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• Race Results July 19, 2020

Super Pro

Reaction time spelled the difference between the white time slip and yellow time slip for Mike Thomas as his .024 to .039 reaction time advantage was enough to hold off the hard charging dragster piloted by Steve Doss.

Dialing in at a 6.43, Mike drove his '67 Camaro to a 6.453 at 103.41 mph to get the win light and the first place purse. Steve was dialed in at a 4.98 and drove .001 closer to his dial than Mike, but it wasn't enough to close the r.t. gap and ran a 5.002 at 133.88 mph in his runner-up effort.


Brian Mahler is getting more comfortable in the Super class and drove to the lone semifinal finish.



Steve Doss had a .07 head start over Mark Dobie and grabbed an early lead with his .082 to .117 reaction time advantage, but fell off his 6.36 prediction which allowed Mark enough track to drive around him to take the finish line and the Pro win.

Mark, driving his beautiful '68 Nova, drove to a .016-over, 6.306 at 95.75 mph to score the win with .051 to spare. Steve's normally deadly accurate Monte Carlo either experienced some tire spin or a big gulp of bad air and slowed to a 6.462, at 106.13 mph on his 6.36 dial-in and settled for his second runner-up finish on the day.

A.J. Meier drove to the lone semifinal finish.

July 19 Super Pro Winner Mike Thomas
July 19 Pro Winner Mark Dobie

Pro MX

Frank Amalfi was .006 away from scoring his second win on the day, but it was his .006-under 6.663 at 98.27 mph pass that ended his double-up chance and giving the win to reigning Pro MX champion Ryan Orizino.

Ryan wasn't handed the win as he held the .121 to .156 reaction time advantage, and ran a solid 6.782 at 95.07 mph pass on his 6.76 dial to score the win light.

Kevin Sutliffe and Lynn Major each drove to semifinal finishes to wrap up this scorcher of a day.

July 19 Pro MX Winner Ryan Orizino

Street Money

It was another chapter for the family reunion discussions for the Seelman family with Steve Sr. taking Steve Jr. to the tool shed on the starting line! Dialing in at a 8.67, Sr. got the head start in his '90 Corvette and left little room for Jr. when he drilled the tree with an .005 light. Dialing in at a 8.51, Jr. raced to an awesome 8.519, but his .109 reaction time was just too much ground to make up and could not reel in the "old man."

Steve Sr. was able to scuff the brakes a little bit at the top end and drove to a winning 8.781 at 74.87 mph for the bragging rights on the day.

The Seelmans had to knock off the Titans of the class in the semis in the way of Kurt Hagen and Steve English to up their family feud.

July 19 Street Money Winner Steve Seelman Sr.
July 19 Modified Winner Jim Pipines


The Modified final saw what is probably the first class win in an electrically-powered vehicle when Jim Pipines scored the win in his 2019 Tesla. Jim scored the double-breakout win over Lon Barron who has already tasted victory in the shortened 2020 season.

Jim dialed in at a 6.99 and held a massive .097 to .204 reaction time advantage, and streaked to a 6.962 at 98.22 mph to score the win. Giving up .2s on the line, Lon was forced into a breakout position and ran .055 under his 6.70 dial-in with a 6.644 at 103.36 mph for the runner-up finish. Pro winner Mark Dobie was the lone semifinal finisher.


Street Trophy

Kurt Hagen scored his third Street Trophy win on the season, but was a razor-thin, .0001 away from a runner-up finish. That heart-breaking loss belongs to Steve English who held a .039 to .092 reaction time advantage, but went 1-thousandths too quick running a 7.8499 at 84.44 mph on his 7.85 dial-in and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Kurt ran a solid .013-over 8.103 at 84.88 mph winning pass in his 2011 Camaro to score his 4th win of the season. Mike Holifield was the lone semifinalist in the class.

July 19 Street Trophy Winner Kurt Hagen

Bike/Sled Trophy

Frank Amalfi gave up a .062 to .043 reaction time advantage to Kevin Wuest on the line, but he nailed his 6.67 dial-in and drove his 2017 Yamaha Apex sled to a 6.675 at 97.83 mph to score another Bike/Sled Trophy win.

Kevin piloted his 2018 chassied Polaris to a too-quick 6.250 at 97.84 mph on his 6.31 dial and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Kevin Sutliffe and John Kuhfta each drove to semifinal runs on the day.

July 19 Bike/Sled Winner Frank Amalfi
July 19 Jr. Dragster Winner Jimmy O'Toole

Jr. Dragster

Jimmy O'Toole won both ends of the track in his win over Natalie Musolino in the Jr. Dragster final. Dialing in at a 8.15 to Natalie's 8.06, Jimmy grabbed an early .022 to .085 advantage and drove to a .032-over 8.182 at 77.44 mph to hold off Natalie's .066-over, 8.126 at 70.86 mph runner-up effort. The win was Jimmy's second trip to the ESTA Winner Circle since his season-opening win on June 14.

Kimberlee Snell and Daniel Thorpe drove to semifinal finishes on the day.

Winner circle photography by Vicki Hopper