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2020 Race Results

• Race Results June 21, 2020

Super Pro

Vince Musolino repeated his June 14 Super Pro win by knocking out the reigning class champion Bob Belvick. Both drivers were dead-even on the line with identical .0121 reaction times, but Bob took too much finish line and broke out by .0023 on his 5.03 dial and handed Vince his second-straight Super Pro win.

Vince dialed his American dragster in at a 4.39 drove to a 4.396 at 156 mph to seal the winning timeslip. Jeremy Popple was the lone semifinalist.

Pro Winner Mike LaRose Sr.


Mike LaRose rebounded nicely from his bumper-scraping wheelstand last weekend and drove his trusty Dart to the Pro win over Mike Dunbar who was looking to repeat his June 14 winner circle visit. Mr. Dunbar ran closer to dial-in running a .038-over 7.068 at 96.50 mph, but he gave Mr. LaRose too much real estate at the line, .0649 to Mike's .0089 reaction, which Mike's Dart to drive around him for the win. M.L. dialed his Dart in at a 6.37 and drove it to a 6.425 at 95.9 mph to score the satisfying win in Sunday's brutal heat index.

Matt Consiglio drove to the lone semifinal finish.

Super Pro Winner Vince Musolino

Pro MX

Ryan Orizino held a slight reaction time advantage over Lynn Major .057 to .072 and ran closer to his 6.65 dial-in running a 6.668 at 100.90 mph to score the win over Lynn on his '06 Suzuki land rocket. Lynn dialed in at a 5.04 and ran a .035-over 5.075 at 132.70 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish on the day.

John Kuhfta and Kevin Sutliffe each drove to semifinal finishes to cap off their weekend of racing. Hats off to all the bike and sled racers for surviving the heat while wearing their leather safety gear. Some grueling conditions to bare.

Pro MX Winner Ryan Orizino

Street Money

A .045 to .073 reaction time advantage was just enough margin that Dan Caissie needed to catch Steve Seelman Jr. at the top end and score the Street Money victory. Dan was .006 more off his dial-in than Steve, but the R.T. advantage held up as he ran a 6.927 at 89.40 mph in his winning pass. Steve drove his '89 Pontiac to a .101-over 8.681 at 79.35 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Jim Pipines drove to the lone semifinal finish.

Steve, a member of The Whitestown Automotive Team would like to dedicate his runner-up finish to Stephen Seelman. The best cousin, friend and team member anyone could ever wish for. Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten!!

God speed poncho 897!! 1968-2020.

Street Money Winner Dan Caissie


Steve Searles had an easy time defending his June 14 Modified win when Lon Barron missed the tree and had little chance of catching Steve only to hope for a breakout run in Steve's lane. Dialing in at a 7.11, Steve launched his Mustang with a .059 light and coasted across the finish line with a 7.212 at 88.50 mph for the win.  Ron dialed his Chevy in at a 6.45, but his .297 r.t. all but sealed his fate and he cruised to a 6.858 at 108 mph in his runner-up pass.

Brandon Smith was the lone semifinalist.

Modified Winner Steve Searles

Street Trophy

Kurt Hagen joined Vince Musolino and Steve Searles as repeat class winners when he dispatched Zak Golley in the Street Trophy final. The race was over when Zak bulbed with a -.033 foul start handing Kurt the win light. Kurt would have been tough to beat as he ran his 2011 Camaro to a .010-over 8.03 at 85.80 mph winning pass. Kurt's .154 reaction was most likely attributed to seeing Zak's red light, but regardless has the defending class champion 2-0 in 2020 finals. Steve English was the lone semifinalist.

Street Trophy Winner Kurt Hagen

Bike/Sled Trophy

Alex Mosher scored the Bike/Sled Trophy win when Frank Amalfi left "the barn door open" on the line giving Alex the .082 to .190 reaction time advantage. Frank actually ran closer to his 6.61 dial-in running a .014-over 6.624 at 98.65 mph, but the reaction time deficit was enough to allow Alex to catch him at the stripe to score the win. Alex dialed his '97 Polaris Ultra in at a 6.05 and ran a 6.107 at 99.97 mph to score the win with a .065 margin of victory.

Lisa Munro was the lone semifinalist.


Jr. Dragster

Davion Short improved on his runner-up finish last week and nailed his 9.28 dial-in to score the Jr. Dragster win over Chance Nash. Chance got the headstart with his 10.81 dial and dug a small reaction time hole, .037 to Davion's .023, but broke out with a too-quick 10.766 pass trying to hold off Davion's Land Shark. Davion left no room for Chance as he posted a spectacular 9.282 at 67.37 mph to score the J.D. win. Last week's winner Jimmy O'Toole and Aiden Nash each drove to semifinal finishes.

Winner circle photography by Vicki Hopper

Jr. Dragster Winner Davion Short
5.50 Index Winner Matt Huyck

Limited Street 5.50 Index

Derek Beaureguard was .004 away from scoring a wicked tight win over Matt Huyck in the 5.50 Index final, but that .004 was in the form of a red light start handing the win to Matt. Matt was right there with a .090 light and a 5.657 at 122.32 mph in his class winning run. Derek was .004 closer to the index, but the red light on tree ended any chance for the win.

David Crossman and Dave Kelly each drove to semifinal finishes. 

6.50 Index Winner Steve Doss

Limited Street 6.50 Index

Steve Doss scored another win in the popular Limited Street 6.50 Index class beating Anthony Corriea at both ends of the track. Steve held .105 to .116 reaction time lead and drove to a .072-over 6.572 at 92.94 mph to bag the win.

Anthony was still in the hunt after the launch, but fell off the E.T. running a 7.133 and had to settle for the second place finish. Joey Santaro and Anthony Zangari each drove to semifinal finishes.