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2022 Race Results

• Race Results  August 14, 2022


Super Pro

Kris Larsen had an interesting journey to the Super Pro winner circle on Sunday as 3 of his final 4 rounds had negative reaction times on his time slip. In his round 3 match against Mark Talmadge both racers posted -.002 foul starts with Mark posting a .003-over to Kris' .021-over E.T. advantage, but "real red" handed the win over to Kris' column. Kris won the double red quarterfinal match over Scott Beasaw, then posted a solid .015 reaction in his semifinal bye-run. On the other side of the ladder, John Cooper was posting tight packages and scoring wins to set up the final match against Kris. As the drivers both pre-staged, Kris bumped into the staged light first, but John failed to stage in time before Kris' lights came down. Kris again jumped on the line with a -.009 foul, but drove to the win with a 5.808 at 120.08 mph on his 5.76 dial-in to score the win.

It was an exciting semifinal match between John and Ken Miller as John held a razor-thin, .004 to .008 reaction time advantage and won with a .005-over, 4.795 at 143.78 mph.



The Rochester Dragon Wagons scored another win with Matt Himes breaking through for his first win of the season after David Cole lit the red "eye" in their final round duel. Matt dialed his '79 Malibu wagon in at a 6.44 and launched with a stout .018 reaction time and drove it full out to a .004-under, 6.436 at 105.79 mph to seal the win. David dialed up a 5.63 in his '79 Camaro, but went -.060 red and drove to a 5.720 at 123.25 mph for the runner-up effort. In the semifinals, Matt stopped Scott Beasaw with a .017-initiated, 6.464 on his 6.44 dial, while David had a solo pass when his scheduled opponent, Ed Hawkins suffered a broken transmission in his Super Stock semifinal win over Martin Hignight.


Pro MX

Heath Smith hasn't been to the track all year, but hasn't lost his sharpness during his absence as he posted a close, .010 margin of victory win over Ron Dean in the Pro MX final. Heath parked heavy-weight Kevin Wuest in round 1 with a perfect 0.000 reaction, then trailered Ed Wilson in round 2 with a .019 to .102 R.T. advantage to set up his semifinal match against Kevin Sutliffe. Heath held a .048 to .074 reaction lead and held on with a .017-over, 5.667 to advance to the final. Ron marched in to the finals with his semifinal win over Robert Williams and posted a 6.28 dial-in for the finals. Heath dialed up a 5.65 and held a solid .007 to .033 reaction time advantage and chased Ron down to post a 5.690 at 115.22 mph pass for the win. Ron ran closer to his dial with a 6.304 at 104.87 mph pass, but it wasn't enough to hold off Heath's charge and had to settle for the runner-up finish.


Street Money

Rick Vose posted his third Street Money win of the season over 3-race rookie, hot-shoe Chris Gentile, and strengthened his hold on the division points lead in his bid to defend his 2021 title. Chris dialed an 8.69 on his window, but a heart-breaking, -.008 red light ended his chance for that first eliminator win. Rick has been "steady-Eddie" all year and posted a .040 reaction on his way to a 7.116 at 95.62 mph pass on his 7.12 dial-in to secure win number 3. Chris drove it out to a 8.937 at 84.18 mph for the runner-up honors.

Chris slapped a .013 to .136 reaction time lead on Todd Minerd in the semis to advance to the finals with Rick who drew bye-run. Rick didn't lay back as he dialed a 7.12 and drove it out to a 7.128 to prep for the finals.



Brian Mahler made it 2-in-a-row with his Modified win over Rick Lucia, winning both ends of the track. Brian held a .038 to .180 reaction time advantage and caught Rick at the top end with a 8.724 at 140.94 mph pass on his 8.59 dial. Rick dialed his '67 Mopar in at 11.43 and drove to a 11.591 at 116.26 mph for the runner-up finish.

In the semis, Rick posted a .033 to .047 reaction lead and pushed Dave Tingley into a breakout pass to advance to the finals. Brian had a solo pass in the semis, but more importantly, defeated point leader Mike Halsey in their second round match to cut Mike's lead to just 2 points.


Street Trophy

Former Street Trophy Champion Kurt Hagen had a relatively easy win over Charles Macek in their final round match. The race was essentially decided on the line as Kurt held a massive .005 to .280 reaction time advantage. All he had to do was stay on the positive side of the E.T. and the win was sealed. He did that with an easy 12.536 at 99.35 mph on his 12.42 dial-in. Charles drove his unique 1960 Ford F100 to 3 round wins despite less than stellar lights until he ran up against the former champ. Charles dialed in at 15.18 and drove to a 15.407 at 89.21 mph for the runner-up honors. Charles advanced to the finals with a David Gwin semifinal red light, and Kurt trailered Bill Coon in their F-body semifinal match.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Brandon MacCombie also locked in the win at the line when 2-time winner John Kuhfta missed the tree handing Brandon a .020 to .208 advantage. John drove his Polaris to a 10.998 at 114.61 mph on his 10.88 dial, but couldn't hold off Brandon's Gixxer. Brandon dialed in at 9.55 and didn't really scrub off too much E.T., running a 9.582 at 126.14 mph to score the win light and Winner Circle photo OP. Brandon matched up against Robert Williams in the semis, while John drew the bye-run to the finals. Brandon parked Tim Diglio, Kevin Sutliffe and Robert on his way to the finals, while John defeated Hayley Feher in round 1 and drew 2 bye-runs.


Stock/Super Stock

14 Competitors entered for the NYS Stock/Super Stock Championship on Sunday which produced some exciting, wheels up racing, but it was an anti-climactic ending as Ed Hawkins broke his transmission in his semifinal win over Martin Hignight of which sealed the win for Sam Capizzi Jr. and his '93 Dodge Daytona. Sam's marched included a quarterfinal win over John Cira and then ending Steve McGrath's day in the semis. Sam posted a perfect 0.000 reaction on Steve and drove to a .025-over, 9.555 at 127.39 mph. Ed drove his immaculate 2013 COPO Camaro to a quarterfinal win over Howie Smith, before stopping Martin in the semis with a .005 light and a 9.654 at 134.43 mph. The win was costly as Ed could not answer the bell in the finals due to trans damage,


Junior Dragster

Carter Koskowski had swallow a bitter pill as his -0.047 red light spoiled what would have been a sure win as his 9.025 at 70.33 mph on his 9.01 dial-in would have been an easy win. Luckily for "B-Money" Brody Halsey, Carter's "ruby" gem turned his coal into a diamond and he scored the win. Brody is still trying to dial-in his new-to-him dragster and got the win with a too-quick, 11.625 at 58.77 mph run on his 11.90 dial-in. These young racers are going to experience many of these types of races over the years should they continue.