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2022 Race Results

• Race Results  September 4, 2022


Super Pro

Scott Beasaw "drove his azz off" on Sunday scoring the Super Pro win and a Pro division runner-up finish. Scott foot-braked through 6 rounds of eliminations culminating with the win over Ken Miller in their final round showdown. Scott won the starting line battle with a slight, .031 to .033 reaction time advantage, and finished his lap with a .010-over, 7.440 at 90.39 mph to seal the win. Ken had to slug his way through elims having to knock out Chuck White in the quarters, then Mark Talmadge in the semis to set up his run against Scott. Ken dialed in at a 6.76, but was only able to muster a 6.826 at 98.58 mph for the runner-up finish. P.J. Haynes drove well all day until Scott ended his run in the semis.



52 entries signed up for the Pro division on Sunday and after 6 rounds, it was reigning champion Ryan Koskowski getting the win over Scott Beasaw in the final. It was Ryan's .002 to .077 reaction time lead that probably pushed Scott into a breakout, 7.417 at 92.20 mph pass on his 7.43 dial-in, but Ryan's .017-over, 6.017 at 110.99 mph made it even more difficult for Scott to bag the daily double.

In the semifinals Ryan ran another stout .010-over pass that pushed Dave Tingley into a breakout run, while Scott parked Matt Consiglio who also fell to a breakout run.


Pro MX

Top payouts and double points were on the line for Pro MX and it was Kevin Wuest cashing in at the expense of Brandon MacCombie. Both drivers dialed in at 6-flat, but Kevin grabbed a fistful of reaction time advantage with a .013 to .103 lead. At the top end both drivers dipped under their 6.00 dials, but Kevin's 5.975 to Brandon's 5.884 was the least and it was enough to score the win light. Ron Dean always seems to be around the late rounds when there's big points or money on the line and today was no different. Ron squared off against Kevin in the semis and that's where his day ended, while Brandon drew the solo run into the finals.


Street Money

With 2 months remaining in the 2022 schedule, reigning class champion and current points leader Rick Vose is really putting the clamps on any challenger's notions of knocking the King off the hill as he put win number 4 into the log books. A.J. Meier was ready for the challenge, but his -.006 foul start ended any chance for the knockout. Rick isn't backing into these wins either as he nailed his 7.13 dial-in with a 7.130 at 95.12 mph for the win. A.J. ran a -.007-under 7.053 at 95.24 mph in his runner-up effort.

In the semis, Rick squared off against Steve English, with Rick getting the nod, while A.J. had the free run into the finals.



It was a battle between numbers 1 & 2 in the Modified division point chase and it was Brian Mahler scoring the win over Mike Halsey to pad his lead to 2 points in a tight race for the title. Brian held a decisive .015 to .125 reaction time advantage and provided enough room at the finish to click off a winning 8.755 at 146.16 mph pass on his 8.68 dial-in. Mike dialed his '77 Nova in at 11.86 and drove to a too-quick, 11.837 at 112.58 mph pass for the runner-up finish.

Brian dodged a bullet in his semifinal match against Dave Miller, when Dave held a .006 to .025 reaction time lead, but he held the throttle down too long and lost a double breakout run, sending Brian to the final against Mike, who head the bye-run in the semis.


Street Trophy

Tracy Stanley scored his second Street Trophy win of the season when he stopped Scott Broomfield in the finals with a .013-over, 14.413 at 86.43 mph winning pass on his 14.40 dial. Tracy held a comfortable .047 to .090 reaction time lead which enabled him to hold off Scott's 12.616 on his 12.58 dial-in and score the win light. In the semis, Tracy's .015 to .108 reaction time lead over David Gwin helped score a double-breakout win to advance to the finals, while Scott had the solo run.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Josh Costa scored an early season win, but hasn't competed for the majority of the season, but he didn't miss a beat and scored win number 2 over Joel Rivera in the Bike/Sled final. Joel dialed in at a 9.34 and grabbed an early .076 to .090 lead, but took too much finish line and broke out with a 9.332 at 147.83 mph and settled for the runner-up finish. Josh dialed in at an 8.61 and ran a solid .011-over, 8.621 at 145.90 mpg to seal the win.

In semifinal action, Josh ended Dennis Boston's run, while Joel stopped Darrel Aubin in their semifinal match.


Junior Dragster

Bailee Halsey posted an awesome .001 reaction time over Carter Koskowski in their Jr. Dragster final and scored her 2nd win of the season. Carter ran closer to his 9.14 dial with a 9.265 at 68.11 mph, but Bailee's .122 reaction time lead bought her enough at the top end to score the win with a 9.793 at 63.41 mph on her 9.61 dial-in. The air got really heavy between their first round wins and the final, so both drivers fell a bit off. Brody Halsey fell to Carter in their round one match.