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Race Results Archives for 2024 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2024 Race Results

• Race Results  June 2, 2024

Super Pro
Super Pro Winner Scott Forbes

Super Pro

Scott Forbes is starting 2024 out like in 2023 with a Super Pro win over Mike Thomas. If Mike was .004 slower on the tree, he would have scored the win light by a slim .001 margin, but it wasn't to be as his -.004 foul start negated a .011-over, 6.361 at 106.87 mph and Scott came home with the win light and white timeslip. Dialing in at a 6.61, Scott drilled the tree with a near-perfect .001 reaction, and drove to a .012-over, 6.622 at 101.92 mph to secure the win.

In the semis, it was Mike nailing the tree with a .001 reaction to stop Steve Doss, while Scott held off Camie Manner's .009 holeshot advantage to advance to the Super Pro final showdown with Mike.

Pro Winner Chuck White


Chuck White held a .029 reaction time advantage over Jake Lipke, .027 to .056, and that pushed Jake into a breakout pass of a -.007-under, 5.803 at 118.03 mph handing the 6 round Pro win to Chuck. Chuck dialed his '83 Malibu Wagon in at a 6.45 and posted a 6.457 at 104.23 mph pass to score the win by a comfortable .150 M.O.V.

In the semifinals, Jake scored the double breakout win over Eric "Iceman" Sadowski to advance to finals with Chuckie who drew the semifinal bye run.

Pro MX
Pro MX Winner Ryan Orizino

Pro MX

Ryan Orizino scored the Pro MX win over Brandon MacCombie when Brandon cut a heart-breaking, -.002 red light start, handing the win over to Ryan. Ryan was on his game at the start launching his '01 Arctic Cat with a stellar .007 reaction and ran to a -.011-under, 5.729 at 119.00 mph pass on his 5.74 dial to bag the win. Brandon stayed on the green side of his 5.85 dial-in with a 5.873 at 121.31 mph, but it was for naught and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In semifinal action, Brandon came out on top over Kevin Sutliffe with a double breakout win to advance to the final with Ryan who had the solo run into the finals.

Street Money
Street Money Winner A.J. Meier

Street Money

A.J. Meier dipped under his 7.40 dial-in with a .009-under, 7.391 at 91.19 mph run, but it was Rick Vose's -.017 red light start that sealed the win for A.J. Rick dialed his championship winning '75 Duster in at a 7.38 and ran a solid 7.390 at 91.93 mph, but it was over at the line and he had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In the lone, side-by-side semifinal race, Rick overcame Grant Johnson's .038 to .067 reaction time lead and caught Grant at top end for win. A.J. drew the bye run into the finals.

Modified Winner Dave Miller


Dave Miller gave a slight .006 reaction lead to D. Hanley at the start of the Modified final, but drove to a tight, 6.358 at 107.97 mph on his 6.35 dial-in to score the win. D.H. dialed in at a 7.17 and posted a .033-over, 7.203 at 93.91 mph for the runner-up effort.

In the semis, D.H. scored the win over Scott Smith when Scott ran .005 too-quick in their semi showdown, while Dave trailered Brian Mahler with a holeshot win.

Street Trophy
Street Trophy Winner Kim Rossiter

Street Trophy

Kim Rossiter had a solo run for the Street Trophy final. Kim dialed her '69 Chevelle in at a 9.84 and drove to a 9.956 at 75.06 mph for the win.

Bike/Sled Winner Kevin Sutliffe

Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Sutliffe got the Bike/Sled Trophy win over Kevin Wuest when Kevin took too much finish line and dipped under his 6.12 dial with a 6.092 at 108.34 mph pass. K.W. held a slight, .038 to .045 reaction time advantage over K-Sut who sped to a 5.696 at 125.57 mph run on his 5.67 dial to secure the win light.

In the semis, K-Sut scored the red light win over Mike Bamford, while Mr. Wuest had the solo run into the finals.

Jr. Dragster Winner Austin Abel


Austin Abel returned with his Joker's Wild Jr. dragster to the track on Sunday and got the Junior win over 6-tear old rookie, Waylon Stanimer. Waylon put himself into position to score the win with a .074 to .179 reaction time advantage over Austin, but went -.016 too quick on the E.T. with a 10.534 at 60.54 mph pass  on his 10.55 dial-in. Austin finished second at the line and had to watch for the scoreboard win light to determine the results. Austin dialed in at a 7.92 and drove to a 7.957 at 81.66 mph for the win.

In the semis, Waylon scored his first-ever round win over Sammi Burkart who posted an outstanding 7.901 on her 7.90 dial, but gave Waylon too much advantage on the line,.120 to .070. Austin had the solo run into the finals.

Jr. Dragster

American Muscle Stick Series

Mike LaRose scored a .021 M.O.V. win over Tim LaRose and his potent '68 Nova in the All Car Care of Cicero, American Muscle Stick Series event.

Mike dialed in at a 6.50 and drove to a .010-initiated, 6.533 at 107.23 mph to secure the win light. Tim was only .009 behind Mike at the line, but his 5.845 at 117.93 mph on his 5.80 dial wasn't enough to catch Mike at the stripe.

Tim trailered Ron LaRose in the semis when both drivers went red, but Ron's -.056 was worse than Tim's -.013 and Tim advanced to the finals. In Mike's solo run, he cut a .006 reaction and drove a 6.508 on his 6.50 dial for a solid .014 package.

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