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2021 Race Results

• Race Results June 13, 2021

Super Pro

Tom Belvick (T.B.) improved on his June 6th Super Pro runner-up finish when he defeated Tom Doig (T.D.) and his show car '69 Plymouth by a tight .010 margin of victory. T.D. drove to a 5.561 in his semifinal round defeat of Iggy Falcone, so he dialed down a click to a 5.55 and got his run started with a .040 reaction, but T.B. was a hair quicker on the tree with a .030 light which played out to be the margin of victory. Mr. "B" stopped the clocks with a .0159-over, 5.0959 at 135.13 mph on his 5.08 dial for the win.

T.D. was .0008 closer to his 5.55 dial-in, but his 5.565 at 123.55 mph pass wasn't enough to hold off Belvick's charge. Iggy Falcone fell to Tom Doig in the semis when he broke out of his 6.45 dial-in.



Jacob Bombard scored the Pro final win when Mike LaRose pushed to tree a tad too hard with a -.012 foul start, but it would have been a awesome photo finish as Jacob drilled the tree with a .005 reaction and just dipped under his 7.45 dial-in with a 7.439 at 93.33 mph to score the win. Mike drove his deadly Dodge to a .012-over, 6.412 at 105.39 mph pass on his 6.40 dial, but had to settle for a runner finish on the day.

Rick Vittorio fell to Jacob in the semis, and Jake Lipke bowed out to Mr. LaRose in their double-breakout match.


Pro MX

Lynn Major was .018 away from a potential win light, it was due to -.018 foul start that negated a .013-over 8.143 at 155.04 mph pass and relegated him to a runner-up finish. Ron Underwood was the beneficiary of Lynn's red light, as his .176 reaction time most likely would handicapped his effort for the win. But the racing Gods were smiling on Ron as he posted a 9.171 at 148.05 mph pass on his 9.20 dial-in and lit the win light in his lane.

Ryan Orizino bulbed to Ron in their semifinal match and Lynn had a bye-run into the finals.


Street Money

Rick Vose score the Street Money win in his '75 Plymouth when Anthony Rotolo broke out in his '72 Chevy Nova. Anthony held a comfortable reaction time lead with a .086 to .125 advantage, but took too much finish line and broke out of his 12.05 dial-in with a 12.037 at 107.61 mph. Rick dialed his Plymouth in at a 11.26 and drove to a solid, .012-over 11.287 at 118.13 mph to score the winning timeslip and the $500 first place purse courtesy of All Car Care Service Center of Cicero. As this event had double points up for grabs, we'll see what kind of movement the win has for Rick in the standings. Rick Fulle of Lewiston, NY fell to Anthony in the semifinals.

All Car Care of Cicero


Jim Pipines scored another Winner Circle photo op, his 7th of the season, when he won a close, double-breakout match over Steve Searles in the Modified final. Nearly a heads-up start as Jim dialed his Tesla in at a 11.15, while Steve dialed his Mustang in at a 11.11. Jim got the .036 to .071 reaction time advantage and held on for the win with a .0152-under, 11.134 at 118.44 mph run. Steve posted an 11.054 at 120.96 mph pas and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Craig Trudell fell to Steve in the semis when he lit the red bulb to end his run.


Street Trophy

Win number "8" on the season for "Diamond" Jim Pipines came at the expense of Steve Seelman Sr. in the All Car Care Street Trophy Championship race. Jim got all the cushion he needed on the starting line by grabbing a .033 to .104 lead and chased Steve down at the top end to stop the clocks with an 11.285 at 103.41 mph pass on his 11.19 dial-in to take the win and 4 foot Eliminator Trophy. Steve drove his Corvette to a slightly better 13.762 on his 13.67 dial-in, but he wasn't able to hold off Jim's Tesla.

Kurt Hagen fell to Jim in the semis and David Gwin bowed out Steve in their semifinal match.

All Car Care of Cicero

Bike/Sled Trophy

Ron Underwood scored the first of his 2 wins of the day when he knocked out Tim Diglio in their Bike/Sled Trophy final round match up. The sun must have been a factor on the starting line as reaction times were less than stellar, but Ron held the .202 to .255 r.t. advantage and ran closer to his 9.20 dial-in with a 9.266 at 138.13 mph winning run. Tim was dialed in at an 11.63 and rode to a 11.714 at 117.20 mph for the runner-up effort.

Kevin Sutliffe fell to Ron in the semis, while Tim had the bye-run into the finals.


Jr. Dragster

Davion Short was able scrub off some E.T. at the finish line as his substantial .221 to .634 reaction time lead over Cali Hubbard provided all the track he needed to secure the Jr. Dragster win. Dvion dialed in at 8.93 and coasted to a 9.319 at 68.41 mph to take the win. Cali broke out of her 12.76 dial-in trying to hold off Davion's charge and posted a 12.620 at 53.01 mph pass for the second place finish.