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2021 Race Results

• Race Results August 15, 2021

Super Pro

Mark Talmadge defeated Matt Himes to score his second Super Pro win of the season. A photo finish could not select the winner as the margin of victory dipped into the 10/thousands. Mark dialed in at a 5.98 and cut a .022 light and drove to a -0.002-under, 5.978 at 113.60 mph, while Matt dialed in at a 6.45 and drove to a .021-initiated 6.447 at 104.32 mph to a -0.003 breakout pass to bookend one amazing race.

Bob Belvick was the lone semifinalist and fell to Mark in their semifinal match.

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Gary Rolfe, Jr. scored the Pro win over Matt Himes with a holehot victory as his .017 to .051 reaction time lead was just enough to hold off Matt's charge by .019 margin. Gary Dialed his S-10 in at a 6.68 and drove to a .032-over, 6.712 at 102.57 mph to score the win. Matt, from Webster, NY, was on a hot streak as he won the 6.50 Index race at Empire on Saturday, and runner-upped in the Super Pro final in a close race to Mark Talmadge. Matt dialed his '79 "Deja Bu" Malibu wagon in at a 6.44, but gave up a .017 to .051 lead to Gary on the line. Matt drove to an awesome .017-over, 6.457 at 104.99 mph, but fell just short of Gary's pass and settled for another runner-up finish. Bob Belvick drove his '69 Camaro to his second semifinal finish of the day when he fell to Gary in the semis.

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Pro MX

Josh Costa won his 2nd straight Pro MX eliminator when he defeated Ron Underwood in their final round showdown. It was all won on the line when Josh held a massive, .051 to .206 reaction time lead. All he had to do was catch Ron and get off the throttle and did so with a .040-over 8.650 at 141.23 mph pass on his 8.61 dial to score the win light. Ron, making his second final round appearance since his Pro MX win on June 13, dialed in at a 9.20, but was distracted somehow on the line and broke out of dial-in trying to close the gap running a too-quick 9.150 at 144.22 mph runner-up pass. John Kuhfta fell to Ron in their semifinal, while Josh drew the bye.

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Street Money

Rick Vose scored his second win of the season and made a move toward the top of the stack in points when he topped Todd Lipke in their final round match. Rick gave up a .067 to .099 reaction time lead on the line, but drove closer to his 11.23 dial to score the win. Rick stopped the clocks with a .027-over, 11.257 at 116.29 mph to cash in on the win. Todd dialed his Chevelle SS in at a 12-flat, but fell of the number running a 12.096 at 109.91 mph and had to settle for a runner-up finish.

In semifinal action, Zakk Golley went -.001 red against Rick, and Todd drew the bye-run into the finals.

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Jim Pipines won a double-breakout final over Dave Miller in the Modified Trophy final. Jim held a comfortable .062 to .100 reaction time cushion, but Dave was charging hard in his S-10 and took too much finish line handing yet another win to the Elon Musk Express! Jim dialed in at an 11.27 and broke out with a 11.253 at 117.64 mph but still scored the win light and white timeslip. Dave dialed in at 10.15 and stopped the clocks at a 10.121 at 129.90 mph in his runner-up effort.

In the semis, Joe Fazio broke out in his '71 Dodge against Mr. Pipines, while Dave drew the bye-run.

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Street Trophy

A mirror image of the June 27 Street Trophy finals boxscore saw Steve Seelman Sr. defeat Andy DeCarolis' and Pat Minogue bow out in the semis. On Sunday, Steve's .112 to .260 r.t. lead pushed Andy into a breakout situation and that's how it played out. Steve dialed his Corvette in at a 13.52 and posted a 13.542 at 96.54 mph to score the win. Andy dialed his Mustang in at a 12.60, but pushed it too hard and broke out with a 12.527 at 109.22 mph.

Pat Minogue bowed out to Andy in the semis with a heartbreaking -0.002 under 14.198 on a 14.20 dial-in.

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Bike/Sled Trophy

Micah Wood stopped Hayley Feher in the Bike/Sled final to get his name into the "W" column for this season. Micah held a healthy .182 reaction time advantage and had plenty of track to lift off the throttle to cruise to a winning 8.971 on his 8.87 dial-in. Hayley's day ended with her .307-initiated, 10.804 at 117.20 mph run on her 10.62 dial-in and had to settle for the second-place finish. John Kuhfta fell to Micah in the semis with his -.004-under 10.786 breakout run.

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August 15 Jr. Dragster Winner

Jr. Dragster

We're still waiting on some final round numbers and semifinalist names, but we do know that Sunday's Junior Dragster winner was Davion Short who defeated Chance Nash in their final round match.

Brody "B-Money" and Bailee Halsey each fell in the semifinal round to close their day.

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