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2021 Race Results

• Race Results May 23, 2021

Super Pro

With $2,000 to win on the line and double points for the Super Pro class, we saw 47 entries all looking to score the big 2K payday. At the end of it all it was Tom Doig of Durhamville piloting his immaculate '69 Plymouth to win over Steve Doss and his dragster.

Dialing in at a 5.47, Tom held a .014 second lead with his .014 to .028 reaction time advantage and took the finishline first with a .011-over, 5.481 at 123.98 mph pass to score the win light and $2K first place prize.

Steve dialed in at a 4.86 and drove a 4.873 at 140.67 mph, but fell short by a mere .016 margin and settled for the runner-up finish.

New Hartford, NYs Mike Thomas drove his ultra clean '67 Camaro to the sole semifinal finish.



In the Pro final, Tim LaRose's .025 to .085 reaction time advantage pushed Scott Beasaw into grabbing too much finish line forcing him into a 7.417 at 91.48 mph breakout pass on his 7.44 dial-in. Tim dialed his '68 Chevy in at a 5.97 and drove to a strong, .023-over 5.993 at 110.84 mph to score the win.

No information for Pro semifinalists was available at time of publishing.


Pro MX

The Lion Share of Pro MX season championships in the past 10 seasons were won by today's finalists Ryan Orizino and Kevin Wuest and it was Ryan coming out on top today with his double breakout win. Ryan dialed his '96 Arctic Cat in at a 6.58 and Kevin predicted a 6.13 pass for his 2018 Polaris. Kevin won the line with a .046 to .098 r.t. advantage, but pushed too hard at the top end with a .019-under, 6.110 at 106.64 mph pass handing the win over to Ryan. Ryan posted a .009-under, 6.570 at 103.65 mph pass to score the win light. Ed Wilson and Wade Shorter each drove to the semifinal finishes with Ed bowing out Kevin, and Wade falling to Ryan.


Street Money

Mason Fix was .006 too quick on his 10.55 dial-in, but it would be a disservice to say that he handed the win over to Michael Holifield. Mike held a slim .108 to .116 starting line lead, but drove his Ford Explorer to a solid 10.360 at 67.95 mph on his 10.35 dial-in to secure the win. No doubt the finishline photo would have been awesome had Mason kept the pass above water, but his 10.544 at 58.06 mph pass on his 10.55 dial wasn't enough and he had to settle for the runner-up finish. Zach Beasaw fell to Michael in the semis and Mason had a bye-run into the finals.



Nick Carr had a relatively easy task to win the Modified final in his '99 Pontiac when he held a massive .098 to .249 reaction time lead over Scott Popple and his GTO. Nick dialed in at a 6.46 and drove to a 6.474 at 102.00 mph to score the win. Scott gave chase with his 6.18 dial-in, but it wasn't to be as his 6.223 at 109 mph wasn't enough to compensate for the r.t. deficit. Mike Halsey bowed out to Nick in their semifinal match for a strong finish on the day.


Street Trophy

"Diamond" Jim Pipines visited the Street Trophy winner circle for the second time in two weeks when Michael Holifield pushed his Explorer to much and broke out with a 10.352 at 70.08 mph pass on his 10.42 dial. Jim was on the tree again holding a .034 to .078 advantage over Mike on the line, but left the door open at top end with a .103-over 7.073 at 82.87 mph pass, but nonetheless scored his second-straight trophy win.

No semifinal information was available to publish,


Bike/Sled Trophy

Josh Costa made it 2-for-2 in Bike/Sled Trophy finals in this young 2021 season with his win over John Kuhfta aboard his '95 Polaris. John held a decent starting line cushion with his .035 to .094 lead, but he fell off his 6.38 dial-in to only muster a 6.510 at 104.87 mph run. Josh piloted his potent Suzuki land rocket to a .032-over, 5.572 at 115.07 mph on his 5.54 dial and scored his second-straight trophy win.

No semifinalist information was available to publish.


Jr. Dragster

The Jr. Dragster final round information was lost before it could be archived for posting and a mix up of the winner was posted on the 25th. A.J. Denmark defeated Cali Hubbard in their final round match. If either finalist has the timeslip information they can forward, send it to Web.


 Semifinal action saw Cali defeat last week's winner Carter Koskowski when he fouled on the line and A.J. knocked out Messiah Hart when Messiah ran off his 8.10 dial-in allowing A.J. to capture the stripe.