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Race Results Archives for 2023 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2023 Race Results

• Race Results  June 18, 2023

Super Pro

Super Pro

Gene Stankivitz returned to the Super Pro winner circle defeating Natalie Musolino. Gene dialed his Ed Quay dragster in at 4.93 and cut a .029 light and drove to a -.006-under, 4.924 at 136.73 mph, but Natalie's -.004 foul start sealed the win for Gene on the line. Natalie dialed up a 4.51 in her '07 Racetech, but she got out of the throttle and cruised to a 4.962 at 102.01 mph for the runner-up finish.

Dave Meeks and R. Adams each drove to semifinal finishes



A.J. Meier broke through into the Win column when he knocked out Terry Lee in the Pro final. A.J. held a slight, .008 reaction time advantage with a .046 to .054 cushion. That was all he needed as he drove to a tight, 6.495 at 104.35 mph on his 6.49 dial-in to take the win with a .038 margin of victory. Terry dialed his Mustang in at a 6.18, but couldn't reel A.J. in and finished second with a 6.215 at 110.59 mph pass.

Dave Hubbard and Steve English each had strong finishes ending their day in the semis.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Kevin Sutliffe scored the Pro MX win over Bob Salerno with a close .014 MOV. Kevin's potent Hayabusa actually had the head start over Bob's equally stout Arctic Cat with a 5.72 dial to Bob's 5.64. Kevin won it on the line with a .065 to .104 reaction time lead, and locked it up with a .049-over, 5.769 at 122.20 mph run. Bob ran closer to his dial with a 5.664 at 114.42 mph pass, but the reaction time deficit was too much to overcome.

Last week's winner, Ryan Orizino and John Kuhfta each drove to semifinal finishes to wrap up their day.

Street Money

Street Money

Pat Minogue is on a roll and defended his June 11 Street Money win again, against David Gwin. In a nearly identical result from the 11th, Pat dialed in at a 9.25 with Dave posting a 7.80 on his window. Pat was a little sharper on the tree with a .092 light and drove to an awesome, 9.255 at 77.79 moh on his 9.25 dial. Unfortunately for Dave, the red light glowed again with a too-quick -.031 foul start. Dave cruised to a 7.958 at 86.48 mph and settled for the runner-up finish.

Mike Halsey drove his Nova to the lone semifinal finish.



Chris Corlyon parked his immaculate '65 Chevy Malibu into the Modified winner circle, defeating Tim Patterson. It was over at the line as Chris drilled the tree with a .019 light, easily catching Tim and cruised to a 6.287 at 98.55 mph run on his 6.24 dial-in. Tim drove his Mustang to a .124-initiated, 8.404 at 84.91 mph on his 8.34 dial and settled for the runner-up finish. Brenda Richard and Jim Pipines each drove to semifinal finishes.

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Pat Minogue and Tim Patterson went at it again with the same result from the June 11 final. Four -straight wins out of 4 final round appearances for Pat really is putting pressure on the rest of the field. Due to the added event of the All-Steel/All-Glass Heads-up race, trophy classes ran an 1/8th mile event. Pat held a razor-slim .103 to .108 reaction time advantage and needed every inch of that to pull off the win. Pat drove to a 9.282 at 73.57 mph on his 9.25 dial and held on for a tight .002 MOV win. Tim dialed up an 8.40 and carded an 8.429 at 84.43 mph pass for the second place finish. David Gwin was the lone semifinalist.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Ed Wilson's foul start handed Kevin Wuest his 3rd-straight Bike/Sled Trophy win of the season. Kevin left first with a .065 light, and drove to a winning 6.092 at 110.47 mph on his 6.08 dial-in. Ed dialed his Kawasaki in at a 5.73, but lifted on his run with an off-throttle 6.06 at 111.80 mph after seeing the red eye glow. Pro MX winner Kevin Sutliffe and Corey Eastman each drove to semifinal finishes.


All-Steel/All-Glass Heads-Up

The first M&K Automotive/Woodlawn Cemetary All-Steel/All-Glass Heads-up event was won by Fred Davis when he defeated Craig Steinbacher

The event was a No-Time event so nothing to report further than that.

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