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• Race Results June 27, 2021

Super Pro

"What do you need a time trial for? Show up late, slap a dial-in on the window and win your rounds!" That's what Mark Talmadge accomplished on Sunday as he was late arriving at the track and with no time runs on the car, based his round one dial-in on what Chuck White dialed his Malibu wagon at. Mark won his 1st round race and proceeded to knock out points leader Tom Doig in their final round match. Mark dialed in at a 6.03 and got his run started with a .034 light and stopped the clocks with a 6.043 at 112.25 mph to score the win. Tom dialed his show car Plymouth in at 5.59 and hit the tree with a .052 reaction and ran a 5.623 at 122.28 mph, a nice run, but not enough to score the win. Tom stopped the aforementioned Charles White in the semifinals while Mark drew the bye-run into finals

June 27 Super Pro Winner


In the closest final of the day, .002 separated Mike LaRose and Jake Lipke at the finish line and it was Mr. LaRose walking away with the win and first place cash in the Pro final. Mike held a razor-thin, .028 to .029 reaction time lead over Jake on the line and drove to a .029-over, 6.459 at 102.31 mph pass to light the win light. Jake dialed his '95 Camaro in at a 6.88 and was right there at the finish line posting a 6.910 at 96.97 mph, but had to settle for the runner-up honors. Mike stopped Charles White in the semis when Chuck fouled, but Mike nailed his 6.43 dial-in with a 6.433 and would have been tough to beat had both lights were green.

June 27 Pro Winner

Pro MX

In only his 2nd appearance of the season, Brian Dixon of Rochester picked a great day to go rounds as his Pro MX Championship win not only put $750 cash in his pocket, but a massive jump in the point standings from 21st place with 3 points, up to a 6th place tie with 15 points. Brian's win came at the expense of Robert Williams of Syracuse when Robert's -.015 foul start handed Brian the winning timeslip. Robert dialed his 2012 Kawasaki in at 9.40, while Brian dialed his '12 Suzuki in a tick quicker at 9.30. Both racers got out of the throttle once the red bulb lit and coasted to the finish line. The motorcycles totally shut down the sleds today as MC racers Tim Diglio fell to Robert in their semifinal match, while Josh Costa bowed out to Brian in the other semifinal match.

June 27 Pro MX Winner

Street Money

Zakk Golley ended his bid for a second Street Money win of the 2021 season when his -.014 foul start handed Steve English the win, his 1st Street Money win of the season. Steve spotted Zakk a slight 13.02 to 12.99 head start and cruised to a tight, .016-over, 13.006 at 105.30 mph pass to finish his winning run. Zakk drove his '70 Chevy Nova to a 13.124 at 95.70 mph run on his 13.02 dial-in and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Clarence Spady fell to Steve in the semis, while Zakk drew the bye-run into the final.

June 27 Street Money Winner


The "Diamond" Jim Pipines freight train keeps rolling in the Modified Trophy division this summer as Jim piloted his 2019 Tesla to his 5th Modified win of the season. His opponent David Miller of Mohawk, NY gave up a .196 to .116 reaction time advantage to Jim and broke out trying to close that gap running 10.351 on his 10.40 dial-in. Mr. Pipines nailed his 11.16 dial-in with a .006-over, 11.166 at 116.44 mph to cruise to yet another Winner Circle photo-op. Dave parked Mike Halsey in their semifinal match with a holeshot win.

June 27 Modified Trophy Winner

Street Trophy

Steve Seelman Sr. posted his first "W" in the win column this season in his 1990 Corvette when he dodged a bullet by .004 of a second. Specifically, Andy DeCarolis' .0042 foul start in his '83 Ford stood in the way of a win and potentially a "perfect run" as Andy nailed his 13.00 dial-in with a 13.000 at 105.13 mph pass, and had to settle for a runner-up finish. Steve cut an excellent .025 light, but dipped under his 13.82 dial, running a 13.811 at 95.13 mph run having already sealed the win. Andy defeated Pat Minogue in their semifinal match on the strength of his .001 reaction time to set up his final round showdown with Steve who drew the bye-run into the final.

June 27 Street Trophy Winner

Bike/Sled Trophy

Ron Dean was the sole standard bearer for the sled competitors on Sunday and prevented a clean-sweep of the bike racers as he defeated Tim Diglio in the Bike/Sled Trophy final. Ron held a .024 to .052 reaction time advantage on the line and expanded his lead to a .073-over, 10.183 at 119.32 mph winning pass. Tim dialed his Suzuki in at an 11.81, but could only muster an 11.990 at 111.11 mph pass for his runner-up effort. Ron's win was awarded with a 4-foot Championship Eliminator and a five position jump in the point standings. Ron edged out Micah Wood in their semifinal bout, while Josh Costa bowed out to Tim to finish his day.

June 27 Bike/Sled Trophy Winner