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2022 Race Results

• Race Results  October 23, 2022


Super Pro

Perennial Top 10 Super racer Iggy Falcone was forced to sit out five weeks of racing while his potent Poncho powerplant underwent some needed freshening and it took only 4 races back before notching the season-ending Super Pro win over Nick Beasaw. In his first Super Pro entry of the season, Nick got the starting line jump over Iggy .031 to .063, but just dipped under his 7.26 dial-in trying to hold off Iggy's charge with a 7.2563 at 93.24 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Iggy dialed up a 6.39 and stopped the finishline timers at 6.401 at 107.98 mph to snag the win.

In the semifinals, Nick posted a stout .015 package to stop Chuck White while Iggy drew the bye into the finals.



Don Austin scored his second Pro win of the season when A.J. Meier fouled out with a -.014 red, which pushed Don into sole second place finish in the season points chase.  A.J. dialed in his '76 Chevelle SS in at a 6.99 and drove to a .027-under, 6.963 at 96.37 mph pass for the runner-up honors. Don dialed his '93 Chevy S-10 in at a 6.35 and drove to a .159-initiated, 6.327 at 107.75 mph to score the win and to wrap up the 2nd place finish in season points.

In semifinal action, Mike LaRose missed his opportunity to post a fifth Pro win of the season he he bulbed with a heart-breaking -.004 reaction against A.J., while Don had the solo pass into the finals.


Pro MX

There's a reason Kevin Wuest is an 18-time track champion and he put it on display again in the final race of the season when he knocked out Robert Williams in the Pro MX final. Kevin spotted Rob a .011 head start and it ended at the line as Robert went -.018 red and handed to win to Kevin. Kevin would have been difficult to beat regardless as he posted a .024 reaction and nailed his 5.94 dial-in with a .001-over, 5.941 at 113.90 mph for his 6th Pro MX win of the season. Robert dialed his Kawasaki in at a 6.05 and ran it out to a 6.042 at 126.66 mph for his runner-up effort.

In the semis, Rob was the beneficiary of a John Blume red light to set up the final showdown with Kevin who drew the bye run solo pass.


Street Money

Zach Beasaw capped off a busy weekend of drag racing with a Street Money final round win over Todd Minerd who was looking for win number 3. Zach dialed his '75 Monte Carlo in at a 9.43 and cut a decent .026 reaction, but Todd was a bit quicker with a solid .010 light, so the win was to be decided at the finishline. Zach scored the win light running a 9.451 at 72.04 mph compared to Todd's 8.118 at 81.48 mph on his 8.06 dial, for a tight, .021 margin of victory.

In the semis, Zach's reaction time advantage over Bill Coon pushed Bill into a breakout pass, while Todd's .003 to .061 holeshot victory over Tim Kirley set up their final round duel.



Christianna Hubbard's Modified win over Mike Halsey kept the Modified Eliminator trophy in the Hubbard household for the third straight event as hubby D.J. scored the previous 2 wins.

In the final, Mike dialed his '77 Nova in at a 7.40 and pushed the tree as tad too hard fouling out with a -.014 red light start. Had his tree went green it may have been a different result as he drove a -.004 under, 7.396 at 92.14 mph. Christianna dialed her '87 Mustang in at 7.11 and cut a solid .022 light and drove to the win with a 7.160 at 96.06 mph to end the season on a high note.

In the semis, Mike won both ends of the track over Steve Marshall, while Christianna drew the solo pass into the finals.


Street Trophy

Carter Helch won his class leading 5th win of the season over is Pop, Jim Helch with a holeshot win. Carter's .045 to .100 reaction time lead was enough to catch Jim's '68 Camaro at the finish with .030 seconds to spare. Jim dialed in at 10.08 and ran a .042-over, 10.122 at 70.89 mph, but it wasn't enough to hold off Carter's .067-over, 7.637 at 91.14 mph run on his 7.57 dial. Had Carter attended just 2 more races in 2022, he'd be the Street Trophy champion, but instead Pat Minogue's consistent late runs earned him a well-deserved 1 point advantage for the season championship.

In the semis, Tracy Stanley fell to Carter with a red light start and Jim drew the bye into the finals. Tracy finished a successful season in third place with 2 wins on the season.


Bike/Sled Trophy

When you're lined up next to an 18-time track champion, you tend to push extra hard and that's what happened to Michael Bamford when he went -.014 red against Kevin Wuest in the Bike/Sled final. Mike dialed his 2000 Kawasaki ZX in at a 6.33, and cruised to a 6.482 at 106.76 mph in his runner-up effort. Kevin dialed his 2018 Polaris XCR in at 5.96 and got his run started with a .057 light and ran it out to a 5.957 at 114.027 mph for the win.

In the semis, Kevin trailered Joel Rivera, while Michael had the solo pass into the finals. Kevin's win, his first in trophy, put him into a tie with John Kuhfta with 34 points. As John had left the track already, a run-off to determine the class championship wasn't to be, so Kevin's co-championship makes it 19 track championships!