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• Race Results July 25, 2021

Super Pro

Rick Dauenhauer gave up a slight .007 reaction time lead to Pete Winfrey at the start of their Super Pro showdown .022 to .015, but ran closer to his dial-in to hold off Pete's charge. Rick dialed his '78 Chevy in at a 6.50 and stopped the clocks with a 6.520 at 102.71 mph to deprive Pete a 3rd Super victory of the season.

Pete dialed his dragster in at a 4.77 and crossed the the finishline stripe at a 4.813 at 139.84 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Charles White fell to Pete in the semis when he ran into some mechanical issues and Rob Forbes broke out against Rick in their semifinal match.

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July 25 Super Pro Winner
July 25th Pro Winner


Steve Searles got the win light glowing in his lane when Brian Mahler left the red light glowing on his side of the tree, but Steve would have been tough to beat as he drove to a .031-initiated, 6.175 at 111.18 mph on his 6.17 dial-in for the win. Brian cut a heart-breaking -.008 reaction time foul and threw away a potential winning 6.927 at 97.90 mph on his 6.91 dial-in, but had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Brian parked Howard Roberts in their semifinal match with an outstanding 6.913 e.t. on his 6.91 dial, while Steve trailered Terry Lee when Terry fouled on the line.

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July 25 Pro MX Winner

Pro MX

Josh Costa made it to his fourth winner circle photo op of the season, his first in the Pro MX division this season. His win came at the expense of Ryan Orizino in a very tight, double-breakout final round duel. Josh held a slim .021 to .029 reaction time advantage at the line and slipped under his 5.59 dial with a .005-under, 5.585 at 120.55 mph pass. Ryan made it a photo finish when he made up for the reaction time deficit, but took too much finishline and broke out more with a .008-under 6.642 at 103.75 mph and settled for the runner-up finish.

Ryan was able to advance to the final when Lynn Major piloted his potent Suzuki to a breakout run while Josh received the bye run to the finals.

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Street Money

Todd Minerd got a .02 reaction time advantage over Steve English at the start, .055 to .075, but couldn't run the number and Steve took the stripe and the Street Money final round win. Steve dialed in at an 8.33 and drove to a .068-over 8.398 at 85.24 mph to score his 2nd class win of the season. Todd was also gunning for his 2nd win, but fell off his 8.25 dial and ran an 8.349 at 82.24 mph and settled into the second place finish.

Todd stopped Zakk Golley in the fourth round to advance to the finals, while Steve drew the bye run into the finals.

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July 25th Street Money Winner


Jim Pipines posted his 6th "W" in the Modified Win column for the season when Jeff Miller pushed the tree too hard and fouled out with a -.109 red light. Jeff dialed his Ford in at a 7.34 and drove it out to a 7.380 at 91.55 mph in his runner-up effort. Mr. Pip was vulnerable on the line with his .131 reaction, but with the win sealed, he drove his "electrocket" Tesla to a 7.006 at 97.71 mph on his 7.10 dial-in to secure yet another winner circle photo op.

In the semifinals, Jeff ended Mike Halsey's day when he won both ends of the track to advance to the finals against Jim who drew the bye-run.

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July 25th Modified Winner

Street Trophy

Jim Pipines held a .014 to .080 reaction time lead on the line and chased Steve English down at the finish to score his second final round win of the day. Jim dialed in at a 7.10 and cruised to a 7.124 at 87.24 pass to secure the win. Steve dialed in at an 8.33 and drove to a .062-over 8.392 at 84.52 mph run to lock down the runner-up finish.

In the semis Pat Minogue fell to Steve when Steve carried his .073 to .112 reaction time lead to the finishline first to meet up with Jim who had a bye-run to the finals.

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July 25Street Trophy Winner

Bike/Sled Trophy

Ed Wilson got the jump on Kevin Wuest at the start of their final round showdown by a .026 to .045 margin, but took too much stripe at the finish line and broke out of his 5.83 dial-in with a 5.813 at 111.81 mph runner-up pass. Kevin was on point with his 6.09 dial-in and posted an awesome 6.097 at 110.40 mph run to score his second Bike/Sled Trophy win of the season.

In the semifinals, Ron Dean posted a .002-over 6.263 run, but spotted Ed too much on the line giving up a .020 to .113 lead allowing Ed enough real estate at the top end to advance to the final.

Kevin drew the bye-run into the finals.

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July 25 Bike/Sled Trophy Winner
July 25th 5.50 Index Winner

5.50 Limited Street

The Rowdy Racing 5.50 Index Limited Street final between Dave Kelly and Fred Fisching got off to a good start with Dave grabbing a .043 to .086 reaction time advantage, but Fred ran into some problems and got out of the throttle handing the win over to Dave. Mr. Kelly drove his '79 Camaro to solid 5.575 at 126.12 mph to score another 5.50 win. Dave parked Matt Huyck in the semis on the strength of a .004 reaction time and an off-the-throttle 5.619 winning pass. Fred and Mark Cannizzo had nearly identical E.T.s in their semifinal match, but Fred's .121 to .249 reaction lead was the difference and advanced him to the finals.

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July 25 6.50 Index Winner

6.50 Limited Street

Charles White got some payback from Steve Doss after Steve's .0009 M.O.V. win back on June 6 in their 6.50 Index match. On Sunday, it looked like a replay was shaping up as Steve grabbed a .042 to .047 reaction time lead, but this time it was Chuck taking the win with a .062-over, 6.562 at 98.39 mph pass to avenge the June 6 loss.

Steve fell off the 6.50 index and could only muster a 6.629 at 103.78 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

R.C. Gratton fell to Charles in their semifinal match, while Randy Jensen bowed out to Steve setting up the June 6 rematch.

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