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Race Results Archives for 2024 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2024 Race Results

• Race Results  June 16, 2024

Super Pro
Super Pro Winner

Super Pro

Jack Vault Jr. scored the Super Pro win in his turbo-charged '91 Mustang over Tim Roberts when Tim's tree glowed red with a -.017 foul start. Jack drilled the tree with a .005 reaction and drove to a 4.823 at 143.75 mph on his 4.78 dial-in to lock in the win. Tim dialed his dragster in at a 4.85 and drove to a 4.831 at 142.21 mph in his runner-up effort.

In the semifinals, Tim won a close battle over Dave Miller and his S-10 Pickup with a slim .008 margin of victory. Tim held a slight .006 to .008 reaction time lead and drove to a .002-over, 4.852, while Dave slipped under his 6.32 dial with a 6.319 breakout pass. Jack had the solo pass into the finals.

Pro Winner


Rick Vose scored his first of two wins on the day when he stopped Chris Corlyon in their Pro final showdown. Rick got the head start with his 7.35 dial-in and jumped out to a .056 to .084 reaction time lead and held that lead for a .014-over, 7.364 at 91.05 mph pass to score the win light. Chris dialed his '65 Malibu in at a 6.17 and drove to a 6.243 at 110.55 mph and settled for the runner-up finish.

In the semis, Chris trailered Pro MX regular Tim Diglio who was piloting his '81 Chevy and Rick drew the bye-run into the finals.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Ryan Orizino scored his second-straight Pro MX win by topping Kevin Wuest when Kevin slipped under his 6.03 dial-in with a 6.017 at 108.23 mph breakout run. Ryan dialed his potent Arctic Cat in at a 5.78, but gave up a dangerous reaction time lead to Kevin, .133 to .080, but held on for a winning, 5.818 at 110.58 mph pass to secure the win.

In the semis, Ryan survived a double breakout match over Corey Eastman, while Kevin drove by Haley Feher's red-lighting Crossfire to advance to the finals against Ryan. 

Street Money
STreet Money Winner

Street Money

Rick Vose reversed A.J. Meier's fortunes from their June 2nd showdown and scored the Affordable Floors Street Shootout Top prize. Both drivers dialed in at a 7.35, but A.J. was too eager and bulbed out with a -.043 foul start. Rick cut a .051 reaction and drove his championship winning '75 Duster to a -.001-under, 7.349 at 92.58 mph to lock in the win. A.J. drove his Chevelle SS to a solid, .017-over, 7.367 at 92.01 mph and settled for the runner-up finish.

In the semis it was a battle of the Titans between Rick and perennial finisher Steve English. Rick's healthy .067 to .111 reaction lead pushed Steve into a breakout pass, while A.J. scored a double-breakout win over Bill Coon.

Moddified Winner


Rich Duffer took a few years hiatus from racing and brought his '65 Malibu "The Punisher" back into the ESTA Winner circle with his Modified win over Steve Ellinger. Rich dialed in at a 7.50 and got his pass started with a safe .082 reaction time. After seeing his win light on after Steve's -.017 fouls start, Rich drove it out to a -.04-under, 7.460 at 91.82 mph to lock in the win. Steve dialed up a 6.11 on the boards and drove to a 6.170 at 111.80 mph for his runner-up[ effort.

In semifinal action, Steve got the breakout win over Dave Miller, while Rich scored a close win over Scott Smith to set up his final showdown against Steve.

Street Trophy
Street Trophy Winner

Street Trophy

Pat Minogue caught A. Schiano's 2008 Ford early and cruise to the Street Trophy win by a comfortable .321 m.o.v. The Schiano Ford dialed in at a 10.24, but was only able to muster a 10.632 at 68.27 mph, allowing Pat to catch him early and lift to a 9.233 at 72.18 mph on his 9.14 dial-in. Pat held a .087 to .109 reaction time cushion for his first 2024 win of the season.

Bike/Sled Trophy Winner

Bike/Sled Trophy

The Eastman Racing patriarch, Sudsy Eastman opened the barn door to Vern Schmidt on the line giving up a .141 to .063 reaction lead to Vern's Radian, but Sudsy closed the gap quickly and drove to a 6.529 at 95.05 mph on his 6.52 dial-in to seal the victory. Vern dialed his 600cc Yamaha Radian in at a 8.75, but fell off to an 8.941 at 77.29 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In semifinal action, Sudsy won both ends of the track in his win over Haley Feher, and Vern scored the win over Kevin Wuest when Kevin pushed too hard on the line with a -.014 foul start.



Brody "B-Money" Halsey got the Junior Dragster win at the line when Vincenzo Musolino squeezed the tree too hard and fouled with a -.069 red light start. Brody gave up an over 4 second head start to Vincenzo and had time to see the red light in the other lane. So he eased off the line with a .282 R.T. and drove it out to a .105-under, 10.995 at 59.34 mph on his 11.10 dial to take the win light. Vinny dialed in at a 15.55 and blasted that prediction with a 14.636 at 44.52 mph pass.

Waylon Stanimer fell to Brody in the semifinals.

Jr. Dragster

American Muscle Stick Series

Jake Ciciarelli had an easy time in his win over A. Matthews in the American Muscle Stick Series final when Mr. Matthews gave up a .217 to .095 reaction time advantage to Jake. Jake backed his '65 Dodge Coronet off his 6.93 dial-in to a 7.078 at 85.66 mph and won with a .288 m.o.v. cushion. "A." (no name available) dialed in at a 6.98, but fell of to a 7.294 at 94.84 mph.

Walt Warzecha and Dave Tingley both drove semifinal finishes on the day.


Small Tire Outlaws

Dave Kelly had Dave Crossman covered at both ends of the track and scored the first of 2, Small Tire Outlaw races of the season. Heads-up start saw Mr. Kelly grab a massive .168 to .409 reaction time lead and disappear into the distance with a 5.369 at 137.20 mph pass to lock in the win.

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