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• Race Results May 1, 2022

May 1st Super Pro Winner

Super Pro

It's about as big as it gets. The 61-year gap in the ages of Sunday's Super Pro finalists. 79 year old Iggy Falcone against 18 year old Natalie Musolino. Iggy drove his beautiful GTO to the win showing all the young drivers (that's everybody to Iggy) how it's done.

 Natalie held a slim .006 reaction time advantage over Iggy at the start of their Super Pro final round showdown, but couldn't run her number at the top end. Iggy launched his venerable '65 Goat with a .052 reaction and powered to the win with a 6.448 at 106.66 mph pass on his 6.41 dial-in. Natalie dialed her '07 Racetech dragster in at a 4.87 and cut a .046 reaction in her bid to chase Iggy down. Her .060-over 4.93 at 129.39 mph was not enough to capture the stripe and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Gene Stankivitz III and Charles White both took their Malibu grocery-getters to semifinal finishes on the day.



Zakk Golley lost no momentum he gained in 2021 and powered to the Pro win over D. Weeshnaw. Zakk spotted D.W. a .007 head start, 8.25 to 8.18 and won the reaction time battle .039 to .072. D.W. drove his S-10 to an 8.330 at 78.86 mph on his 8.25 dial, .001 closer than Zakk, but Zakk's R.T. lead was enough to take the finishline at the top end. Zakk's 8.259 at 86.73 mph on his 8.18 dial pushed him to a .118 margin of victory over D.W.

Mason Fix in his '97 Camaro fell to D.W. in the semis, while Jake Lipke in his '95 Camaro broke out against Zakk in their semifinal match.


Pro MX

John Kuhfta scored his first of two wins on Sunday when his final round opponent Kevin Sutliffe fouled at the start. John got the head start on his '95 Polaris Indy dialing in at a 6.83. John's .106-initiated, 6.940 at 97.21 mph pass made it official.

Seeing his red bulb glowing, Kevin got off the throttle aboard his Yamaha and cruised to a 10.99 on his 5.80 dial-in for the runner-up finish.

John knocked out Kayla Chapman in their semifinal match, while Kevin drew the bye-run into the final.


Street Money

A stout field of entries for the Street Money class required 5 rounds to determine the Top Eliminator, and at the end it was Conner Wieserner denying Zakk  Golley his bid for a double win on opening day. It was tight on the line at Zakk held a slim .049 to .051 reaction time advantage over Conner, but he could only muster an 8.365 at 83.67 mph on his 8.23 dial-in and wasn't able to catch C.W. at the end. Conner dialed in at a 10.15 and ran a solid .024-over, 10.174 at 66.45 mph to score the win and first place purse.

Mason Fix made it to the semis where he fell to Zakk in their match, while Conner drew the bye-run into the finals.



A couple of heavy-weights squared off in the Modified final which saw Joey Rolfe pilot his immaculate '69 Chevy Nova to a .008-over 5.718 at 121.23 mph pass to trailer Mike LaRose and his '68 Dodge. Joe held a modest .024 to .036 starting line advantage and gave up no ground at the stripe to secure a .028 margin of victory. Mike dialed his Mopar in at a 5.36 and drove to a 5.384 at 128.90 mph, but it wasn't enough to reel Joe in and settled for the runner-up finish.

J. Erardi drove his '78 Chevy to the semis, bowing out to Joey in a breakout run.


Street Trophy

Bill Coon scored the white time slip and win over Brandon MacCombie in a double-breakout Street Trophy final. Brandon had Bill's throat exposed on the line with his .087 to .140 reaction time lead, but kept his foot into the throttle too long and broke out of his 10.26 dial with a 10.235 at 68.11 mph pass. Bill was charging hard in order to cover Brandon's lead, but still got the win light running just .006-under his 9.48 dial-in to get his season off to a great start.

Bill parked D. Gwin in the semis, while Scott Nash fell to Brandon in their semifinal clash.


Bike/Sled Trophy

John Kuhfta scored his second win of the day when Mark Weed broke out in their Bike/Sled final round match. John got the race started with a slight .130 to .139 reaction time lead and stayed on the "green side" of the timeslip running a 6.993 at 97.09 mph on his 6.83 dial. Matt had some room to scrub off some E.T. at the finish, but failed to and broke out of his 6.51 dial-in with a too-quick, 6.337 at 105.23 mph runner-up pass.

Frank Amalfi fell to John in the lone semifinal match, while Matt drew the bye-run.