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City:_____________________________State_________Zip code:________________

Points Class: ________________________________ Competition # _______________

Emergency contact information:


Daytime phone:_________________________________

Evening phone:_________________________________

Cell phone: ____________________________________

Trailer plate number and State (if applicable)____________________________

Reserved parking spaces range from $100 for single car spot. $200 for Truck & Trailer size spot. Due by April 1 to keep same spot as in 2016.
Reserved parking is valid on Summit E.T. Points days at ESTA Safety Park. ESTA Safety Park is not responsible for loss or damage of any items stored or parked on the premises. The owner of items parked or stored on the premises is solely responsible for loss insurance at their expense.
Mail to: ESTA, P.O. Box 1189 Cicero, NY 13039. Attn: Parking]]>
Official Track Announcements Thu, 26 Jan 2017 12:16:40 +0000
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Super Pro: Open to all cars, dragsters or altereds 6.50 – 11.99. The use of electronic devices is permitted as per the 2017 NHRA rulebook. Delay boxes, automatic shifters, trans. brakes etc. are all ok.

Pro: 8.50 – 17.99. A NO – electronics class. Electronic ignition and single-stage (high side) rev-limiter will be accepted. Non-drive wheel line-locs will be accepted but wiring must be direct and traceable. Nitrous, must be activated by driver switch or wide open throttle switch, single stage only, no timers. Electronics expressly forbidden, but not limited to: data recorders, transbrakes, electronic/automated shifters other than factory, two-steps, electronic throttle stops and delay devices. Reverse Trans solenoid may only be operated by a switch affixed to the shifter, such as a back up light switch.

Pro MX: Our motorcycle & Snowmobile class: 7.50 – 15.99. No delay devices will be allowed. Other electronic items acceptable per 2017 NHRA rulebook.

Street Money: 10.50 – 19.99 . Will be run the same as Pro, electronics wise. The car must be street appearing, full fenders, grill, hood, working headlights, DOT tires and functioning mufflers. – NO SLICKS

Street Trophy: 11.50 – 19.99. Will be run the same as Pro, electronics wise. The car must be Street registered and inspected, street appearing with DOT tires and functioning mufflers.

Mod Trophy: Open to modified type cars. Same rules as Super Pro.

Trophy Bike / Sled: A class open to motorcycles and snowmobiles that wish to run for trophies not cash. Same rules as Pro MX.

Jr. Dragster: NHRA accepted Jr.Dragsters for competitors ages 6 – 17.

Jr. Street: A new class for competitors ages 13-16. 9:00 or slower 1/8 mile.

Time Trial: Time trial only class. $50 entry fee. Refundable $100 oil down deposit.

General Time Schedule
Gates Open: 8:00 am
Time Trials Start: 9:30am
Eliminations: 2:00pm

Directions to ESTA
The track is located 7 miles east of Route 81 (exit 30) in Cicero, NY at 8091 Eastwood Road, off of Rt. 31.

Track Phone: 315-699-7484 or]]>
Official Track Announcements Thu, 26 Jan 2017 12:14:59 +0000