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• Race Results June 14, 2020

June 14 Super Pro Winner Vince Musolino

Super Pro

Former Super Pro champion Vince Musolino kicked off the COVID-shortened 2020 campaign with a win over perennial late-rounder Mark Talmadge. Mark dialed his dragster in at a 4.72 and cut a decent .023 light, but Vince was a tad quicker on the tree with a .014 light and drove around Mark at the top end with a .024-over 4.280 at 155.05 mph for the win. Mark was right there with a 4.726 at 145.14 mph pass, but it was Vince getting the win with a slim .006 margin of victory.

Steve Doss and Ron Klein each drove to semifinal finishes.



A new face to the ESTA Winner Circle belongs to Mike Dunbar when he defeated Joey Santoro in the Pro final on Sunday. With over .2-tenths reaction time in the bank, (.049 to .260) Mike was able to lift at the quarter and coast to the win. Mike dialed his '67 Dodge in at a 10.83 and drove to a 10.994 at 112.45 mph to seal the win. Joey's late light spoiled what was otherwise a great run. Joey dialed his Camaro in at a 10.18 and drove it to a 10.185 at 130.8 mph for the runner-up finish.

Terry Lee drove his trusty Mustang to the lone semifinal finish.

June 14 Pro Winner Mike Dunbar

Pro MX

Kevin Wuest scored the win over Austin Leckinger in the Pro MX final when Austin broke out trying to close the .023 to .069 reaction time gap. Austin got the head start with a 10.68 dial, but dipped just under with a 10.675 at 116.91 mph pass. Kevin drove his Polaris to a .023-over 9.993 at 121.49 mph to score the win.  Frank Almalfi was the lone semifinalist.

The Whitestown Automotive Team would like to dedicate this Pro MX win to Stephen Seelman. The best cousin, friend and team member anyone could ever wish for. Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten!!

God speed Poncho 897!! 1968-2020.

June 14 Pro MX Winner Kevin Wuest

Street Money

A rare occurrence happened in 2019. Steve English did not park his deadly '82 Cutlass in the ESTA Winner Circle in the Street class battles, but Sunday's results ended any hopes of that happening again, much to the chagrin of the Street Money combatants. Steve did that by defeating reigning class champion, Dan Caissie. Steve won both ends of the track winning the line .021 to .063, and ran a .050-over 11.50 at 110.07 mph to score the win light. Dan dialed his '87 Mustang in at a 10.60, but his 10.663 at 128.09 mph pass could not reel in the English Cutlass and he had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Kurt Hagen and Clarence Spady each drove to semifinal finishes.

June 14 Street Money Winner Steve English


Steve Searles scored the Modified win at the starting line when Lon Barron lit the red light in his Corvette handing Steve a free pass and winning timeslip. Steve, again piloting his '86 Mustang Bitts-N-Pieces, dialed in at a 112.12 and drove it out to a 11.087 at 115.97 mph to score the win. Lon dialed in at a 10.60 and drove it out to a quicker 10.41 at 118.55 mph. PJ Haynes is repeating his 2019 great start by driving to the lone semifinal finish.


Street Trophy

Kurt Hagen took the first step into defending his 2019 class championship by posting the best over/under package of the day in dispatching Street giant Steve English. Dialed in at 12.32, Kurt drilled the tree in his 2011 Camaro with an outstanding .002 reaction and tripped the top end timers at a .002-over 12.322 at 106.63 mph to get the 2020 season started.

Steve has apparently been adding some horses under the hood over the off season and dialed his potent Cutlass in at an 11.53, but a late .113 reaction time forced Steve into pushing his Olds into a breakout 11.454 at 119.39 mph pass and had to settle for the runner-up honors. Steve Seelman Sr. was the lone semifinalist.

Street Trophy Winner Kurt Hagen

Bike/Sled Trophy

Brian Moulton was the beneficiary of a red light foul start of his final round opponent Micah Wood. Micah, dialed his '02 Yamaha in at a 10.60, to get the head start, but his -.013 r.t. ended his chance on the line. Brian dialed his Kawi in at a 9.64 and ran it out to a 9.661 at 135.31 mph to score the win light.

Kevin Wuest rode his 2018 Polaris to the lone semifinal finish. No winning circle pic of Brian was available, so I'm sure Vicki Hopper will find a nice action shot to post soon.

Bike/Sled Trophy Winner Brian Moulton

Jr. Dragster

Jimmy O'Toole held a slight reaction time advantage over Davion Short .057 to .070, and quickly caught Davion and took the finishline with a .013-over, 7.963 at 81.49 mph to score the first win of the season. Davion dialed in at a 9.65, but fell off with a 9.780 at 66.19 mph and had to settle up for the runner-up finish.

Both Natalie Musolino and Chance Nash drove to semifinal finishes to kick off the 2020 racing season.

Winner circle photography by Vicki Hopper

Jr. Dragster Winner Jimmy O'Toole