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Race Results Archives for 2020 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2020 Race Results

• Race Results August 16, 2020

Super Pro

Vince Musolino bagged Super Pro win number 3 on Sunday when he stopped veteran Gene Stankivitz in the final with an outstanding .003-under, 4.363 at 155.19 mph to score the win. Gene got the headstart dialing in at a 6.52 and cut a decent .012 reaction, but ran .010 off his dial driving to a 6.530 at 104.94 mph and settled for the runner-up finish.

Vince ran right on his dial-in four of the five rounds and had an average r.t. of .010 with his best of .004 and his worst light of .017.

Vince stopped Steve Doss in the semifinals who cut a .0059 r.t. and ran a 4.9611 on his 4.95 dial while Vince was .0109 on the tree and ran a 4.3733 on his 4.37 dial.

Super Pro
Super Pro Winner Vince Musolino
Pro Winner Ryan Koskowski


In the Pro final Matt Consiglio jumped out to the early lead taking a .046 to .078 reaction time lead over Ryan Koskowski, but experienced mechanical issues allowing Ryan to coast to the win light.

Piloting his '95 GMC Sonoma, Ryan was dialed in at a 10.01 and clicked it off early to coast to a 12.735 once he got past Matt's Oldsmobile.

Mike LaRose Jr. drove to the lone semifinal finish.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Kevin Wuest scored his second-straight Pro MX win by knocking out Ron Dean and his '97 Ski-doo Formula III. It was over essentially on the line as Kevin grabbed a healthy .037 to .114 reaction time advantage and sped past Ron racing to a .019-over 9.949 at 118.44 mph and the win. Ron dialed in at 10.01 and drove to a 10.065 at 124.96 mph in his runner-up effort.

Frank Amalfi and John Kuhfta each made it to the semis before bowing out.

The Whitestown Automotive Team would like to dedicate this Pro MX win to Stephen Seelman. The best cousin, friend and team member anyone could ever wish for. Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten!!

God speed Poncho 897!! 1968-2020.

Street Money

Street Money

Todd Minerd made it back to the winner circle when he scored a breakout win over Steve Seelman Jr. in their Street Money final round. Steve got the headstart based on his 15.34 dial-in, but dug an early hole by his .100 to .030 r.t. deficit. In his effort to stay ahead of Todd's charging S-10, Steve dipped under his dial with his too-quick 15.319 at 90.76 mph.

Todd was dialed in at a 13.02 and drove it out to a 13.078 at 89.32 mph to score his first win of the season. Rick Beasock was the lone semifinalist.

Strett Money Winner Todd Minerd


Craig Trudell got things started on the right foot when he drilled the tree with an outstanding .003 r.t. giving him ample time to chase down Giovani Rolfe, and drove to a .026-over 10.226 at 120.30 mph to score the Modified win.

Gio drove a solid race, but it wasn't enough to overcome Craig's starting line advantage. Giovani dialed in at a 12.77 and drove to a .036-initiated 12.817 at 110.01 mph for the runner-up finish.

Rick Vose and Chris Corlyon each drove to semifinal finishes for the day.

Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Zakk Golley has been knocking on victory's door all season, but on Sunday, he kicked the door in when he scored the Street Trophy win over Jim Pipines and his deadly Tesla.

Neither driver nailed the tree, but it was Jim holding a razor-thin .005 advantage, but his .039-over 12.239 wasn't enough to reel in Zakk's Chevy. Zakk drove to a solid .018-over 18.118 at 70.41 mph to score his first-ever ESTA win with a tight, .016 margin of victory at the finishline.

Steve English and Steve Seelman Sr. watched from the fence as each driver bowed out in the semis.

Street Trophy Winner Zakk Golley
Bike/Sled Trophy

Bike/Sled Trophy

Ron Dean of Williamson, NY scored another win in this 2020 season when he knocked out former, class champion Bob Salerno in their final round match.

Ron was dialed in at a 10.06, but gave up the r.t. lead to Bob .070 to .046, but was able to run closer to his dial-in and erase the deficit with a .016-over 10.076 at 124.60 mph for the win.

Bob dialed his potent '99 Ski-doo in at a 9.37, but could only muster a 9.436 at 136.35 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Kevin Wuest and John Kuhfta drove to semifinal runs in the class action.

Bike/Sled Winner Ron Dean
Jr. Dragster Race A
Jr. Dragster "A" Winner Natalie Musolino

Jr. Dragster - Race "A"

Natalie Musolino could easily have been excused for having a bad day at the track as a late night at Empire with dad, Vince could have justified a sleepy performance, but that wasn't the case as Natalie scored BOTH Summit Racing Junior Dragster Challenge wins on Sunday!

In the "A" Final against Daniel Thorpe Jr., Natalie scored a red light win when Daniel's heart-breaking .0001-too quick foul ended any chance of a win light. Both drivers broke out from their dial-ins with Natalie posting a .062-under 7.867 and Daniel a .017-under 7.903.

Jimmy O'Toole was the lone semifinalist.

Jr. Dragster Race B
Jr. Dragster "B" Winner Natalie Musolino

Junior Dragster B

Natalie Musolino's second win came at the expense of Aiden Nash. Natalie held a slim .004 reaction time advantage, but nailed her 7.90 dial with a 7.907 at 79.63 mph to score her second "Wally" on the day.

Aiden was dialed in at a 8.97 and ran a solid 9.001 at 71.35 mph, but it wasn't enough to hold off Natalie's charge and he had to settle for the runner-up finish. Brody Hinrich and Jimmy O'Toole each drove to semifinal finishes in the "B" race.

Syracuse Street Outlaws Winner Dave Kelly

Syracuse Street Outlaws

The Syracuse Street Outlaw final came down to Dave Kelly in his ’79 Camaro up against Mike Gwynn in his ’65 Nova. Dave defeated Mike Gwynn Jr. and Vince Musolino to get to the final while Mike had a bye in the first round and defeated Warren Vandish in the semi’s.

In the final, Dave got a slight reaction time advantage over Mike and at around 200 feet Mike’s Nova started to haze the tires. He did a great job of pedaling to regain traction, while in the left lane Dave started to spin at around 400 feet getting very close to the guardrail, but gathered it up in time to hold on and grab the win. It was a great final round to watch much like NHRA Funny Car pedal-fests!

Syracuse Street Outlaws
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