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2020 Race Results

• Race Results October 18, 2020

Super Pro

Charles White was .010 away from a perfect run as he launched his '83 Malibu wagon to a .0009 reaction time in his final round match against Jeremy Popple. Charles stopped the clocks with a 6.460 at 104.88 mph on his 6.45 dial-in to score his second win on the season. Jeremy wasn't going to give it away to Charles as he drilled the tree with a .006, but his 4.871 pass on his 4.85 dial-in wasn't enough to take the stripe and fell .017-seconds away from scoring the win light.

Reaction times were deadly today as Bob Belvick went -.0001 red against Chuck in the semifinals!



Continuing the day's finals reaction time trend, Jake Lipke slammed a .001 light on Howard Roberts in their Pro final round which forced Howard into a breakout situation to secure the Pro win. Jake dialed in at a 7.07 and drove to a 7.082 at 95.93 mph to secure the white, winner's timeslip. Howard dialed his Camaro in at a quicker 6.53 and cut a decent .033 reaction, but was too quick in his effort to take the line and posted a 6.519 at 104.15 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish. The day wasn't for naught as Howard's round run enabled him to secure the Pro class season championship title. Steve Seelman Jr. continued his late round runs and finished the final points day with a semifinal finish.


Pro MX

In their second final round meet up of the day, Peter Edwards turned the table on Kevin Wuest in their Pro MX duel and scored a .074-mov win when he piloted his '11 Hyabusa to a .034-over, 5.544 at 123.62 mph. Kevin's chances for a double win day ended when he went -.027 red and threw away a 6.023 pass on his 6.01 dial-in. Kevin Sutliffe was the lone semifinalist.


Street Money

Clarence Spady again proved that on-track success does not require a purpose-built racer to score wins as he drove his '99 Toyota daily-driver to another 2020 win. Clarence stopped Jace Hubbard with a .053-initiated, 11.342 at 62.49 mph pass on his 11.32 dial-in for a tight .015-second mov win.

Jace was making his first-ever final round appearence and took a .034 to .053 reaction time advantage, but fell off his 7.97 dial with a 8.026 at 83.66 mph and couldn't overtake Clarence at the big end. Giovanni Rolfe drove the a semifinal run to close off the day.



It was a nail-biter on the line in the Modified final as Paul Northrup drilled the tree with a .009 reaction time and Mark Savory had a heart-breaking -.002 red light start as both drivers had only .013 seconds between dial-in starts. Seeing Mark's foul start, Paul got out of the throttle and coasted to the win, while Mark drove his Plymouth out to a 6.404 on his 6.37 dial-in. Billy Perrigo was the lone semifinalist.


Street Trophy

While the reaction times were less than stellar in the Street Trophy final, it still shaped up to a tight .019 margin of victory win for Andy DeCarolis over Jim Pipines and his mighty Tesla! Andy dialed his '83 Ford in at a 8.00 flat and drove to a solid 8.021 at 87.39 mph to score the win light. Jim has the Tesla flying and dialed in at a 7.07, but broke out trying to make up Andy's .027 r.t. advantage driving to a too-quick 7.045 at 97.40 mph. Zakk Golley made it to the semis before bowing out of the elimination rounds.


Bike/Sled Trophy

In what was probably the closest final of the day, Kevin Wuest and Peter Edwards put on a great show for anyone at the finish line and saw Kevin score a .007 m.o.v. win. Kevin dialed his '18 Polaris in at a 6.02 and held a slim .034 to .037 reaction time advantage, and nailed his dial-in with a 6.020 at 111.95 mph winning pass. Peter dialed his land rocket in at a 5.53 and drove to a 5.534 at 124.33 mph for a spectacular .0043 package, but it wasn't enough to take the line. (He got payback in the Pro MX final ^^see above) John Kuhfta was the lone semifinalist.


Jr. Dragster

The Nash brothers Aiden and Chance slugged it out in the Jr. Dragster final today, but the fight ended at the starting line when Chance was too quick on the tree and -.014 red handing the win to Aiden. With the outcome determined on the line, both drivers eased off the throttle with Aiden posting a 9.785 on his 9.35 dial and Chance logging a 11.234 on his 10.92 dial-in. Daniel Thorpe and Jimmy O'Toole each drove to semifinal finishes.