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2021 Race Results

• Race Results June 20, 2021

Super Pro

Pete Winfrey became the first repeat winner in Super Pro this season backing up his June 6 win when he defeated Mike Thomas in a tight final round duel. Maybe Pete's profession as a Rome fire fighter enables him to shine on the oppressive heat days that we had on Sunday and on the 6th as it was a scorcher on Sunday. Mike got the head start when he dialed his '67 Camaro in at a 6.31 and cut a solid .030 light, but Pete was a hair quicker on the tree with .028 reaction. Pete drove his dragster to a tighter, .018 package running a 4.818 at 142.39 mph on his 4.80 dial to score the win. Mike drove to a .033-over 6.343 at 107.22 mph to collect the runner-up honors. Mike's consistent deep round runs has him holding sole possession of 2nd place in the points chase. Kris Larsen fell to Mike in the semis, while John Cooper bowed out to Pete in their semifinal match.

June 20 Super Pro Winner


Dave Tingley won both ends of the track on his way to defeat Ryan Koskowski in their Pro final showdown. Both drivers were on their game hitting the tree and each posting tight packages with Dave getting the win light with a tight, .023 margin of victory. Dave dialed in at a 7.27 and drove to a .015-initiated, 7.272 at 90.14 mph to earn the first place cash. Ryan dialed his '95 Sonoma in at a quick 6.02 and launched his run with a .029 light, but could not reel Dave in and had to settle for the runner-up finish driving to a 6.031 at 115.44 mph pass. Howard Roberts fell to Dave in their semifinal match, while Ryan drew the bye-run into the finals.

June 20 Pro Winner

Pro MX

The WAR (Whitestown Automotive Racing) juggernaut continued as Kevin Wuest collected his fourth Pro MX win of the season when Ed Wilson lit the red light at the start of their final round clash. Based on his slower 9.71 dial-in, Kevin left the door wide open for Ed when he cut a .110 reaction time, but Ed pushed the tree a bit too hard and fouled with a .044 red light and handed Kevin the white time slip and win. Kevin held the throttle open and drove to a .018-under, 9.691 at 131.54 mph run. Ed dialed his Kawasaki in at a 9.09 and cruised to a 9.22 at 147.48 mph to finish the day. Lynn Major fell to Kevin in the semis in a very close race to continue his 2021 season going deep into the rounds.

June 20 Pro MX Winner

Street Money

Todd Minerd gave up a slight .122 to .119 reaction time advantage to Jon Skellham on the line, but drove closer to his 12.91 dial-in to score the Street Money final round win. Todd's .093-over 13.003 at 97.03 mph pass earned him the first place cash and Winner Circle photo-op, his first win of the season. Jon's advantage dwindled when his Chevelle could only muster a 12.817 at 105.90 mph pass on his 12.69 dial-in and he had to settle for the runner-up finish. Jon got the holeshot win over John Goldman in the semis, while Todd parked Jim Pipines and his red-hot Tesla with a holeshot win of his own.

June 20 Street Money Winner


Jim Pipines scored his fourth Modified Trophy win of the season with his victory over Sue Corlyon in their final round showdown. Neither driver posted stellar reactions, but Jim held a .033 lead as Sue gave chase in her '64 Chevelle. Dialing in at a 10.82, Sue could not close the gap as her 10.939 at 120.80 mph run wasn't enough to catch Jim's Tesla as he was on his way to a 11.246 at 109.20 mph pass on his 11.21 dial. Lon Barron fell to Jim in the semis with a red light foul start. 

June 20 Modified Winner

Street Trophy

Reigning Street Trophy champion Kurt Hagen posted his first "W" of the season when he forced Bill Coon into a breakout pass in their final round match. Kurt held a massive .100 reaction time advantage, .019 to .119, and drove his 2011 Camaro to a .021-over, 12.521 at 105.67 mph pass to secure the win. Bill dipped under his 15.10 dial-in by a razor-thin .001 margin, 15.099 at 90.73 mph, but had he nailed his dial the race was over on the line. Kurt won a double-breakout semifinal against Steve Seelman Sr. to advance to the final, while Bill had the bye-run.

June 20 Street Trophy Winner

Bike/Sled Trophy

Kevin Wuest effectively sealed the Bike/Sled Trophy win over Haley Feher on the line with his decisive .033 to .214 reaction time lead, his first B/ST win of the season. In what probably was considered an opportunity to set a dial-in for his Pro MX final, Kevin throttled all the way through his run against Haley and streaked to a .017-over 9.719 at 122.69 mph pass to score the win. Haley dialed in at an 11.62 and drove to a .006-under, 11.614 at 108.73 mph pass for the runner-up finish. Corey Eastman fell to Haley in their semifinal match, while Kayla Chapman had her run ended by Kevin with a double-breakout match.

June 20 Bike/Sled Trophy Winner
June 20 Jr. Dragster Winner

Jr. Dragster

Jayla Hubbard scored her first Jr. Dragster win when points leader Carter Koskowski blasted his 9.40 dial-in with a way-too-quick 8.949 at 71.31 mph handing Jayla the win. Jayla gave up a substantial .278 to .186 reaction time advantage to Carter on the line, but she still drove to a solid 9.468 at 67.75 mph pass on her 9.43 dial-in to score her first-ever win.

It was a family feud in the semis when Cali Hubbard fell to Jayla when she blasted her 13.90 dial-in with a too-quick 13.036 E.T.