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2020 Race Results

• Race Results September 27, 2020

Super Pro

In Super Pro it was Gene Stankivitz III in his ’81 Malibu Wagon stopping Joe Rolfe in his Nova. Gene had an .033 light and ran under his 6.48 dial with a 6.473 at 106.11 mph, but it didn’t matter because Joe was just -.007 red and he ran 5.860 at 111.94 mph on his 5.88 dial. Erik Larson and Mike Thomas were the semifinalists.

Gene Stankivitz - Super Pro Winner
Pro Winner Matt Cole


Matt Cole won the Pro class in his ’66 Chevy II defeating Gary Rolfe Sr. who was driving his 84 S-10 Blazer. Matt got the jump at the tree with a .015 to .032 advantage and he ran a 10.897 at 121.02 mph on his 10.83 dial. Gary ran under his 10.39 dial with a 10.383 at 119.15 mph for the runner up spot. Jim Erecitano was the semifinalist.


Pro MX

In Pro MX action Heath Smith on his ’03 Ski-Doo got the win when Tim DiGlio on his ’06 Suzuki lit the red light. Tim ran an 11.61 at 117.48 mph on his 11.55 dial-in, while Heath shut off to a 9.06 at 102.32 mph on his 8.94 dial. Brian Dixon and Rich Underwood were the semifinalists.

Pro MX Winner Heath Smith

Street Money

Street Money action saw Kurt Hagan in his ’11 Camaro defeat John DeBella in his ’11 Mustang in the classic Bowtie vs. Blue Oval battle. In a very close final round Kurt had a .062 light and ran right on his 12.48 dial with a 12.488 at 105.09 mph, while John was right there with a .075 initiated 11.962 at 114.25 mph on his 11.96 dial. Clarence Spady was the lone semifinalist.

Street Money Winner Kurt Hagen


Howard Roberts won the Modified class in his ’80 Camaro when he defeated Bill Bedell in his ’85 Regal. Howard had an .050 to .094 reaction time advantage and won it with a 10.266 at 127.18 mph run on his 10.24 dial. Bill ran under his 9.89 dial with a 9.882 at 133.87 mph for the runner up effort. Rich Freitag was the semifinalist.

Modified Winner Howard Roberts

Street Trophy

Kurt Hagen scored his second win of the day by winning the Street Trophy class stopping Bill Coon in his ’84 Camaro. Bill had a .039 to .133 reaction time advantage, but he ran off his 14.93 dial with a 15.129 at 90.37 mph while Kurt ran a 12.514 at 106.63 mph on his 12.48 dial in. Justin Webster and Steve English were the semifinalists.

Street Trophy Winner Kurt Hagen
Bike/Sled Trophy Winner Kevin Wuest

Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Wuest won the Bike/Sled Trophy class defeating Ron Underwood who broke on his 2008 Suzuki GSXR. Kevin ran a 9.85 at 110.63 mph on his 9.72 for the easy win. Brian Dixon was the semifinalist.


Jr. Dragster

Jimmy O’Toole and Daniel Thorpe were the only two Jr. Dragster competitors on the property today so they did a best 2 out of 3 and it was Daniel Thorpe getting the scoring the overall win.

Jr. Dragster Daniel Thorpe
2020 ESTA/NHRA King of the Track Steve Seelman Jr.

NHRA King of the Track

In our annual NHRA King of The Track event the participants were: Vince Musolino, (S/P) AJ Meier, (Pro) Kevin Wuest, (Pro MX & B/ST) Steve Seelman Jr. (Street Money) Steve Searles (Mod) and Kurt Hagen (Street Trophy). In the first round Steve Seelman in his Camaro earned the bye run, Vince stopped Kevin Wuest, Steve Searles stopped AJ Meier and Kurt Hagen defeated Kevin Wuest who had two entries because he was in first place in both Pro MX and Bike/Sled Trophy. In the semi’s it was Steve Seelman Jr. stopping Kurt Hagen and in the other semi Steve Searles was able to hold off Vince. In the final round Steve Searles held a slight starting line advantage .079 to .085, but he ran under his 7.08 dial with a 7.046 at 95.31 mph while Seelman Jr. won it with an 8.370 at 81.82 mph run on his 8.36 prediction to take the coveted win.

Small Tire Outlaw

ESTA vs The World

This year’s version of the No Time event was arguably the best on yet as there were 17 cars on the property and they put on one hell of a race.

!While we could not announce or publish any of the times we had some of the cars dipping well into the 4 second zone at speeds over 170 mph in the 1/8 mile. The race was billed as ESTA vs. The World and while the ESTA gang ran very well they still have a bit of catching up to do in order to stop the racers that came in from out of town. By the time the semi’s rolled around there was Tyler Bedell in John Bova’s Camaro as the lone ESTA representative, then it was Rachael Jewell in her Chevelle, Josh Mills in his Mustang and Moe AlFaqih in his Mustang. The results of the semi’s were Josh Mills stopped Rachael and Moe took care of Tyler who spun the tires at the hit. In the final round Josh drilled the tree with a fantastic .018 compared to Moe’s .154, but it was it was not enough to hold back the “Copper Camel” as Moe drove around Josh for the well deserved win.

A special thanks to Vince Musolino for rounding up this group of racers to compete as well as the racers themselves. As always Gary, Zakk and Jace had the track prepared flawlessly and kept it that way all day long. Thanks to David Hilner for taking some great shots and giving us some exposure on the E3xtreme website. (e3xtreme.net) Hopefully by next year we will have most of this Covid stuff behind us and we can let in everyone to come out and watch the event.

Outlaw Winner Moe Alfaqih