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Race Results Archives for 2020 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2020 Race Results

• Race Results September 12-13, 2020

Saturday 10K-to-Win Bash

In Saturday's Dash for Cash it was Jack Ostrowski of Dwyer, PA in his dragster spotting the head start to Tyler Halleen driving his Maverick. Tyler launched with a solid .023 light, but Jack was a bit quicker on the trigger with a .011 light and chased Tyler down to score the win light and the 10K first place check.

In his effort to take the line, Tyler was .001 too quick running 5.879 at 114.76 mph on his 5.88 dial and had to settle for the runner-up payout.

Jack dialed in at a 4.37 and drove to a .012-over 4.382 at 155.70 mph making this ultra-tight photo-finish a razor-thin .0010 margin of victory!

Grant Nichols and Sam DeMareo each went rounds and finished up with semifinal departures.

Saturday 10K Bash
Jack Ostrowski - Saturday 10K Winner
Sept 12 No-Box
Sam DeMareo - Saturday No-Box Winner

Saturday No-Box

Sam DeMareo held a slim .003 reaction time advantage over Reid Rickleston on the line and drove to the win when Reid dipped under his 7.04 dial with a too-quick 7.035 at 94.91 mph pass and handed the win over to Sam who drove his Firebird to a 6.823 at 100.89 mph on his 6.81 dial pass. The 10K runner-up Tyler Halleen drove to the lone semifinal finish.

Sunday 10K Bash

Sunday 10K-to-Win Bash

Mike Barber got the head start in his Mustang over Shawn Fournier in his dragster and bought himself an extra .013 of real estate at the finish, .004 to .017, and dispatched Shawn to score the second 10K check offered on the weekend.

Mike dialed his Mustang in at a 6.10 and stopped the clocks with a .013-over 6.113 at 111.69 mph, while Shawn dipped .005-under his 4.74 dial-in in effort to close Mike's r.t. advantage and had to settle for the runner-up cash.


Mark Earnest drove to a solid semifinal run to cap off his weekend.

Sunday 10K Winner Mike Barber
Sept 13 No-Box

Sunday No-Box

Steve Doss bought a healthy .023 reaction time cushion over Shawn Nichols in the Sunday No-Box final and parlayed that into the win. The ESTA regular heavy hitter launched his Firebird to a solid .009 r.t. and drove to 6.472 at 105.12 mph on his 6.45 dial to score a slim .088 m.o.v. win.

Shawn nearly dead-on'd his 6.34 dial by posting a 6.347 at 101.61 mph pass, but his .032 light was too much ground to make up and he had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Another ESTA regular, Justin Hardman was the lone semifinalist.

Sunday N-Box Winner Steve Doss
Jr. Dragster

Jr. Dragster

Chris Khoury made the long trek from Derry, NH worthwhile when he won both ends of the track in his final round match against Chance Nash and scored the $200 first place prize money.

Chance dialed in at an 11.11 and drove a .071-initiated, 11.135 at 58.07 mph, but his .071 to .028 reaction time deficit wasn't enough to hold off Chris' charge.

Chris was able to reel Chance in with enough room to lift and cruised to a winning 8.416 at 74.90 on his 8.37 dial-in for a cushy .022 m.o.v.

Jimmy O'Toole was the lone semifinalist.

Jr. Dragster Winner Chris Khoury
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