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• Race Results October 10, 2021

Super Pro

What a super, Super Pro final we saw on Sunday! Steve Doss and John Cooper lined their dragsters up on the line separated by only .07 on their dial-ins and it was a photo-finish, .004 MOV win for Steve! Steve launched with a near-perfect .003 reaction and drove to a .015-over, 4.845 at 137.83 mph pass on his 4.83 dial-in to secure the win. John, who was looking for his 2nd Super win of the season, was only .007 off his 4.76 dial-in, but his .015 light left too much gap to overcome and he had to settle for the runner-up finish running a 4.767 at 144.16 mph.

In semifinal action, Jake Lipke has been on a hot-streak lately and foot-braked his way into the Super Pro semifinals against Steve. This was a great race as Steve held a slight, .006 to .012 reaction time lead and ran a 4.829 on his 4.82 dial, while was right there with a 6.778 on his 6.76 dial. John drew the bye-run into the final.

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Ryan Koskowski was gunning for his second-straight Pro win, but Jake Lipke was the speed bump in the way of his plan. Jake has been "in the zone" lately and won the starting line battle with a .011 to .033 reaction time lead, and parlayed that into a tight .007-over, 6.777 at 97.64 mph run on his 6.77 dial to score the win light. Ryan trailered Mike LaRose in their semifinal match with a dead-on 6.290, but wasn't able to match that performance and was only able to muster a 6.301 at 108.87 mph pass on his 6.28 dial-in in his runner-up effort.

In the semis, Mike held a .003 to .034 r.t. advantage over Ryan, but his otherwise winning, .007-over, 6.357 wasn't enough to hold off Ryan's 6.29/6.290 run.

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Pro MX

Josh Costa is another racer on a hot-streak lately and made it to yet another Winner Circle photo-op when he punched Jim Collins' ticket in the Pro MX final with a tight, .016 M.O.V. win. With nearly identical dial-ins, Josh launched first with an outstanding .017 light and streaked to a winning 8.665 at 140.00 mph pass on his 8.59 dial-in. Jim's .006-over 8.536 at 150.29 mph was a winning run, but missed the mark on the tree cutting a .102 reaction and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In semifinal action, Kevin Wuest fell to Josh when he lit the red-eye, and Jim won a double-breakout battle over Lynn Major.

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Street Money

Rick Vose almost certainly recaptured the Street Money points lead when he scored the Street Money win over Pat Minogue in a double-breakout duel. Pat has been knocking on the Winner Circle door this year and was on his way after slapping a .008 to .020 reaction time lead on Rick, but he took too much finishline running a 14.207 on his 14.28 dial-in and handed the win over to Rick. This win wasn't a gimme for Rick as he ran a great race with his .020-initiated, 11.250 at 117.67 mph on his 11.27 dial to score his 3rd "Money" win of the season.

Cindy Simon drove her '95 Camaro to the sole semifinal finish of the class, falling to Pat.

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Jeff Miller broke into the Modified Trophy win column on Sunday, but he left the barn door wide open for Skip Zegarelli with is .245 reaction time. The Red Hot Chili Peppers' Give It Away Now must have been playing on Skip's radio as his -.107 foul start ended any chance for a sure win. Jeff got out of the throttle after his win light lit up and drove to an 11.939 at 85.47 mph run on his 10.86 dial. Skip dialed his Camaro in at a 9.90 and drove it out to a 9.881 at 135.01 mph.

Chris Scott fell to Jeff in their semifinal match, while Brenda Richard bowed out to Skip in her '72 Nova.

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Street Trophy

Kurt Hagen scored his second Trophy win of the season when Steve Seelman Jr. pushed the go-pedal too hard and broke out. Kurt held a .010 advantage at the start line and drove his 2011 Camaro to an outstanding 12.375 at 11.73 mph run on his 12.36 dial-in to score the win. Steve dialed his '89 Firebird in at 13.11, but took too much finishline and broke out with a 13.044 at 101.07 mph in his runner-up effort.

Kim Rossiter fell to Steve in their semifinal match, while Kurt drew the bye into the finals. 

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Bike/Sled Trophy

Josh Costa added another class leading win (6) when he won both ends of the track over Kevin Wuest. Josh held a .029 to .057 reaction time advantage and drove to a winning, .028-over, 8.608 at 149.14 mph pass. Kevin dialed his Fuji-chassied Polaris in at a 9.39, but just dipped under with a 9.379 at 137.08 mph in order to close the gap.

John Blume fell to Kevin in their semifinal pairing with his -.034 foul start. Josh drew the bye-run.

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Jr. Dragster

Brody Halsey did his job on the line holding a decisive .140 to .295 reaction time lead over Davion Short, but must have accidentally hit the Nitrous button and bombed his 15.27 dial-in with a tad-too-quick 13.710 at 46.43 mph!

Davion dialed in at the Jr. Dragster limit 7.90 and slid into the win with a .033-under, 7.897 at 84.72 mph to score his class leading 5th win.

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Limited Street 5.50 Index

Driving for Team Buffalo in Rowdy Racing's Buffalo vs. Syracuse Limited Street Index event, John Sahli from New Waterford, Ohio made it count in his beautiful '82 Monte Carlo and won a close race over Team Syracuse's Dave Kelly. Dave won the line, .022 to .036, but ran further off the 5.50 Index running a 5.540 at 126.36 mph. John drove to a .011-over 5.510 at 122.71 mph to score a tight, .015 m.o.v. win.

Joey Santoro was the lone semifinalist in his Camaro.​

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Limited Street 6.50 Index

The GrassMaster, Gene Stankivitz III (G3) scored a nice purse in the 6.50 Index final when he pushed Nick Carr into a breakout run. Nick held the starting line advantage, .019 to .034, but pushed it too hard running a 6.451 at 103.49 mph trying to win the stripe. Gene was killer in his Malibu Wagon driving to a .004-over, 6.504 at 94.95 mph to secure the $1600 first place purse.

Chuck White bowed out to Gene in the semis, while Nick ended Anthony Kelley's day in their semifinal match.

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