to chase Matt down and stop the clocks with a 4.813 at 141.83 mph pass on his 4.81 dial to seal the win. Matt had a stout run with a 6.519 at 102.51 mph, but it wasn't enough to hold off John's charge.

Matt ended Kris Larsen's bid for a Super Pro repeat in the semifinals, winning both ends of the track, while John drew the solo run to set up the final round showdown with Matt.



It took 7 rounds to determine a winner in the Pro division on Sunday and in the end it was point leader Mike LaRose scoring a red light win over Howard Roberts. Howard was on point for most of the day and drilled the tree with a .001 reaction time in his semifinal win over Rich Weiland, but didn't dial in enough "delay" in his foot and bulbed with a -.005 foul. Mike got the head start with his 6.60 dial and launched with a .069 light and drove to a .010-over, 6.610 at 102.42 mph for the win. Howard dialed in at a 6.47, and drove to a 6.484 at 105.59 mph in his runner-up effort.

As previously mentioned, Howard stopped Rich Weiland in their semifinal match, while Mike drew the bye-run into the finals.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Kevin Sutliffe piloted his 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa to the Pro MX win over former champion Ryan Orizino. Ryan had a slight head start in dial-ins with a 5.74 and launched with a decent .052 light, but Kevin was a bit quicker with a .021 reaction which allowed him to take the finish line and win with a 5.758 at 115.88 mph on his 5.70 dial-in. Ryan ran a 5.829 at 112.59 mph on his 5.74 dial and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In the semifinals, Ryan scored the win over red lighting Michael Bamford, while Kevin had the free pass into the finals. Kevin was sharp on the tree today with a .024 reaction time average in the elimination rounds.

Street Money

Street Money

It was a anticlimactic Street Money final as Todd Minerd had a solo run as his opponent, Rich Golley experienced trouble on the line. Todd dialed his '89 S-10 in at 8.23 and got his run started with a .071 light, but backed out of the throttle seeing that Rich wasn't in the fight. Todd had to overcome a John Goldman .027 to .042 holeshot in the quarter finals and stopped heavy hitter Steve English in the semis to set up the final round match against Rich. Rich had to wade through David Gwin, Carter Helch and Pat Minogue with consistent 8-teens passes. It's not known what ended Rich's day.



Jake Bombard scored the Modified win over the August 14 winner Brian Mahler with an awesome .013 package in his '68 Camaro. Jake dialed in at an 11.33 and cut a great .011 light on his way to a .002-over, 11.332 at 110.14 mph pass to score winning timeslip. Brian dialed his dragster in at 8.66 and drove to a too-quick 8.650 at 154.21 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In the semifinals, Mike Thomas got a .030 to .048 reaction time jump over Jake, but it wasn't enough to catch Jake's .004-over, 11.344 at the top end. Brian drew the bye-run and ran a 8.669 on his 8.66 dial-in to set up the final round.

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Carter Helch and Pat Minogue squared off in the Street Trophy final to determine who was the first 3-Win driver in the division. When the dust cleared, it was Carter Helch and his '16 Corvette claiming the 3rd 2022 win of the season. Pat held a huge .021 to .134 reaction time advantage over Carter, but must have seen Carter's Vette closing the gap quickly and stayed into the throttle and broke out with a 14.340 at 90.82 mph on his 14.46 dial. Carter also broke out with a .069-under 11.9714 at 117.00 mph, but still got the win.

In the semis, Carter lined up against Pop, Jim Helch who fouled out in his 2018 F150, while Pat also benefitted from red light light start by Bill Coon.

Bike/Sled Trophy

Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Sutliffe doubled up on wins Sunday, his first at the expense of August 14 winner Brandon MacCombie. Brandon held a large .034 to .139 reaction time lead over Kevin, but fell off his 9.30 dial-in with a 9.949 at 145.30 mph allowing Kevin to slip on past for the win. Kevin dialed his "Busa" in at a 8.95 and got off the throttle once he caught Brandon to cruise to a 9.329 at 115.47 mph winning pass.

In the semis, Kevin trailered John Kuhfta, while Brandon advanced to finals courtesy of a Tim Diglio red light start.


Junior Dragster

Carter Koskowski must have still felt the pain of his August 14 red light loss to Brody Halsey on the 14th and took it almost too easy in his final round match against Bailee Halsey. His .208 reaction was still better than Bailee's .227, but it made for a fairly close race with Carter getting the win by .054 margin of victory. Carter dialed up a 9.10 and drove to a winning 9.129 at 69.97 mph, while Bailee also ran a nice pass with a 9.584 at 67.38 mph on her 9.52 dial-in.

In the semis, Carter was able to defeat Brody who is still trying to work out some mechanical gremlins in his new ride. Bailee had the bye-run.

Jr. Dragster

5.50 Limited Street

The full Rowdy Racing Limited Street Series program was back on track Sunday and it was Matt Huyck taking his '88 Mustang to the 5.50 Index winner circle with his win over Dave Kelly and his '79 Camaro. Dave held a slight .040 to .057 reaction time advantage, but took too much finishline and broke out with a 4.484 at 131.70 mph. Matt ran a solid 5.525 at 125.25 mph to score the win.

Dave defeated David Crossman in their semifinal match, while Matt had an off-the-throttle semifinal bye-run to set up final round match. 

5.50 Index

6.50 Limited Street

Anthony Kelly had an easy go at it in the 6.50 Index final when he held a massive .095 to .337 reaction lead over Chris Steinbacher. Anthony was able to scrub over 10 mph off his normal 1/8th mile pass and cruise to a winning 6.635 @ 94.77 mph. Chris stayed in it and drove his '70 Nova to a 6.628 at 107.93 mph in his runner-up effort.

In the semis, Anthony was able to ward off the 6.50 Index points leader Matt Himes with a 6.505 at 107.37 mph to advance to finals, while Chris drew the bye-run into the finals. 

6.50 Index
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