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2021 Race Results

• Race Results May 30, 2021

Super Pro

Scott Drake posted a deadly .011 package on Jeremy Popple in their final round match to drive away with the Super Pro win. Dialed in at a 6.04, Scott drilled the tree with a .008 reaction and drove to a .003-over, 6.043 at 112.45 mph winning pass leaving Jeremy no room to drive around. Jeremy drove to a .045-initiated, 5.563 at 122.93 mph pass on his 5.40 dial, but it wasn't enough and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Mike Thomas fell to Scott in the semis with a -.003 breakout pass, and Anthony Zangari fell to Jeremy in their semifinal clash.



Mike Halsey broke into the Win column with a solid performance in the Pro final when he knocked out Jake Lipke with a comfortable .085 margin of victory. Mike held a comfortable .046 to .110 reaction time cushion on the line and drove to a 7.614 at 85.50 mph pass on his 7.59 dial-in to score the win. Jake dialed in at a 6.96 and drove his Chevy to 7.005 at 96.90 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

In semifinal action, Mike won a double-breakout battle over Dave Tingley, while Jake won the semi-slugfest over Terry Lee.


Pro MX

Kevin Wuest wasn't going to mess around in his Pro MX final round match against Darrell Aubin.

Kevin won both ends of the track holding a .023 to .056 reaction time lead and drove his 2018 Polaris to a tight, .018-over, 6.078 at 103.47 mph run on his 6.06 dial-in. Darrell laid down, by any definition, a solid run when he rode his '86 Yamaha 1500cc to a 6.593 at 103.41 mph on his 6.53 dial, but wasn't able to hold off Kevin's charge. Bob Salerno fell to Kevin in the semifinals to cap off his day.


Street Money

Dwight Johnson left the door open for Steve Seelman Sr. to drive through, giving up a .140 to .063 reaction time lead, but he did his job at the top end driving to a killer .005-over, 7.735 at 93.95 mph on his 7.73 dial-in. That effort pushed Steve into driving his Corvette to a too-quick, 8.534 at 78.55 mph breakout pass on his 8.55 dial-in.

Dwight parked heavy-hitter Steve English in their semifinal bout by a razor-thin .004 M.O.V.



Howard Roberts may have won on the line when Steve Marshall Jr. fouled, but Howard killed it with an awesome .0027-over, 6.337 at 107 mph pass on his 6.33 dial-in. Steve dialed his '79 Chevy in at a 6.67, but his -.031 foul start ended any chance of a win so he lifted and coasted to a 9.503 in his runner-up effort.

In semifinal action, Rick Vittorio fell to Howard, and Steve Searles broke out by a slim .006 to Steve in their semifinal match.


Street Trophy

He's Back! Steve English parked his deadly '82 Olds Cutlass back into the winner circle when Michael Holifield squeezed the tree too hard with a razor-thin -.004 red light start and handed the win over to the cagey veteran.

Steve was on his game though and posted a solid, .025-over, 8.115 at 86.82 mph pass on his 8.09 dial-in to score his first win of the season. Michael dialed his Explorer in it a 10.25 and drove it out to a 10.212 at 71.29 mph in his runner-up effort.

Steve Seelman Sr. fell to Steve English in the semis.


Bike/Sled Trophy

Josh Costa made it 3-peat streak in Bike/Sled Trophy finals when he won a tight final round battle over Ron Dean with a slim .012 margin.

Ron has a high win percentage in final round competition over the years and dialed his '97 Ski-doo in at a 6.16 and got his run started with a nice .033 reaction, but Josh was up to the task and posted a .028 light and streaked past Ron at the finish with a .089-over, 5.539 at 122.32 mph on his 5.45 dial to score the win light. Ron ran a solid 6.256 at 107.16 mph but had to settle for the runner-up finish. Frank Amalfi and Haley Feher drove to semifinal finishes on the day.


Jr. Dragster

The Jr. Dragster final saw both drivers foul on the line, but Cali Hubbard's heart-breaking -.006 red light was first red so the win light glowed in Carter Koskowski's lane for the second time this season.

Carter dialed his Junior digger in at a 9.08 and drove it out to a 9.023 at 70.65 mph for the win. Cali dialed in at a 12.47, but seeing her red light lifted and coasted to a 16-flat and had to settle for the runner-up finish.