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• Race Results October 4, 2020

Super Pro

We had some very light sprinkles at mid track causing the Super Pro final between Jeremy Popple and Brandon Iamcle to be nullified and we split the money between them. 

Natalie Musolino made quite the impression in her first week of Super Pro racing losing a close semi-final round race to Brandon Iamcle. Bob Belvick fell to Jeremy in their semifinal race to wrap up his day.

A hat-tip to Jacob Bombard as well driving a few different cars today in three classes and going rounds in all of them.

S/Pro C0-Winners Jeremy Popple & Brandon Iamcle


We were able to get one of our "Pro" class finals before the sprinkles arrived and it was Scott Beasaw (pictured on the left) scoring the win over Mike LaRose Jr. and his Roadster. Mike held a slight .048 to .058 reaction time lead over Scott, but apparently ran into some mechanical gremlins and slowed to a 7.446 on his 5.67 dial-in.

Scott dialed his '74 Camaro in at a 7.62 and got off the throttle after seeing Mike slowing down. We'll have to check the event history for this year, but Scott's win was number 3 or 4 on the season!

Jacob Bombard and Brandon Iamcle each drove to solid semifinal runs.

Pro Winner Scott Beasaw Sr.

Pro MX

In Pro MX action Bob Salerno scored his second Pro MX win of the season knocking out Frank Amalfi with .008-initiated, 5.845 at 106.70 mph pass on his 5.77 dial-in. Frank launched his Yamaha with a decent .067 light, but he gave up too much on the line to Bob and could only muster a 5.850 at 114.25 mph run on his 5.72 dial and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Beau Ivy and Tim DiGlio both advanced to the semifinals before being knocked out of the eliminations.

Pro MX Winner Bob Salerno

Street Money

The Street Money final also fell victim to the late day showers as Clarence Spady and Tim Wright were slated to square off for the Street Money title. Both drivers accepted a split of the final round payout purse. The semifinals saw Clarence and Tim trailer Kurt Hagen and Mason Fix to end the day's elimination rounds.

Clarence Spady & Tim Wright Split Street Money Win and Purse


Steve Searles and Scott Beasaw Sr. had their rain-delayed, October 4th final today and saw it end on the line when Scott jumped the gun with a -.021 foul start handing the win to Steve. Steve drove to a .063-initiated, 10.997 at 121.64 mph pass on his 11.05 dial-in to score the win. Scott dialed in at an 11.57 and drove it out to a 11.558 at 115.41 mph. Jim Pipines was the lone semifinalist.


Street Trophy

Kurt Hagen scored his second-straight Street Trophy class win by stopping Tim Wright in their final round duel. Kurt held a modest .022 to .072 reaction time lead, but nailed his 7.90 dial-in with a 7.902 at 86.40 mph pass to secure the win light.

In his effort to take the finishline, Tim broke out of his 7.94 dial with a too-quick, 7.918 at 87.73 mph run and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Zakk Golley went rounds again today before bowing out in the semis.

Modified Winner Steve Searles

Bike/Sled Trophy

Frank Amalfi scored the rain-delayed, Bike/Sled final over John Kuhfta when John lit the red bulb with a -.064 foul start. Frank dialed his Yamaha in at a 9.05 and posted a 9.178 at 139.41 mph, while John carded a 9.876 at 130.02 mph on his 9.81 dial-in. Beau Ivy was the lone semifinalist from the October 4 event.

Bike/Sled Winner Frank Amalfi

Jr. Dragster

The Junior Dragster final was over on the line when Chance Nash pushed the tree too hard and bulbed with -.051 light, handing the win over to his brother Aiden Nash.

Chance dialed in at an 11.05 and lifted at the top end to a 11.540 after seeing his red light glowing. Aiden was dialed in at a quicker 8.99 and ran it out to a 9.020 at 71.65 mph run to score the win. Davion Short and Jimmy O'Toole both drove to semifinal runs on the day.


5.50 Index

The 5.50 Index final down to two western New York racers with Chris Scarlata of Bergen, NY taking out Frank Crossman of New Woodstock, NY. Chris drove his '94 Pontiac Firebird to the win with a solid .065 to .123 reaction time lead and by running closer to the 5.50 Index with a 5.623 at 107.68 mph pass. Frank was only able to muster a 6.278 at 125.00 mph and settled for second place. Dave Crossman and Ty Ranger each drove semifinal finishes.

5.50 Index Winner Chris Scarlata

6.50 Index

Anthony Zangari scored the 6.50 Index win over Craig Trudell when Craig drove his '84 Ford to a breakout 6.316 at 107.41 mph. Anthony would have tough to beat as he held a substantial .121 to .389 reaction time advantage and drove to a .069-over 6.569 at 102.25 mph winning run. Mike Perry and Gary Rolfe Jr. were the semifinalists.

6.50 Index Winner Anthony Zangari