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Race Results Archives for 2021 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2021 Race Results

• Race Results August 7, 2021

American Muscle Pro Stick

Tim LaRose held a healthy reaction time advantage over Jake Ciciarelli, .015 to .080 at the start of their final round match, but was heard blipping the throttle at the top end and blipped one too many times and allowed Jake to take the line and score the win. Jake dialed his '65 Dodge Coronet in at an 11-flat and drove it out to a 11.167 at 112.27 mph to take the finishline and the win. Tim was the second fastest entry in the field, behind Larry Carasea's '61 Vette, and he dialed his '68 Nova in at a 9.64. Tim caught Jake early, lifted a tad but got back into the throttle too late and drove to a 9.994, at 134.08 mph in his runner-up effort.

In the semis, Eric Neimeier fell to Jake when he broke out in his '71 Dodge Demon. Tim drew the bye run into the final.

Download Finals Boxscores Here

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