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2020 Race Results

• Race Results July 5, 2020

Super Pro Winner Chrissy Klein

Super Pro

Chrissy Klein held a slight reaction time advantage over Scott Popple in their Super Pro final round match, .015 to .020, and drove around Scott to score the win. Chrissy dialed her dragster in at a 4.70 and drove it to a .018-over 4.880 at 124.33 mph as apparently Scott ran into some mechanical issues in his '66 Chevy.

Scott dialed his Chevy in at a 5.42, but slowed off the pace with a 6.149 at 85.26 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish. Tim Roberts and Jeremy Popple each drove semifinal finishes on the day.



Mike LaRose and Joey Haynes had a helluva Pro final as Mike scored his second-straight Pro win with a razor-thin .007 margin of victory. Joey ran closer to dial-in than Mike, but it was Mike's insurmountable .004 to .053 reaction time advantage that lit the win light in his lane.

Mike spotted Joey a .04 head start and launched to a winning 10.148 at 122.35 mph pass, while

Joey dialed in a 10.14 and drove to a .036-over 10.176 at 127.06 mph and had to settle for the runner-up honors.

Howard Roberts was the lone semifinalist.

Pro Winner Mike LaRose Sr.
Pro MX Winner Ron Dean

Pro MX

Ron Dean won both ends of the track and scored the Pro MX win over Kevin Sutliffe and his potent Kawasaki 1000. Ron launched his '97 Ski-doo first and held a .042 to .102 reaction time advantage and crossed the stripe first with a .011-over 10.151 at 120.64 mph to score the win. Kevin dialed his Kawi in at a 9.77 and crossed the finishline with a decent 9.79 at 141.12 mph, but it wasn't enough to close Ron's reaction time advantage and he had to settle for the second place finish. Tim D. was the lone semifinalist.

Street Money Winner Kurt Hagen

Street Money

Kurt Hagen already had 2 Street Trophy wins on the season, but decided that some cash was better than trophies and he scored the Street Money win over Clarence Spady. Kurt drove his Camaro to a decent .018-over 12.538, but had some real estate to make up as Clarence drilled the tree with a .007 light putting Kurt into a .060 hole. Luckily for Kurt, Clarence's usually accurate Toyota fell off his 17.76 dial-in enough to allow Kurt to squeak by with a .043 margin of victory win. Clarence was late getting to the track, missed the time trial session, lost in round one and bought back in to drive to the runner-up finish. Steve English was the lone semifinalist.



The Modified final was an awesome race at the line as both drivers absolutely killed the tree with Steve Marshall posting a perfect .000 r.t. with Chris Corlyon just a hair slower with an awesome .003 light. The win light came on in Chris' lane as Steve took too much finish line at the top end and handed Chris the double breakout win. Chris dialed his beautiful '65 Chevy in at a 10.35 and drove it to a breakout, 10.322 at 130.38 mph to score the win. Steve naturally wanted to take the finishline, but was a hair too-quick when he drove to a 10.620 at 123.63 mph on his 10.66 dial for a heartbreaking runner-up finish. Steve Searles owned the class so far this season, but still managed a semifinal finish on the day.

Modified Winner Chris Corlyon

Street Trophy

Steve English was poised to score the Street Trophy win as he held a healthy .005 to .079 reaction time advantage over Steve Seelman Sr., but his usually deadly accurate '82 Olds Cutlass fell off his 11.81 dial to run a 11.936 at 112.19 mph handing a slim .012 m.o.v. win over to Steve.

Mr. Seelman dialed his '90 Corvette in at a 13.60 and drove it to a .04-over 13.640 at 97.78 mph to score the winning time slip.

Jim Pipines and Ben King each drove to semifinal finishes on the day.

Street Trophy Winner Steve Seelman Sr.

Bike/Sled Trophy

It was a red light win for Peter Edwards on his 2013 Suzuki Hyabusa 1300 as Kevin Wuest squeezed the tree too hard on his 2018 Polaris and posted a -0.02 red light foul start. Kevin was dialed in at a 10.06 and ran it out to a 10.070 at 127.05 mph in his runner-up effort. Peter was dialed in at a 9.05 and posted a decent .066 light, but seeing Kevin's red light, he got off the throttle and coasted to the win. Tony Ross was the lone semifinalist.

Bike/Sled Trophy Winner Peter Edwards

Jr. Dragster

Chance Nash took a chance at the tree and came up .02 too quick handing A.J. Denmark the Junior Dragster win. Dialed in at a 10.75, Chance drove it out anyway running a 10.602 at 56.88 mph for his runner-up effort. A.J. was dialed in at a 7.93 and ran an .101-initiated 7.911 at 82.88 mph pass to score the Junior win.

Aiden Nash was the lone semifinalist.

Winner circle photography by Vicki Hopper

Jr. Dragster Winner AJ Denmark