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Race Results Archives for 2020 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2020 Race Results

• Race Results July 26, 2020

Super Pro

Reigning class champion Bob Belvick put his first "W" in the win column in this shortened season when he won both ends of the track and put Tom Doig on the trailer. Tom got the head start based on his 5.56 dial-in and cut a great light with a .014 reaction, but Mr. Belvick was greater with a stout .003 reaction time.

Dialing in at a 5.02, Bob chased Tom's Mopar down and took the finish line with a .018-over 5.0381 at 131.96 mph to score the win. Tom ran a solid .054 package, but his 5.600 at 122.61 mph pass wasn't enough to hold off "The Professor" and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Anthony Zegarelli and Anthony Zangari each drove to strong semifinal runs for the day.

Super Pro
Super Pro WInner Bob Belvick
Pro Winner Scott Beasaw Sr.


Scott Beasaw was .020 away from a perfect run as he nailed his 7.60 dial-in with a dead-on 7.6000 at 88.04 mph to take the Pro win over Tim LaRose. Tim posted a great .005 reaction time, but couldn't chase Scott down and could only muster a 6.215 at 108.42 mph on his 6.19 dial-in and had to suffer a .010 m.o.v. loss. The win was Scott's second of the day as he bagged the Modified win earlier in the day.

A.J. Meier and Mike LaRose, Jr. both drove to semifinal finishes to finish the day.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Kevin Wuest scored a red-light win in the Pro MX final when Josh Costa threw away a spectacular .001-over 5.561 at 126.10 mph pass with his -.032 foul start. Kevin drove to a solid .058 package on the strength of his .035-initiated, 6.223 at 107.67 mph on his 6.20 dial-in winning run, his second of the season. Kayla Charman was the lone semifinalist.

The Whitestown Automotive Team would like to dedicate this Pro MX win to Stephen Seelman. The best cousin, friend and team member anyone could ever wish for. Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten!!

God speed Poncho 897!! 1968-2020.

Pro MX Winner Kevin Wuest
Street Money

Street Money

Veteran Street class ace John Goldman posted his first win since returning to the quarter-mile wars when his final round opponent Todd Minerd left his red light glowing on the line with a -.034 foul start. John had the head start with his 10.80 dial-in and left the door open with his .120 reaction, but eased across the finish line with a 10.901 at 63.45 mph to score the win.

Todd dialed his '89 Chevy in at an 8.32 and drove it out to a 8.236 at 82.82 mph in his runner-up effort.

Another ESTA quarter-mile veteran, Scott Forbes drove to the lone semifinal finish in the class.



Scott Beasaw's  Z28 Camaro obviously loves the heavy air as it was able to run 2 consecutive 7.60s in final round competition. In his Modified final against Mark Dobie, Scott dialed his F-body in at 7.60 and drove to a .024-initiated 7.607 at 88.26 mph to score his first of two wins in Sunday's scorcher.

Mark, winner of the July 19 Pro final, dialed his '68 Nova in at a 6.22, but gave up a .050 to .024 reaction time advantage to Scott and broke out in his effort to close the gap running a too-quick 6.201 at 107.89 mph and settled for a runner-up finish.

Steve Searles and Rick Vittorio each drove to semifinal finishes to complete their day.

Modified Winner Scott Beasaw Sr.
Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Zakk Golley was .007 away from scoring his first win in his Street Trophy final against Jim Pipines and his street-sleeper 2019 Tesla, but he was 2.29 inches too-quick and had to settle for his second-straight runner-up finish.

Zakk gave up a .072 to .051 reaction time advantage to Jim, but dipped under his 11.59 dial-in trying to hold off Jim's charge running a 11.5839 at 58.15 mph. Jim scored his second win in two weeks by dialing in at a 6.99 and drove to a 7.020 at 97.78 mph to score the win.

Ed Arnold and Joey Rolfe both bowed out in the semifinals.

Street Trophy Winner Jim Pipines
Bike/Sled Trophy

Bike/Sled Trophy

It was a reaction time win that gave Peter Edwards his second win of the season with a photo-finish win over Ron Dean. Peter's .023 to .036 reaction time buffer was all he needed to nip Ron at the finish line by .75 of an inch**! Ron drilled his 6.37 dial-in with a .001-over 6.371 at 104.14 mph, but it wasn't enough to hold off the charging Hyabusa of Mr. Edwards. Peter was right on the money as well running .009-over 5.739 at 120.31 mph giving him a razor-thin .005 margin of victory.

Josh Costa was the lone semifinalist aboard his 2009 Suzuki.

**(measurements provided from Drag Stripe calculator provided by Bob Belvick. Thank you Professor!)

Bike/Sled Trophy Winner Peter Edwards
Jr. Dragster

Jr. Dragster

Aiden Nash may have won it on the line when Daniel Thorpe posted a heart-breaking -.001 red light, but Aiden would have been tough to catch as he drilled his 9.32 dial-in with a 9.321 at 69.35 mph winning run. Officially, Daniel's red light was a -.0011, but his .0309-over 8.090 at 80.10 mph pass would not have closed the gap, but it would have been a close one if he went green.

Jimmy O'Toole continued his season of late round runs, finishing as the lone semifinalist.

Winner circle photography by Vicki Hopper

Jr. Dragster Winner Aiden Nash
5.50 Index
No Time Shootout Winner Mark Town

Small Tire No Time Shootout

Mark Town scored the win over Shawn Tripp in the Small Tire, No Time Shootout. Mark did carry a .085 to .128 reaction time advantage and stopped the top end clocks first to get the win. Fred Davis was the lone semifinalist.

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