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2021 Race Results

• Race Results May 16, 2021

Super Pro

John Cooper scored the first Super Pro class win of the season when Allan Runions slipped under his 5.45 dial-in driving his '93 Pontiac. With nearly identical reaction times, Coop held a razor-thin .0169 to .0179 lead over Allan on the line and drove his dragster to a .049-over 4.849 at 141.49 mph to score the win. Allan was a tad too quick with his 5.405 at 124.33 mph pass on his 5.45 dial and settled for the runner-up finish.

The semifinals consisted of 2 bye-runs as John's semifinal opponent could not answer the call.



It was the Family Feud in the Pro final as Al Meier squared off against his son A.J. and it was over at the line as Al posted a heart-breaking .007 red light start handing the win over to his spawn. A.J.got the head start when he dialed his Nova in at 10.10 and posted a .037 reaction time on his way to a winning 10.191 at 127.79 mph pass. The story would most-likely have a different ending as Al posted a stout 9.509 at 137.87 mph pass on his 9.49 dial-in, .007 of a second was enough to relegate him to a runner-up finish. Steve Seelman Jr. continued his late round runs from 2020 and finished with a semifinal finish.


Pro MX

Kevin Wuest found himself back in a familiar place, the ESTA Winner Circle to start off the new season. It was a heads-up start between Kevin and Kevin Sutliffe with both racers dialing in at 9.79. Some sleepy reaction times were posted with Mr. Wuest getting the edge by a .128 to .142 margin. Mr. Sutliffe ran into some issues and got out of the throttle coasting to an 11.699 at 85.36 mph for his runner-up effort. Mr. W backed off as well and to drove to a winning 9.956 at 107.95 mph pass. Bob Salerno was the lone semifinalist.


Street Money

Jim Pipines got the 2021 season started off with a white timeslip for his Street Money win over Steve Seelman Sr. driving his trusty Tesla.

Once again we will post more final round details once they become available. We do not have dial-in or reaction time information that help to paint a detailed picture of Jim and Steve's final round match. Dwight Johnson and Steve Seelman Jr. each bowed out in the semifinals.



Jim Pipines scored his second win of the day when when held off Anthony Rotolo with a razor-thin .002 margin of victory at the finish line. Anthony got things started first with a .110 reaction time, but Jim was slightly quicker with a .100 r.t. and that was the difference needed to squeak out the Modified win. Anthony drove to a tighter, 12.007 at 110.56 mph pass on his 11.95 dial, but it wasn't enough to hold off Jim's charging Tesla who ran an 11.275 at 116.93 mph on his 11.21 dial in a spectacular Modified final.

Semifinalist information was not available.


Street Trophy

"Diamond" Jim Pipines made it 3-for-3 in the finals with his Street Trophy win over Bill Coon.

Jim left the barn door open to Bill on the starting line spotting Bill a .041 to .121 reaction time advantage, but Bill was a bit too aggressive at the finish line breaking out of his 14.95 dial-in with a 14.864 at 91.25 mph handing the win over to Jim's streaking Tesla. Jim was dialed in at an 11.33 and drove to a nice .018-over, 13.348 at 115.74 mph to score win #3!

No semifinalist info was available.


Bike/Sled Trophy

It was a red-light win for Josh Costa aboard his 2009 Suzuki when Kayla Chapman lit the red light first with a -0.015 foul start. This race could have gone the other way as Kayla piloted her Yamaha to .057-over, 10.607 at 115.35 mph pass on her 10.55 dial, but first-to-foul automatically hands the win over to Josh.

Josh was dialed-in at a quick 8.61 and sped to a .087-over, 8.697 at 143.19 mph pass to score the win light. John Kuhfta and Tim Diglio each drove to semifinal finishes on the day.


Jr. Dragster

Carter Koskowski of Baldswinsville was the beneficiary of a Messiah Hart red light start and scored the Jr. Dragster win with .110-under, 8.889, at 68.72 mph pass on his 9-flat dial-in. Messiah went -0.046 red and drove it out to a .011-under, 7.978 at 80.98 mph on his 7.99 dial and had to settle for the runner-up finish. No semifinalist info was available.

Apologies to Carter for the incorrect computer input. Photo frame is corrected.