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2020 Race Results

• Race Results September 6, 2020

Super Pro

In Super Pro the final round came down to two of ESTA’s most seasoned competitors as Iggy Falcone was going for his second straight win in his ’65 GTO, but Gene Stankivitz driving his dragster was able to stop Iggy and claim the “Wally” and the $1,000 winners purse.

In an extremely close final round, Gene held a slight edge at the tree with a .0238 to .0299 advantage and ran a 4.886 at 134.38 on his 4.85 dial to turn back Iggy’s 6.435 at 107.61 mph run on his 6.40 dial. Gene’s winning margin was .0051.

Mike Thomas and Anthony Zegarelli lost in the semi’s.

ESTA Super Pro Winner for September 6, 2020
ESTA Pro Winner for September 6, 2020


Eric Sadowski drove his ’70 Challenger to the Pro class win when he defeated Al Meier in his ’82 Camaro. Eric had a great starting line advantage .062 to .106 and he parlayed that into a winning 11.831 at 110.21 mph winning run on his 11.79 dial-in. Meanwhile Al ran under his 9.84 dial with a 9.835 at 134.30 mph for the runner up spot.

Jake Lipke could not get his car started in his semifinal match up with Al.


Pro MX

Pro MX action saw Ron Dean pick up the win on his ’97 Ski-doo Formula III stopping Nicole Boston on her ’03 Ski-doo. Ron’s winning margin was a slim .008 as he ran a 9.988 at 125.06 mph on his 9.97 dial-in with a .098 reaction time.

Nicole, who hasn’t been on a sled in quite some time, had to settle for the runner up spot with a quicker .077 light, but fell off her dial running a 10.007 at 126.81 mph on her 9.96 prediction.

Ryan Orizino and Josh Costa were the semifinalists.

ESTA Pro MX Winner for September 6, 2020

Street Money

In Street Money action Dwight Johnson driving his ’85 S-10 Blazer let one slip away as he had Steve Seelman Sr. dead-to-rights on the tree with a .021 to .165 reaction time advantage, but he took way too much stripe and he ran under his 12.08 dial with a 12.057 at 106.89 mph allowing Steve to steal the win. Steve, driving his 1990 Corvette got the win light with a 13.569 at 97.78 mph run on his 13.52 dial. Alex Burcham and John Goldman were the semifinalists.

ESTA Street Money Winner for September 6, 2020


Mark Dobie had the misfortune of breaking his ’68 Nova in time trials so he put his 2500 HD Chevy Silverado into action and low and behold, took the win in Modified. Mark was dialed in at 16.70 and ran 16.755 at 82.71 mph with a .086 light to stop Matt Cole in his ’79 Camaro. Matt missed the tree with a .194 light and ran off his dial-in of 10.78 with a 10.884 at 126.45 mph runner up effort. Heidi Cannon was the semifinalist.

ESTA Modified Trophy Winner for September 6, 2020

Street Trophy

Steve Seelman Sr. got another win today as he defeated a red lighting Jim Pipines in the Street Trophy final round. Steve had a nice .040 light and ran a 13.55 at 97.35 mph on his 13.42 dial-in for the win. Jim went -.088 red and drove his ’19 Tesla to an 11.188 at 116.33 mph on his 11.16 dial for the runner-up effort. Zakk Golley and Tom Venettozzi were the semifinalists.

ESTA Street Trophy Winner for September 6, 2020

Bike/Sled Trophy

Josh Costa on his ultra-quick ’09 Suzuki took the Bike/Sled Trophy win stopping Bob Salerno on his ’99 Ski-doo. Bob held the edge at the starting line banking a .013 to .026 advantage, but he ran under his 9.46 dial with a 9.409 at 130.06 mph allowing Josh’s 8.592 at 144.19 mph run on his 8.56 dial score the win. John Kufhta was the lone semifinalist.

ESTA Bike/Sled Trophy Winner for September 6, 2020
ESTA Jr. Dragster Winner for September 6, 2020

Jr. Dragster

A.J. Denmark defeated a red lighting Aiden Nash in the Jr. Dragster final round running 8.004 at 81.68 mph on his 7.96. Aiden went red by a scant -.007 running an 8.927 at 72.90 mph on his 8.90 dial. Kimberlee Snell was the semifinalist.

ESTA Pro Stick Winner for September 6, 2020

All Makes Pro Stick

We also had an all makes Stick class today and it was Jake Ciciarelli in his ’65 Dodge defeating Dan Meile driving Dave Bombard’s ’64 Plymouth wagon. Jake had a great .016 light and nailed his 11.10 dial with an 11.107 at 110.28 mph run to stop Dan who had a.117 light and settled for the runner up spot with a 11.446 at 119.97 mph on his 11.41. Bill Goldsmith was the semifinalist.