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2021 Race Results

• Race Results September 19, 2021

Super Pro

Matt Himes won an exciting Super Pro duel over Mike Thomas on Sunday when both drivers posted identical .019 reaction times, but Matt drilled his 6.44 dial-in with a .009-over, 6.449 at 104.24 mph pass to score the win lightin his "Deja-Vu-Bu" Malibu wagon.

Mike dialed his '67 Camaro in at a quicker 6.27, but could not reel Matt in and ran a solid, but losing 6.293 at 106.19 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Mike and Tom Doig had a "battle royale" in the semis when Tom "dead-on'd"his 5.48 dial-in, but Mike's .002 light was enough to hold off Tom's charge.  Matt drew the bye-run into the finals.

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Mike LaRose scored his 3rd Pro Division win of the season to pad his points lead when he held off A.J. Meier in their final round clash. Mike's .016 to .064 reaction time advantage was enough to carry him to a .041 margin of victory as A.J. was .007 closer to his dial than Mike. Nearly a heads-up start, Mike dialed his Dart in at a 6.35 and drove to a 6.375 at 105.34 mph for the win. A.J. made a great effort to catch Mike, but his .018-over, 6.358 at 105.90 mph pass on his 6.34 dial just wasn't enough to score his second Pro win of the season.

In semifinal action, Bill Perrigo fell to A.J. after a red light foul, and Ryan Koskowski bowed out to Mike in a very close race.

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Pro MX

Ryan Orizino scored his second Pro MX win of the season when Ron Underwood fouled at the start ending his bid for a second class win. Ryan dialed his Arctic Cat in at a 10.37 and got his run started with a .060 light. Seeing the win light light up in his lane, Ryan legged it out to a .005-under, 10.365 at 124.69 mph pass to celebrate his win. Ron dialed his Suzuke in at a 9.05, but got out of the throttle and cruised to a 9.297 at 134.55 mph for his runner-up effort.

In semifinal action, Ryan pushed Kevin Wuest into a breakout run after winning the starting line battle. Ron drew the bye-run into the finals.

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Street Money

Anthony Rotolo stared down the Elon Musk juggernaut of Jim Pipines in the Street Money final and was up to the task and won both ends of the track in his '72 Nova. On the line Anthony held a comfortable .062 to .109 reaction time cushion and drove to a .043-over, 12.033 at 103.38 mph on his 11.99 dial to score the win. Mr. "P" dialed his DC-powered rocket in at 11.19, but could only muster an 11.257 at 116.93 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Anthony parked Todd Minerd in the semis when his .020 to .094 r.t. lead pushed Todd into a breakout pass, while Jim drew the bye into the finals.

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A week late, but here are the numbers for the Modified final between Steve Searles and Joey Rolfe. Steve dialed his "Mr. Kitty" '72 Camaro in at a 9.61 then held a decisive .030 to .109 reaction time lead and slammed the door on Joey running a .001-over, 9.611 at 138.24 mph for the win.

Joey dialed in at a 8.93 and was only able to muster a 8.969 at 146.05 mph pass and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Craig Trudell was the lone semifinalist in his '84 Ford.

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Street Trophy

Steve English scored his third Street Trophy eliminator title this season when he knocked out Steve Seelman Sr. and his '90 Corvette.

Steve got the party started with a .057 light, but Mr. E was up to the task and drilled the tree with a .009 reaction which bought him enough real estate at the top end for .010 margin of victory with a 13.081 at 91.33 mph on his 12.85 dial-in.

Mr. S dialed his 'Vette in at a 13.52 and could only post a 13.713 at 97.63 mph for the runner-up finish.

In the semis, Pat Minogue fell to Steve E., while Charles Donohoe bowed out to Mr. Seelman. 

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Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Wuest held a 1 point lead over Josh Costa heading into this Sunday's event, but Josh's 4th class win should "unofficially" push him into the lead as he defeated Michael Bamford in Sunday's Bike/Sled final. Josh held a solid, .030 to .186 reaction time cushion at the start and powered to a 8.745 at 131.61 mph run on his 8.58 dial to take the win. Michael dialed his 2000 Kawasaki in at 10.02, but could only post a 10.233 at 135.24 mph for the runner-up finish.

Ed Wilson fell to Josh in the semis, while Mike drew the bye-run.

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Jr. Dragster

Sunday was the annual Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League Challenge and with the generous support from Mike Halsey of Affordable Floors & Blinds, Vern Schmidt, Mike Thomas, Lance Duell, Joey Rolfe, and Bumper to Bumper Collision, Body & Mechanical Service Center we were able to post a $700 purse for our junior racers to pursue. In our regular Jr. Dragster class, double points were also up for grabs and it was Jimmy O'Toole taking advantage by scoring the win over Davion Short. Both racers dialed in at a 7.90, but Davion lit the red eye handing the win over to Jimmy. Jim posted a stout, .006-over 7.906 at 82.94 mph pass in his winning effort.

In the semis, Brody Halsey fell to Jimmy, while Chance Nash bowed out to Davion in their match.

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Jr. Dragster

With the infusion of the additional payout funds, Davion Short was able to redeem the day with a win over Kimberlee Snell in the second Jr. Dragster "Fun Race." Kimberlee got the jump on Davion at the line, .082 to .128, but Davion was able to track Kimberlee down and posted a 7.915 at 83.83 mph on his 7.90 dial to score a tight, .007 m.o.v. win. Kimberlee dialed in at a 7.98, but was only able to post an 8.048 at 78.28 mph pass.

Bailee Halsey fell to Kimberlee in their semifinal match, while Brody Halsey dropped his race to Davion to end his day.

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