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2021 Race Results

• Race Results June 6, 2021

Super Pro

Pete Winfrey of Rome, NY gave up a slight .017 to .022 reaction time lead to Tom Belvick of nearby Durhamville, but drove to a nice .013-over, 4.793 at 143.85 mph pass on his 4.78 dial-in to score the win. Tom dialed his dragster in at 5.07 and took too much finish line and broke out of his 5.07 dial with a 5.058 at 135.97 mph to settle for the runner-up finish.

Josh Speck fell to Tom in their semifinal match, while Pete got the bye-run into the finals.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner


Mike LaRose got an easy Pro win as his opponent Mark Dobie rolled out of the beams before the tree was activated. Mike dialed his deadly Mopar in at a 6.49 and cut a .033 reaction time before he lifted seeing his win light lit. Mike posted a 6.648 at 88.02 mph to score the win.

Steve Seelman Jr. was knocked out of eliminations in the semi by Mark, while Mike had the bye-run into the finals.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner

Pro MX

Kevin Wuest is on a mission in 2021 as he bagged his 3rd Pro MX win of the new season. Kevin drove to a stellar .008-over 6.108 at 110.28 mph pass for a tight, .033 mov win over Lynn Major.

Lynn held a slim .016 to .017 reaction time lead over Kevin at the line, but could not reel Kevin in and rode his Suzuki to a 5.052 at 126.79 mph pass on his 5.01 dial-in for the runner-up honors.

Jim Collins fell to Kevin in their semifinal round match.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner

Street Money

It was a red-light win for Zakk Golley in the Street Money final when Bill Coon lit the red-eye with a -.052 foul start. Zakk dialed his Nova in at 8.18 and drove to a .033-initiated, 8.351 at 84.69 mph pass to score the win. Bill dialed his Chevy in at a 9.75 and drove it out to a 9.747 at 71.54 mph in his runner-up effort.

Steve Seelman Sr. and Michael Holifield each drove to semifinal finishes with Steve falling to Zakk, and Mike bowing out to Bill.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner


"Diamond" Jim Pipines was back at it on Sunday as he parked his deadly, Tesla into the first of 2 winner circle appearances when he knocked out David Miller in their Modified final round bout. Jim took a .083 to .135 reaction time advantage and shut the door at top end with a .007-over 6.987 at 98.04 mph winning run. David dialed his Chevy in at a 6.67 and drove to a 6.726 at 102.92 mph in the loss. Bob Gloska fell to David in the semis.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner

Street Trophy

It was Clash of the Street Titans when Jim Pipines and Steve English squared off in the Street Trophy finals. Steve held a comfortable .070 to .126 reaction time lead over Jim, but blasted his 8.30 dial-in by breaking out with a 8.198 at 84.08 mph pass handing the win light over to Mr. P. Jim dialed his Elon Musk Express in at a 7.05 and cruised to a tight 7.061 at 97.18 mph package and his 3rd Street Trophy win of the season.

Steve Seelman Sr. was knocked out in the semis by Mr. English to finish the day.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner

Bike/Sled Trophy

In the Bike/Sled Trophy final, we saw Edward Wilson score the win on a Kevin Wuest foul start. Kevin was .002 away from a potential win, but a -.002 red light ended any chance for the win. Kevin dialed in at a 6.10 and drove to a .015-under, 6.084 at 110.53 mph pass, while Ed dialed his potent '12 Kawasaki in at a 5.86 and drove to a .157-initiated 5.825 at 120.67 mph to score the win.

Josh Costa had his 3-win streak ended in the semis at the hands of Edward, and Darrell Aubin fell to Kevin in their semifinal match.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner
June 6, 2021 Class Winner

Jr. Dragster

Carter Koskowski received a gift from Davion Short in the Jr. Dragster final to score his 3rd Jr. Dragster win of the season. Carter dug a deep hole on the line giving up a .244 to .067 reaction time lead to Davion, but fortunately for him, Davion obviously ran into some issues and fell off his 8.90 dial-in and slowed to a 9.350 at 68.83 mph. Carter ran a decent .080-over, 9.040 at 69.53 mph on his 8.96 dial-in and went home with the win. Cali and Jayla Hubbard each drove to semifinal finishes to complete their day at the track.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner

American Muscle Pro Stick

Eric Neimeier scored the first American Muscle Pro Stick win of the season when Tim LaRose missed the mark on his 6.18 dial-in and drove to a .124-initiated, 6.962 at 111.05 mph runner-up pass. Eric dialed his Dodge Demon in at a 7.49 and got his run started with a .200 light. At top end, Tim tripped the timers at a 7.557 at 87.10 mph for a cushy, .639 margin of victory.

Doral Short fell to Eric in the semis in his '95 Mustang.

This first American Muscle Pro Stick event was presented by Dave and Anita Bombard's


Rowdy Racing 5.50 Index

In the 5.50 Index final, it was shaping up to be a close race as Dave Kelly held a close .025 to .065 reaction time advantage over Rachel Jewell, but it wasn't close at the finish line as Rachel ran into some issues and fell off the 5.50 Index with a 8.341 at 76.78 mph run. Dave was able to back out of the throttle at top end and cruised to a winning 5.689 at 109.78 mph pass.

Matt Huyck fell to Dave in the semis, victim of a red light foul start.

June 6, 2021 Class Winner

Rowdy Racing 6.50 Index

In what was the race of the day, if not the year, we saw the epitome of what a photo-finish would look like with Steve Doss scoring the win over Charles White by a microscopic .0009 margin! "Professor" Bob Belvick's time slip analyzer calculator had Steve finishing .14 inches ahead of Charles at the line!

Steve launched his Firebird first with a .0371 reaction with Charles only .0001 behind in his '83 Malibu wagon. Steve's .0040-under 6.4960 bettered Charles' .0041-under 6.4959 and it was the "Stinger" getting the win light in one helluva race! Anthony Zangari and RC Hutton each driving to semifinal finishes.