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Race Results Archives for 2020 Summit Racing E.T. Series

2020 Race Results

• Race Results August 23, 2020

Super Pro

Iggy "Vince" Falcone launched his vintage '65 Pontiac GTO to another Super Pro win to add to his collection by winning both ends of the track over Troy Knight and his dragster.

Iggy got the head start with his 6.45 dial and took a slight .022 to .026 reaction time advantage, and drove to the win with a 6.484 @ 107.10 mph. Troy was dialed in with a quick 5.16, but wasn't able to close the gap and crossed the finishline stripe at a 5.216 at 128.18 mph and settled for the runner-up honors.

Mike LaRose Sr. was back at it driving his trusty '69 Dodge to the lone semifinal finish.

Super Pro
Super Pro Winner Iggy Falcone
Pro Winner Mike LaRose Sr.


Mike LaRose carried a .058 reaction time cushion over Russ Story, .039 to .097, in the Pro final and drove to a .021-over 10.081 at 120.70 mph pass to score the winning time slip. In his effort to close the starting line gap, Russ dipped under his 9.80 dial-in with a too-quick 9.778 at 135.97 mph to finish the day with a strong runner-up finish.

Don Austin and Jacob Bombard each drove to semifinal finishes.

Pro MX

Pro MX

Kayla Chapman was .001 second too quick on her 10.62 dial-in, and ended any chance for the Pro MX win as Brian Dixon streaked past her on his 2012 Suzuki for a .02-second margin of victory. Brian's .060 to .191 reaction time cushion gave him all the real estate he needed to catch Kayla's Yamaha and cruise to a 9.55 at 139.68 mph pass on his 9.40 dial-in and the win. Kayla's runner-up pass logged a 10.619 at 115.14 mph on her 10.62 dial-in. Frank Amalfi and Josh Costa each drove to solid semifinal finishes.

Pro MX Winner Brian Dixon
Street Money

Street Money

John Goldman's -.026 foul start opened the door for Steve Seelman Jr. to leg it out in his '89 Pontiac Formula and drive to a .005-under, 13.214 at 102.25 to score his first Street Money win of the season. Looking for his second win of the season, John dialed his '04 Ford Escape in at a 16.81 and drove to a 16.828 at 81.79 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Whitestown Automotive was well represented as Steve Seelman Sr. drove to the lone semifinal finish.

Street Money Winner Steve Seelman Jr.


Scott Beasaw drove his '74 Camaro Z28 to his third win of the 2020 season taking the Modified win light over Jacob Bombard. Scott held the starting line advantage, .044 to .079, and drove to a .021-over 11.841 at 108.85 mph to score the win.

Jacob dialed his ride in at an 11.77, but couldn't close the gap and drove to a .055-over 11.825 at 113.65 mph losing effort.

Last week's Modified winner Craig Trudell and Bill Tarasek each drove to semifinal finishes.

Modified Winner Scott Beasaw Sr.
Street Trophy

Street Trophy

Zakk Golley got the taste of victory last week and continued to dine on the Street Trophy field to score his second-straight class victory. Zakk dialed his '74 Nova in at an 18.30 and got things going with a solid .038 light and drove to the win with an off-the-throttle, 18.544 at 66.64 mph.

Zakk's opponent Scott Castor had to be staring directly into the sun as his .215 reaction time would indicate as such which left no chance to catch Zakk at the top end of the track.

Dave Reinhardt drove his Plymouth Duster to the lone semifinal finish.

Street Trophy Winner Zakk Golley
Bike/Sled Trophy

Bike/Sled Trophy

Frank Amalfi scored his second Bike/Sled Trophy win in a double breakout battle against Kevin Wuest. Frank gave up a slight .003 reaction time advantage to Kevin, .049 to .046, but broke out by less with his .009-under 10.761 at 115.14 mph pass.

Kevin dialed his 2018 Polaris in at a 9.86, but took too much win stripe with a 9.826 at 126.68 mph quarter-mile pass.

Ron Underwood and Matt Luke each drove to semifinal finishes.

Bike/Sled Trophy Winner Frank Amalfi
Jr. Dragster Race A
Jr. Dragster Winner Daniel Thorpe

Jr. Dragster

Daniel Thorpe scored his first Jr. Dragster win of the season knocking out Davion Short in their final round match. Daniel held a decisive .026 to .142 reaction time lead and clicked it off a little early running a 8.060 at 78.79 mph on his 7.96 dial. Davion was dialed in at a 9.41 and could only muster a 9.535 at 65.51 mph and had to settle for the runner-up finish.

Chance and Aiden Nash each drove to semifinal runs on the day.

6.50 Index
6.50 Index Winnr Charles White

Limited Street 6.50 Index

Tyler Bedell drove to a tighter run on the heads-up 6.50 Index, 6.513 to 6.534, but he gave up too much ground to Charles White on the starting line when Chuck strapped a .031 to .074 r.t. lead on Tyler and held on for the 6.50 Index class win. The winning margin of victory was a .022 cushion for Charles and his potent '83 Malibu wagon.

Steve Doss drove to another late round run in the popular Index Series races.

5.50 Index Winner Matt Huyck

Limited Street 5.50 Index

Matt Huyck of Appelachin, NY had an easy run of it in the 5.50 Index final as his opponent, Dave Kelly's '74 Chevy rolled out of the beams before the tree activated which gave Matt a solo pass final win. Matt drove his '88 Mustang to a .127-initiated, 5.683 at 109.83 mph to gather in the win. Ty Ranger and Brad Watt were each awarded semifinal finishes on the day.

5.50 Index
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