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Nostalgia Gasser Show on Horizon

We hope that you plan on racing in the NYS Nostalgia Gasser Championships at ESTA on May 29th.

We've never held a gasser race, and if the weather cooperates, we expect it to have a decent spectator turnout. We're looking to put on a show for our fans, with real racing.

Different areas and clubs have their own rules. To keep from excluding too many cars from racing in the event, we're not going to have many rules. Fit the theme, no delay box, no 2 step, no nitrous, no turbo. We don't care what else is under the hood. I'm not going to get my measuring stick out. It's a bracket race for you, and a show for our fans. There's more info on the flyer.

Added to the prizes, Michael Yantch has put up $100 to the team that tows the furthest to attend. Thank you Mike.

If you plan on racing in the event, and would like to get in on the publicity, email a photo and a brief description to: .

More questions? Please feel free to text me at 315-350-9219. Thanks, Hope to see you on the 29th.

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